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5th Cell Producer Reveals Why Scribblenauts Was Mixed With The DC Universe

Posted by Orla Madden

Keeping things fresh for fans of the series

5th Cell announced Scribblenauts Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure back in May, spicing up the popular Scribblenauts series with the chance to create objects and scenarios with some of DC's most famous characters.

In a recent interview with Nintendo Everything, senior producer Caleb Arseneaux explains why the team decided to drop Maxwell into the dysfunctional DC universe:

It really came down to how we could advance the game in a new way that would appeal to a new audience and our longtime Scribblenauts fans. The DC Comics Universe is so rich and full of unique and awesome characters we felt that the technology that brought the other Scribblenauts titles to life could be used to give DC Comics fans a great new way to interact with characters they love. This also provides an opportunity for our Scribblenauts fans to experience playing with real super hero characters that have powers, backstories and behaviors that they’ve never seen before.

The game is scheduled for release across North America on 24th September, and at the time of writing there's been no mention of a European launch. We're not expecting a date anytime soon given the extensive delay bringing Scribblenauts Unlimited to Europe.


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Samurai_Goroh said:

He could take the time to reveal why on God's green Earth they haven't released Unlimited on Europe.



Emblem said:

I would have liked this on my Wii U but with no UK release date in sight and a steam release on tuesday i might just get it for PC instead. That said i have quite a few games on my hit list so i'll give 5th Cell until the next steam 75% off sale to get the Wii U version out in the UK.



ricklongo said:

I'm not big on superheroes, so this doesn't appeal to me much. Still, Scribblenauts is a great little series, and it's encouraging to see it being taken in new directions.



Sceptic said:

What it really came down to was cross licensing and product placement. Tapping into another fan base to push sales and creating some much needed exposure for the other brand (DC).

Nintendo customers must really have a rep for being stupid. Ninty and certain devs sure seem to think so.

Oh and don't bother bringing this out on WiiU anymore. We're fine just getting if for a few bucks on steam.



Captain_Balko said:

Looks great, but getting it day one seems out of the question for me, since Wind Waker comes out pretty soon as well.



Truelovetat said:

I just bought Unlimited on Wii U the other day. So far I'm enjoying the game. I like how there can be many different creations to advance.



ThumperUK said:

There is no reason at all why either 5th Cell or Nintendo could tell us why Unlimited has been delayed for so long. All it does is add to owners' fears that Nintendo just can't be bothered with the WiiU.



DarkEdi said:

I thought they could say something better, like "we are property of Warner and they decided we need to use their DC characters to boosts the sales in the new entry".



gregrout said:

I'm just not seeing the appeal of this game. I have the PC version and the Wii-U version of the Unlimited game. Based on how that plays what's the point of summoning an uncontrollable DC SuperHero?! If you could swap out Max for a DC hero then you might have something here, otherwise.....?

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