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2013 Skylanders Champion Walks Away With All 56 Swap Force Figures

Posted by Andy Robertson

Quite a prize

At an event in London’s Olympic Park, James Tubb (9) was crowned Official Skylanders Champion. He not only wins the crown but also every Swap Force figure. Nice haul!

The Official Skylanders championships started out in various UK regions in GAME stores. Each of these qualifier events called Skylanders fans to come into the store and compete to get through to the London final; their reward for winning was a trip to London for them and their families and the chance to compete to be the 2013 Official Champion.

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You can see in the video here that the qualifying competition was tough but generally remained good natured. The ten finalists who gathered in London were Kyle Crookshank, Rio Mainwaring, Thomas Smith, Bradley Rennie, Toby Duncan, James Tubb, Charlie Hume, Charlie Anderson, Haydon Gill and Charlie Lewins.

The London competition was organised into two rounds, each played on a Swap Force zone in the new Skylanders game. After the first round we had our three finalists and parents hustled to cheer and encourage the young competitors. Some were casual and laid back, while others were focused and intense. It's the sort of thing you need to see to understand, so here's the video of the event:

Official Skylanders Champion Winner

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Out of the final three emerged the first Official Skylanders Champion: James Tubb from Birmingham. Congratulations to James who walked away not only with some Skylanders Swap Force goodies and the championship crown, but a steady supply of Skylanders Swap Force for the year. We’re sure he'll be back to defend his title next year; the question is, will you be ready?

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Blast said:

Good for them.... I'm MUCH more interested and eager for the inevitable Pokemon X/Y offical championship tournaments....



rjejr said:

My first thought - having played thru Skylanders Giants with my wife I forgot this game has a Vs. mode. I'm getting so old and mellow w/ age all we do in my house is play co-op stuff. Well that and my youngest son is a bad sore loser. He'ld never make it thru one of these.

Love Andy's enthusiasm, more excited than any kid in either video. Too bad all the games where played on Xbox360 though



SphericalCrusher said:

Damn, nice. Good for him. It's going to cost me a lot to collect all of those, rofl. We already have every Skylander figure for Skylanders and Giants.



oninowon said:

Having gone through the CCG and CMG craze in the late 90s, early 2k, I'm all burned out of these type of game figures.



andregurov said:

Well done all! It looks like loads of fun; my 6 year old son would have loved to participate in something like this (although he would have struggled with the Xbox controller rather than the Wii U gamepad), and it is always neat to see gaming as a family event. But I have to admit that James' dad's shirt is perhaps the most awesome sighting in the video.

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