Gamers of a certain age may remember the original James Pond, which graced a number of platforms including the SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis; the sequel James Pond 2: Codename RoboCod has also been ported a lot, including a DS version in 2005. At its peak in the '90s the series was quite a hit in pop culture, with various cameos joining the main games in boosting its appeal.

Aside from all those re-releases of the sequel, the franchise has been largely quiet, barring a poorly received iOS game in 2011. That's set to change, however, with developer Gameware now picking up the license and teaming up with the original title's designer — Chris Sorrell — to work on an all-new project. The company is planning to fundraise through Kickstarter, with the campaign set to arrive "soon".

As Sorrell explains in the video below, the fundraiser will ultimately tell the team whether there's interest in the series returning. With a key figure from the original series involved there's perhaps ground for optimism that this could be a good quality release; you can keep track of the campaign on Twitter and Facebook, so here's hoping for Nintendo platforms to be included.