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Wonderful 101 Team Is Platinum's Biggest Ever, Game Has More Content Than Bayonetta

Posted by Damien McFerran

"I think the real game begins the second time through"

The Wonderful 101 director Hideki Kamiya has been speaking to the Japanese magazine Famitsu about the forthcoming game, and has revealed that the project is one of the biggest in the young company's history:

We've never used this size of a team and this amount of time to build a game before, and even so, this is the first time it's been so tough for me, especially towards the end of development. I suppose I'm getting what I deserved there.

In the same interview, Kamiya also spoke about the game's level of challenge, and touched upon comments he made previously about the game offering fun over longevity:

I'm not gonna say that you can button-mash the whole way, but you can also take more of a sheer force-oriented approach. It's easy enough to just finish the game, but if you try to work out better strategies and play a better, more stylish game, then it just gets deeper and deeper. I'd like people to just play the way they want, and hopefully they'll get addicted once they see all the things they're able to do. In that way, the entire first playthrough is something like a tutorial. I think the real game begins the second time through.

With action games I'm involved with, I don't want people to just play them one time through. Ideally I'd like them to play their whole lifetime. There are certain action games that I'm still playing to this day, after all. It's not because I want to see the ending, but because the gameplay itself is fun; it feels good to control. That's the kind of game I try to make, and while I don't like to say things like 'There's X amount of content until the ending,' I will say that there's more volume to this game than Bayonetta.

The Wonderful 101 comes out in North America on September 15th and Europe on August 23rd.


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unrandomsam said:

I agree with wanting stuff that is still good to play.

But if you can button mash through it then I won't want to play it.

I would rather have a game where you are stuck on the first level (Even for years if necessary) and then you progress when you get better at the game.



Jonny said:

It's odd to some infamous for how he talks on twitter talk with that passion about video games, seems I made the right decision unfollowing him.



DePapier said:

@unrandomsam He is actually somehow lying. I tried the demo at the Paris Japan Expo and got killed. Tried a second time and figured my way out.



ljb88 said:

just pre-ordered it from the game collection, hoping to get it day before release, exciting.



RedRocBoy said:

I really, really hope this game does good cause Platinum deserves it. Game looks really fun definitely supporting it when it drops.



Cuddles said:

I still don't understand what this game is. I hope tomorrow will show more. Or maybe I missed some preview videos of it? Trailer didn't tell me much about the game/gameplay.



Diogozaca said:

I just want this game to sell to 50% of the hardware already sold. Would make a blast on the way third partys look at the hardware and will push the sales foward.



Peach64 said:

I'm really loving the art style. I just hope it sells. It sounds like the most expensive game they've ever made, and it would suck if it finished them off.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I still don't really know what this plays like but I am totally sold.

@Peach64 - Nintendo are paying for this so unless Platinum spent their own money for no reason then that wont happen.
@ferthepoet - no, he said it was "shorter than people might expect" at 20hrs and for some reason there are about 10 different posts on every W101 article saying it's going to be too short to be worth buying. Mad World was amazing on the Wii but was only about 8hrs long as was HotD:Overkill, both of which had amazing replay value.



banacheck said:

But if you can button mash through it then I won't want to play it.

Hopefully thay've done the same sort of system thay've done for Bayonetta 2, touchscreen & button mashing for casual players. & the option to choose the real control system for the more hardcore players, real combo's etc, i'm also hoping to see harder difficulty settings, not just easy, normal, hard. But this is PG so hopefully The Wonderful 101 has this, looking forwards to it.



Dogpigfish said:

Looks fun, but ill wait for the review before I consider a purchase. His games in the past have always had a short campaign... And that's it.



Ducutzu said:

I'm excited about this game. I have no clue how it plays or how it would feel or control - but everything so far sounds very promising.



TheAdza said:

My advice to Nintendo is simply this, please keep giving Platinum Games more money to make more games for you.



sinalefa said:

I don't think this will get bad reviews, so definitely getting at launch. Looks really fun and following PG's blog is almost like a new Smash Dojo to me.



element187 said:

@TheAdza Nintendo will do that if these two titles sell.

I can't imagine Nintendo wanting to lose too much money... This is probably a trial for them.... sells over a million, then more will get funded.



WiiLovePeace said:

I'm greatly looking forward to this game I'm mainly buying Pikmin 3 just so I can get a discount on The W101 It looks very fun




I'm so stoked for this! It's looking good now until the end of the year. I don't think I will be complaining about the lack of Wii U games.



smashbrolink said:

He says there's more content here than in Bayonetta......
Now, is he talking about the Wii U sequel, or the first game on the PS360?
I'm hoping he doesn't mean Bayonetta 2.....



PorllM said:

Have 30% off this from downloading pikmin and £5 on my eshop account from premium! Will be downloading this on day one for 20 something and loving it !



