Ghost Song Screen

In August we brought you details of Ghost Song: A Journey of Hope, a crowdfunded project with stylistic references to Super Metroid, in particular. With bold plans to incorporate ideas from the likes of Dark Souls, its setting and storyline was promising to the extent that it quickly reached its funding targets for PC and Mac.

Clearly with its source inspiration in mind, the project added just one additional system as a stretch goal, requesting $60,000 — its original goal was $15,000 — to add a Wii U version. While a Hardcore Mode, Enhanced Pet System and Overtime Mode of extra content all made the cut, the final total of $54,007 was short of the Wii U stretch goal. Responding to disappointment with this missed target, the project's main man Matt White posted the following in his first update since the campaign closed.

To those who may be lamenting about the Wii U goal — I'm working to make this happen anyway. That's not official, but it's a desire of mine and I hope to have that out at some point, if not at release, then following release.

The main release is currently targeting May 2014, so we'll have to wait and see if and when the Wii U version comes to fruition. It's a project that looks intriguing, so we imagine would be welcome on the Wii U eShop.