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A Hat in Time Developer Teases Good News For The Wii U

Posted by Orla Madden

Keeping things hush at the moment

Back in February, we reported that 3D cel-shaded platformer A Hat In Time could be coming to the Wii U, but nothing was confirmed at the time.

A Kickstarter campaign opened for the game towards the end of May, with developer Gears For Breakfast revealing it was in talks with a publisher about bringing it to the Wii U if all went according to plan. Being huge fans of the Big N, Jonas Kærlev — developer behind the title — hoped the outcome would be positive.

It now seems that things are looking up for a Wii U version, as Kærlev posted the following tease on his own personal Twitter account:

When questioned about what the good news could possibly be, he replied as follows:

Only time will tell if it's safe to say that A Hat in Time is officially coming to the Wii U, though we're glad that some news is coming for the platformer. What are your thoughts on this bit of information? Let us know in the comment section below.


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Moose_4 said:

Good news! Have been looking forward to this for months.
Especially with a few pieces of music from Grant Kirkhope!
Should feel like an N64 game.



Macarony64 said:

Hope that the game will have a earlier release. Developers have been crying that wiiu games don't sell but they don't putt even 1 third of the work that Indies do.



AddDavey said:

Whoop! I helped back this on kickstarter hoping for it to come to the Wii U!



kenshinrurouni said:

Its weird to me that this is the game i'm most excited for compared to all other games announced currently



DirkaDirka said:

Great! So excited to see this come to Wii U. I know they technically didn't even announce it for Wii U officially, but really what else could "good news for wii u relating to Hat In Time" mean?



Haxonberik said:

I miss the collect-a-thons from the N64, so I'm most definitely getting this game for "nostalgia's" sake.



ChessboardMan said:

I backed this one on KS. It's one of the most beautiful looking 3D indie games I've seen for a long time, and not the stylistic beauty.
And it looks like it'll be fun.



ricklongo said:

This has been my most anticipated possible e-Shop release since I first laid eyes on it. Exciting news!



Cinaclov said:

@SanderEvers Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this a platformer? Yes, they've been open with how much WW has inspired it graphically, but Zelda doesn't have a monopoly on Cel-shading.

I'm really hoping this does turn up on Wii-U. It wouldn't be enough by itself to get me to buy a Wii-U, but when I eventually do it'd be a definite purchase.



ricklongo said:

@Cinaclov It is a collect-a-thon platformer indeed. It's like a Banjo-Kazooie with WInd Waker graphics - and we all know there's no way in hell that could go wrong.



Dpullam said:

I've been following this game for quite a while so I am eager for this game to get announced for Wii U.



The_Ninja said:

What else could it possibly be? It will be one of the first games i buy when i get a wii u



Rei7 said:

That is not really great news. But still ok in some ways. Not really gonna move the Wii U sales as well, but still alright.

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