Wanderlei said:

Spiritual successor to Viewtiful Joe, I can already tell its going to be a classic I will love forever.



Wanderlei said:

"There are certain action games that I'm still playing to this day" What game is Kamiya talking about?



BossBattles said:

It is insane that people talk about game length so much.
Vanquish is my favorite gaming experience this generation, and it was "short".
Beating the game on God Hard mode will always be a priceless experience for me.
Gamers need to figure out the basics about this hobby and stop talking endlessly about sales, tech, game length, ect.



letsplay said:

"I think the real game begins the second time through"
Is Hideki Kamiya suggesting a a different game the 2nd time through? Similar to the original Zelda.



ajr12388 said:

I think he's right. I've played re4, dmc1 and 3 multiple times and bayo like 5 times. The games are just so much fun to play. DMC is designed like a fighting game and re4 has so much replay value. Hopefully this game fills the same experience.



yvanjean said:

@unrandomsam Wow suck to be you, this game allow everyone to have fun, yet still as a hardcore element within the system. Instead of leaving un-informed comments why don't you just go play Cloudberry Kingdom and lock yourself away until you've completed the game.



yvanjean said:

@smashbrolink Since Bayonetta 2 is still in development he's obviously not referring to Bayonetta 2.

Nintendo should of got Platinum Games to ported Bayonetta to WiiU for the Holiday 2013 they could use the game in their lineup.



Rafie said:

This game is already pre-ordered. I'm more excited that it's exclusive. The game will be successful. I can feel it.



Shambo said:

He has a telephone wheel or whatever it's called on his sword. I didn't think it was very much possible, but now I want this game even more! Day -1 for me, if my local game store keeps up their good habit of releasing my preorders one day ahead of release.



AVahne said:

Argh! Why must America wait so long after EVERYONE ELSE? Is it because of Pikmin?



rjejr said:

Any thoughts on why this 1 game merits its own ND tomorrow after the 30 minute 1 yesterday? I mean, they could have just added another 5 minutes at the end for this. If it was a Platinum Games Direct for this and Bayonetta 2 that would make some sense.



Kirk said:

"With action games I'm involved with, I don't want people to just play them one time through. Ideally I'd like them to play their whole lifetime. There are certain action games that I'm still playing to this day, after all. It's not because I want to see the ending, but because the gameplay itself is fun; it feels good to control. That's the kind of game I try to make"

It's unfortunate he said that because the controls are where this game is receiving the most criticism and skepticism and having good controls is a fundamental part of having good gameplay.

You've absolutely got to nail the controls in a game like this.

Also, on a personal note, I really don't like the extremely shiny plastic look of the heroes, mainly when in close-ups, and that's actually something that puts me off the game right away. Visual/aesthetic stuff like that is very important to get right too in my opinion, especially if you really want people to feel compelled to play your game multiple time through and even for their whole lifetime. It helps if they actually like the look of them. shadows on the main characters!

Just, No!

I grew utterly sick and tired of this on Wii and yet even now, on a fully next-gen HD console, I'm still having to put up with it in highly promoted ,supposedly system selling, exclusive games.

It's just not good enough when these are supposed to be the Wii U's big upcoming titles.

Enough of this!

I'm just not feeling this game, be it the gimmicky controls or some of the graphics in general.



Einherjar said:

@Kirk Having an issue with the art style is perfectly legit. I felt the same about, say, Wind Waker at first or, a more obscure example, DBZ Raging Blast 2. Everyone praised the graphics, i found them to be too plasticy and instead loved the visuals of its predecessor much more.
But dismissing a game because of the way it represents shadows is one of the weirdest arguments ive ever heard, im sorry.
If it was a slow, athmospheric game, i would totally uinderstand where that argument is coming from, but this is a frilly, action packed, silly and fast action game where you control 101 tiny pikminesque super heroes all at once. I quess you wouldnt even have time to look at their shadows (i never thought about it for instance)
Its simply an artistic choice and, if you ask me, desnt lessen its overall presentation in the slightest.

More on topic: Its pretty much the premise of Bayonetta, DMC and whatnot. You can play the game over and over, always unlocking something new, like a difficulty setting, a costume, items and whatnot. What helps it is, that each difficulty level drasticly alters the way the game is played (see DMC - Heaven or Hell / Dante must Die). It always feels fresh and you always get something worthwhile for your efforts and thats what drives you to continue.



sinalefa said:


I actually dig the plastic look. The cars look like Hot Wheels cars and the buildings look like scale models. When I get to play it I will feel like a kid playing alien invasion with his toys. And I love that. The game is cartoonish and off the wall, and the art style reflects that to me.



