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Keiji Inafune Thanks Mighty No. 9 Backers in New Video

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Former co-workers and employers also appreciated

A very happy and slightly exhausted-looking Keiji Inafune has taken to YouTube to thank everyone who has helped his Mega Man-influenced Kickstarter project, Mighty No. 9, reach its initial funding goal in blinding speed.

An update from the development team was also posted to the project’s Kickstarter page, expressing gratitude and appreciation not only to backers, but all past supporters of the game lineage that has brought them to this point:

One of the things we’re most proud of is the overwhelmingly positive vibe we all share in this mission. There are no losers in our success here, and no bad guys to rail against. We all know that none of the amazing stories and fond memories you've all been sharing would've ever been possible without the games that came before us, the developers who created them, and the companies who promoted and sold and spread them throughout the world. Yes, we are aiming to revive and reinvent this genre, but we do so with the deepest humility and all due respect to those who came before us, or in many cases worked alongside us — our ex-coworkers and ex-employers, for example; whatever success we achieve here is ultimately a validation of their efforts.

Meanwhile, the money keeps rolling in on Kickstarter. Mighty No. 9 has raised nearly $1.4 million at the time of this posting. It is cleanly past the halfway point to the $2.5 million stretch goal that would see it appear on the Wii U and other consoles, with 28 days left to see it through.

Do you believe Mighty No. 9 will have enough steam to power past $2.5 million? Check out the video from Inafune below and let us know what you think to the potential Wii U eShop title in the comment section.

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LeVideoGamer said:

Game looks great. It'll probably reach $2.5m before the end of the week.

On a similar note, hopefully Capcom release the remaining 6 Mega Man games on the Wii U eShop before this is released.



Gioku said:

This whole project just seems so great! I'm glad that this is getting so much support.



Ryo_Hazuki-san said:

I donated 400$ he seems like such a nice guy... can not wait to see how this game blooms into a beautiful flower of a game!!!



c1pher_c0mplet said:

When I get paid, I'm going to DEFINITELY back Inafune-san. This is the best big middle finger to Capcom and it comes straight from Inafune himself and all his supporters. I've had a searing hatred for Capcom ever since they decided to charge gamers for the MML3 demo and then swiftly cancelled the game anyway. Companies would kill to have a mascot-franchise to fall back on; Capcom has one of the biggest and yet all they do with Mega Man is a whole lot of NOTHING.



jayclayx said:

He looks so happy, I'm glad they made it, those are very talented people enjoying making games, thanks Inafune!.



MegaManEP3 said:

I pledged $60 this morning! I am Beyond! (anybody?) excited for this and hoping for a WiiU release.



JustinH said:

I'll put the cash down when the Wii U stretch goal is on the horizon. This project just looks better and better.



meppi said:

So glad for them. They all seem so very excited.
Can't wait for this game to be released even if it takes a long time. Really hope that we'll be able to get the console versions funded as well as I'd love to have it on the Wii U.



GeminiSaint said:

"There are no losers in our success here, and no bad guys to rail against."
"Yes, we are aiming to revive and reinvent this genre, but we do so with the deepest humility and all due respect to (...) our ex-coworkers and ex-employers"
Two phrases many a Capcom hater should re-read multiple times, from that one paragraph quoted in this article.



Ralizah said:

I tend to avoid Kickstarter, but I might need to back this. The game looks awesome.



Sir_JBizzle said:

@Philip_J_Reed I'm in the same club as you are. This is seriously the only Kickstarter I've backed myself. How can you not back this?

Seeing the massive and overwhelming support of Mighty, I wouldn't be surprised if Capcom suddenly comes out the woodwork and announce a new MegaMan game. It's quite clear the interest is there.



sinalefa said:

I pledged and I told a friend of mine about this project to see if he does as well since he is a big Mega Man fan.

I am curious about the secret stretch goals, and I am really hoping (as everyone here it seems) that we get the console versions.



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

I was never a huge fan of mega man despite my entire family having most of the games, I played the anniversary game on the ps2 and didn't enjoy it back then , now however I am a bigger fan of him (I got a 3ds JUST for MML3) so I'm really excited to see Mighty No. 9 come out :3 hopefully it can drag me in easier than mega man did



ZurrrrBlattTron said:

That being said I actually created two characters with inspiration of mega man in mind, Just waiting for flip note 3d to put some ideas into motion xD



AdanVC said:

Aw, the end of the video :'). So happy they reached their initial goal, I was sure they would reach it in literally a couple days. That development team behind this game is EPIC. Now I'm 90% we would see this game on Wii U ! so awesome!



Shambo said:

In your face, 'no interest' Capcom. These millions could've been yours. And that's just pre-production. Any news on Renegade Kid working on a 3ds version?
At this speed, it will have reached any goal in a few days tops.



WiiLovePeace said:

Awesome! Of course it's going to come to Wii U & I'm going to pick it up when it does Awesome!



Peach64 said:

This is why Kickstarter is great. I don't really back games from devs I've never heard of because they claim their game was inspired by something I loved in the early 90's, but for a developer like Inafune, or Tim Schafer, David Braben, who I know make great games, then it's perfect.

The donations are bound to slow down now, but they should easily reach the console stretch goal.



Will-75 said:

Just the other day I left a comment on this site asking what ever happened to people making video games because they loved making games and where is the art of it these days ., well here is my answer this is AWESOME and I wish them all the luck and success in the world looks like it will be a blast to play can't wait !



odd69 said:

Ugh..this looks just like mega man...Made by the same creator..Why not call it mega man and not mighty #9. I mean its megaman . The character clearly resembles mega man. Side Scrolling? Check. I have a funny feeling this is just another mega man game which im NOT complaining,but why not just say this is another mega man game? It would sale alot of copys versus a clone game.



Henmii said:

I really hope he succeeds! Even if it's just a Megaman clone, after all Capcom doesn't do anything with the franchise anymore besides merchandising (and a cheap i-phone app)!

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