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Atlus Slashes 10 Bucks Off Soul Hackers and Etrian Odyssey IV Again

Posted by Andy Green

Both are now available in North America for $29.99

Back in August, Atlus temporarily cut the price of a trio of games, including Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers and Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan.

The company applied a $10 discount to the eShop versions, but it only lasted a couple of weeks - once September rolled in the price climbed back up again.

However, Atlus has now applied the same discount to the two games. According to its official Twitter account both Soul Hackers and Etrian Odyssey IV will be $29.99. Presumably this applies to retail copies as well as eShop ones, but it's not overly clear.

It's not known how long this discount will last for so if you haven't picked it up yet and would like to do so, now might be your best chance.

Will you be picking up either of these titles? Let us know in the comment section below.


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Ernest_The_Crab said:

@Andy There's a lot of speculation going around that this is a permanent price cut? Would you guys be able to get some clarification on this?



edhe said:

I'm fuming. I want the chance to buy Etrian Odyssey IV at a bargain basement price!

I can't complain though - I spent my remaining eShop credit on Monster Hunter Tri after it was reduced. I'd like to get as much practice in on the 3DS as possible for when MH4 arrives!

Nethertheless, this is what Nintendo needs to be doing. Drop the prices of your digital goods, and give us a reason to go download only!



thatguyEZ said:

When I got EOIV I downloaded it simply because I wanted to be able to play it anytime without worrying about carts.I wanted to do the same thing with MG but all those first edition goodies sold me on the physical copy.



Justaguest said:

@McHaggis It came out like 14 days ago. Id be really upset if that was a case. Itd be really disrespectful to first day buyers like me.



Flynn said:

Soul Hackers and Etrian Odyssey 4 are both very good! Please if you haven't had the chance to play, I recommend it!




Holding out for Millenium Girl. Sorry Atlus, release THAT game, and I'll buy THAT game. q_q



Freeon-Leon said:

Yay! The only thing that bugs me is that they didn't tell us how long it's going to last.



Alshain01 said:

I hate to say it, but JRPGs are kinda dead. There have been so many bad ones that people aren't willing to take a chance on a possible good one anymore. I blame SquareEnix.



Freeon-Leon said:

@thefabfour64 It seems very reasonable since the new Etrian Odissey will be out in a week (and by the way the tweet is written).

Anyway, I'm getting this one this week.



TheGZeus said:

@NINTENCHIP Well, EOU has a release date and is up for pre-order (at least in NA).
Waiting eagerly for mine to arrive, as most of my party is Lvl 10 (the limit) in the demo.



TheGZeus said:

@Alshain01 Yeah, they're so dead that Persona (insert number), Fire Emblem: Awakening and SMT4 are huge success stories.
Square Enix really dropped the ball with weird, pretty-boy showcases and an unwanted MMORPG for the Wii of all things, but all that means is that the former heavyweight champions of the genre have dropped the ball. Doesn't mean other companies can't pick it up.



KittenKoder said:

@Alshain01 Erm, yah know what? Nu-uh. When a style increases in popularity a lot, there will be a flood of bad versions of that style, that's just what happens when there's a flood. Doesn't change the popularity.



AJWolfTill said:

Hey Atlus, you guys seem pretty awesome! Can us Europeans have some sweet incentive deals too!

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