TreesenHauser said:

I think the game looks fantastic, but I'm with @Cuddles on this one, I'm sorta confused as to what the game is and how the gameplay actually is. I look forward to tomorrow's Direct about it. It just might push me towards buying the game when it launches.



allav866 said:

I'm still unsure about this game. Unlike other games that Nintendo's been showing off, this one hasn't impressed me all that much. Maybe I just need to watch the W101 Direct tomorrow.



Kirk said:


It's not the levels. They look ok for the most part. It's the close ups of the characters where they just look far too shiny and plastic. To the point that it looks cheap and tacky. It just looks wrong to me and is very off-putting.

Also, I'm not on about the slightly toy look in general. That in itself is kinda charming. It's the actual highly shiny and plastic look of the main characters when seen close up in the cut scenes and stuff. There's no good artistic reason for them looking like that and it's even more annoying when you can see how nice and indeed "normal" they could actually look in the very Start Screen of the game.

As you can see perfectly in this video:

Why didn't they just make them look like that in the cut-scenes for example?

In fact, why doesn't the whole game look pretty much that good (obviously I know you'd need to cut down the poly count when all the characters are on screen during the actual gameplay)...?

Everything about the artstyle and look of the game is right in that one title screen and that's how I wish the game looked in general (as in not overly shiny and plastic for no good reason). I'd be happy with the game's visual design if it looked like that in the actual game.



Kirk said:


I think the difference between this and Wind Waker is that Wind Waker always looked good, very good in fact, but it just took some people a while to actually understand just why that game is so visually accomplished.

The way overly shiny plastic style of the characters when in close up in 101 doesn't look good and it never will. It's bad art direction.

The shadows are also not an artistic choice in my opinion but just a little bit of laziness on the programmers part and lack of maintaining high production standards and polish on the designers/directors part. It's also clear that it's nothing at all to do with artistic choices when you can see that the bigger enemies clearly have proper shaped shadows.

Pikmin 3 has shown you can have over a hundred characters on screen and still have proper shadows on all of them, on Wii U, and not having them here is just laziness.

Having these rubbish circle shadows wasn't good enough in the Wii generation in my opinion and now, in the supposedly next generation, it's just offensive as far as I'm concerned.

The Wii U is going to struggle enough as it is when it comes to visuals compared to the other next gen consoles, and gaining the respect of core gamers, and developers who don't even bother implementing some basic standard graphical elements like proper shadows are just doing the system an injustice.

How are core gamers ever going to take Nintendo's systems seriously, and potentially consider purchasing it, when in terms of graphics we are still stuck with effects that were barely acceptable in the N64 era, never mind now?

I'm not dismissing the 101 game because of the shadows. I'm dismissing it because I think it looks too clunky, in terms of the gimmicky controls, along with the fact I don't like the look of the characters in cut-scenes and the annoying shadows. As well as quite a few other things.

It's not just one thing.



YChung said:

Shadows and shiny plastic?? Give me strength. This is extremely nickpicky indeed. Judging a game based on such a little thing. The game has bags of style. I preordered mine weeks ago and look forward to it.



Einherjar said:

@Kirk Still, if said core gamers come up with such complaints, maybe it isnt even worth getting their attention. The comparison to the N64 is a trope as old as the internet itself and wasnt even right back then.
And comparing it technically to pikmin 3 is also paper thin. Pikmins 3D models have a much much lower polygon count, almost all of its creatures consist of simple shapes while Wonderful 101 uses a unique model for every one of the 101 super heroes. Pikmin 3 is also a much much slower game, giving the player enough time to admire its real time shadows.
Your complaints sound more like u took more time criticising the graphics from a technical standpoint (again, not liking the visual style is perfectly legit) than to look at the game itself.
Like i said, disliking the plastic sheen filter, the slight cel-shading and / or the heavy use of contrast colors are arguments that i can perfectly understand, thats totally a question of taste. But complaining about the fact that the game does not use real time shadows for beeing a HD game is serious nitpicking.



Kage_88 said:

Really can't wait for this game! What else can I say that hasn't been said here?

Erm... Purple Monkey Dishwasher!



datamonkey said:

"I think the real game begins the second time through."

I was looking forward to this but this quote puts me off a little.

It seems like it may be an easy button masher the more I'm hearing. Is this his way of saying that the game lacks depth or am I reading too much into it?



Kirk said:


The problem here is that you don't think these things matter but CLEARLY they do, to a lot of people.

You don't seem to want to acknowledge that if these things were addressed then maybe everyone would be happy, instead of just those people who are easily satisfied.

My way, everyone is happy and everyone wins.

Do you see how that might actually be better...?



unrandomsam said:

@yvanjean I wouldn't say I am hardcore. (I cannot do stuff like games without getting hit or Neo Geo games on one credit) I don't have every region of every system either. I am probably somewhere in-between Japanese mainstream (That plays 3DS) and Japanese Hardcore (That plays PSP).

