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Kickstarter Project Opens For Edge of Eternity, Wii U Version On The Cards

Posted by Orla Madden

We'd be eternally grateful

Midgar Studio has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Edge of Eternity, a Space-JRPG that's said to have "an old school turn based combat system".

You jump into the world of Heryon, where you take control of Daryon, the game's protagonist who takes responsibility for saving the planet after an alien civilisation invades the land. The game takes inspiration from the old fashion turn-based combat system and serves as a tribute to Final Fantasy.

The French based independent studio initially started the project for smartphones, tablets and the Playstation Vita, now with the addition of a Wii U version if funding is complete. At the time of writing it has obtained $7,939, with the company seeking a target of $200,000 with 26 days left to go.

Will you open your wallets to support Edge of Eternity? Check out the prototype gameplay trailer below and let us know your thoughts.

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gurtifus said:

OMG ! After seeing this video, we can say there's still lot of work to do before being a top quality game !!



SpookyMeths said:

I realize it's just a prototype, but uh... yikes...

Also, I think it a bit unwise to use "we have random battles" as the selling point in the trailer. Retro RPGs have a lot of great things about them, but random battles went the way of the Dodo for a good reason.



Unit_DTH said:

I don't think that $200,000 could polish this turd enough to make it desirable. I know that it's a "proto-build" but that is just not looking that interesting, or good. I doubt this one will meet funding goals.



Unit_DTH said:

@CaviarMeths I agree with you about the random battles, but they haven't totally disappeared. Look at Pokemon. I really dislike Random Battles or encounters in RPGs, so that is certainly not a selling point for me.



TooManyToasters said:

It might be a decent game overall when it releases but I'm not really a fan of the character design. A bit too much like old PC RPG's in my opinion.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Stiff animations, lackluster designs, boring effects - I really hope they just gave us a proof-of-concept video rather than an actual game presentation... otherwise I couldn't possibly see this game become good.



Fazermint said:

From what they show in this video, the game doesn't seem very good. Looks very generic and slow-paced.



SpookyMeths said:

Lol best part of the video is when the guy does that completely unnecessary spin flip thing and the other dude just stands there watching him coming and then allows himself to be slashed with the sword.



SomeBitTripFan said:

It definitely needs some help. It looked far too generic for my liking. I understand that was a prototype, but man did I cringe.



JustinH said:

I suggest these guys sit down, put a lot more work into this, and maybe trot their project out again when there aren't so many awesome Kickstarters running and sucking up all the money.

Same goes for Citizens of Earth, by the way.



Elarcadia said:

While I think it's great that Orla is writing an editorial on this game, I think she needs to check her facts. First off, here is a link to the project for those who might want to learn more: Secondly, the video above is just an early prototype of the gameplay. At the Kickstarter site they have the actual "trailer" that includes a lot more information, and shows that the game has been worked on quite a bit since the gameplay video. Thirdly, the game is actually slated to be released on smartphones, tablets, PS Vita, Ouya, PS4, Xbox One, etc if it reaches it's goal (some of those were omitted in the article). Lastly, the game will actually give you the option of playing turn-based or ATB. While you won't be able to change mid-game it sounds like a pretty nifty feature to be able to choose one or the it adds to replay value.
I definitely don't think this project is perfect; it needs work, especially going up against fan favs like Shantae half-genie. However, the music is great and the story and game overall have a lot of promise. Midgar Studios first two games (both mobile), Zeeek! and Chatty, did pretty well and are polished, and their most recent game, "The Secret of Space Octopusses", is doing great. Just thought people should have a bit more information before they judge too hard.



Mattiator said:

Ahhhh, crap. And I was giddy for about five seconds when I thought this was a sequel to End of Eternity (Resonance of Fate in North America).



Polaris said:

It does look generic. I can easily say that just by looking. Also the running animation...looks....

Lastly, the world looks barren and the characters look really generic and they could be anybody. sigh I wouldn't fund or buy the game.

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