I have played Cloudberry Kingdom and the controls are too floaty don't really like it dunno whether the Wii U version is better. (Same with Giana Sisters thought it was a problem with my computer but its the same on the demo videos).

Super Meat Boy I liked more. (I did some of the dark world bandages with the kid though because I wasn't good enough to do it with Meat Boy).

The fact is the best games usually have one level of difficulty ones that main game is quite reasonable then there is another option to just have half the hit points or something is ok. (Every game doesn't need to be owned by everybody.)

Dunno when it went so everything had to be made much easier. (In an ideal world they would put as much effort into all the difficulty settings but in reality they don't).



Einherjar said:

@Kirk I dont see anyone complaining about something so mundane as the shadows under the characters. On the other hand, i cant see anyone who would consider buying it because of these "problems". Either you like it or not.
And saying that the absence of real time shadows for 100 unique characters who are mostly grouped together or are morphed into objects is "insulting to this generation" is absolute bullpoopoocacadoodiedoodoopoopies. Example:
Pokemon Ruby / Saphire drew footprints on sand and mirrored sprites on the surface of water. With your logic, every game that doesnt do that is insulting to that particular generation ? Earthbound used a similar battle system as the Dragon Quest games. DQ used animated enemy sprites, EB didnt, so earthbound is inferior and insulting ? I mean, technically it was clearly possible (like real time shadows would be in W101).
Real time shadows unse up a lot of processor power, drawing one for each and every of the 100 heroes although they move in a giant crowd most of the time would be rather pointless. So, why not safe that processing power to maintain a stable framerate or use it to boost some other effects ? Pikmin 3 could afford it, because there isnt much happening when it comes to battle. And like i said, Pikmins character design, from the Pikmin themselfes to the Monsters is pretty basic, all consisting of simple shapes. That is where that processing power is safed, so real time shadows can be implemented.
You might have noticed that the Wonderful 101 isnt aiming to be the most visually real game out there. Its cartoony, the characters are deformed, its bright and colorful and there is stuff going on everywhere, from multiple transformations to fire effects to debris flaying all over the place.
There is a distinct difference between overloading your game with visual highlights till it cant handle a proper framerate anymore (Ninja Theory is quite fond of that) to concentrating on the gameplay first and then see what you have left to use on graphical touchups.
If that is really a problem of such importance to you, you might be looking for the wrong games on the wrong console.



Kirk said:


Look, as a blatant fanboy of some kind you're obviously defending this stuff for no good reason even when fixing it all would in no way whatsoever have ruined the experience for you or taken away from what they've already achieved.

You just want to defend against any complaints people have, regardless of how small you imagine they are, because you don't want to accept that when this game doesn't sell and gets average review scores, both of which will happen, that it might actually be because the game wasn't up to scratch and for some of the very reasons I've mentioned (even if in just an accumulation of small almost imperceptible ways that seem insignificant to most people like you).

If however the shadows, extreme shininess, gimmicky clunky controls and other stuff were fixed you'd still be ignorantly blissful, just like you were before I raised my complaints, and I'd also happy.

Ergo, fix the shadows, fix the overly shiny models, sort the gimmicky controls...

Then we're ALL happy.

That is a matter of objective fact better than just you being ignorantly content (you being all the people in the same camp as you) and me being unsatisfied (me being all the people in the same camp as me).

What I am saying is better for EVERYONE than what you are saying and if you stepped out of the subjective fanboy box for two seconds you'd be able to understand that.

End of debate.



Einherjar said:

@Kirk First, call someone else "fanboy" okay ?
Second, im not defending anything, im just saying that your arguments are simply nitpicking on completely mundane things.
Also, you talk about "gimmicky, clunky controls" have you played the game ? I have and the controlls are pretty much spot on, from the actual buttons to the touch screen gestures. I was ripping thru the demo with "pure platinum" rankings on the highest available difficulty on my second round, i cant see where your argument regarding the controlls is coming from.
About the plastic sheen filter, yes, its overdone, i give you that. And its purely a taste thing, either you like it or you dont. The same thing happend to WInd Waker.
And how do you know about the sales and review scores ? Did they appear in your crystal ball ? Ill eat my shorts if this game gets rated down because of "round shadows beneth player characters that you rarely see standing far enough apart to notice it". Again, have you played the game ? When did you have the time to even pay attention to that ? And if you focused on something like that, how are you even able to enjoy ANY game that isnt perfect, pure gold and omnipotent from a technical standpoint ?

You call me a fanboy for telling you that your obviosly nitpicking just for the sake of it, but you probably never played the game before, making some of your arguments completely invalid.

But youre right on one point: End of Debate. Im sick of reading the same line over and over without any substance to them.

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