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Wii U Price Cuts Only Brought Modest Additional Sales for Asda and Amazon UK

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

A part of just 10,000 Q1 sales outside of Japan and North America

Nintendo's recently announced sales figures (covering 1st April to 30th June) for Wii U made grim reading, re-emphasizing the stalled momentum of the system and further explaining the company's repeated message that it would be the second half of the year that would be of the most significance. With few notable releases, sales simply dropped away, with the most alarming figure arguably being the fact that just 10,000 units were reported as sold in regions outside of North America and Japan.

One set of statistics cited by MCV, as part of a wider look at the system's prospects, reveal the sales improvements brought by the high-profile Wii U price cuts introduced by Amazon UK and Asda in recent weeks. The aggressive pricing attracted a lot of attention, but according to data from GfK Chart-Track, Amazon's price cut of £100 added just 667 sales above the previous full-priced week, while Asda's similar cut attracted just 250 extra sales; these are UK figures, specifically, and interesting as the price cuts received plenty of coverage in the press and on social networks.

These sales are clearly very low, and demonstrate clearly that a price cut alone isn't sufficient to prompt a sudden surge of sales; these price cuts arrived during a notable lull in high-profile game releases. That's an area that Nintendo is taking on with gusto for the remainder of the year, and these statistics perhaps reflect why the old saying "software sells hardware" is trotted out so regularly; price cuts alone, in the case of the UK at least, do little without the games.

The games are coming of course, though gamers can debate the merits of the strengths and weakness of the lineup on the way. Nintendo UK and all of the regional teams will be hoping that, once the library is spruced up with plenty of exclusives, numbers like these will become a thing of the past.


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tchaten said:

That is why I'm curious how sales go this winter and into next year with this huge amount of quality games coming to Wii U exclusively.

Also - will PS4 and X1 have a similar lack of titles their first year?



BATRA said:




Legromancer said:

nobody said that

On topic: these numbers are bad, Really, really bad. Nobody cares about the Wii U. The Direct-Only Conference at E3 was a mistake. Every mainstream media that reported E3 only mentioned Sony and Microsoft. So, i believe Nintendo is non-existent for them. You can't sell something to people that they don't know even exists.

So hey, Nintendo, you release some games, but please what about someadvertisement? Crazy, but it could work...



Darknyht said:

@tchaten The advantage that Xbox One and PS4 have is that all they really need is a good FPS multiplayer game to launch with the console along with a few sports titles. That will keep a majority of their online community happy for quite a few months, especially when DLC is dropped every 3 months after release.

The sales figures are problematic, but only if they continue past the Christmas season. Christmas this year will be make or break for the Wii U third party development. I think even with a bad Christmas Nintendo will stay the course and in the end make money.



FritzFrapp said:

@Legromancer "Nobody cares about the Wii U."

Which just goes to show how dumb the gaming public is. Wii U is wonderful machine with some truly excellent games already on it, and more to come. As someone who also owns a PS2 and a couple of PS3s, I just don't get the attraction of PS4 – which to me has precisely zero interesting games shown until now. Sony have had an unbelievably easy ride so far, seemingly entirely on the back of 8GB DDR and Microsofts foul-ups.



Dark_Link said:

This is why it was imperative for Nintendo to launch the system with a Mario Kart, Zelda, 3D Mario or Smash Bros game and a second title such as Pikmin 3 etc at launch. They do that and they are not in this position right now.



Quickman said:

@GazPlant Exactly, you could slash the the price to a penny but it's no good if the console doesn't have the games.. Yes the Wii U had third party support at launch but the majority of those games were already available on other systems with more features.



hcfwesker said:

^^^ Plus the games 3rd parties did release were year old ports, with missing features, and they expected us to pay full retail price when they were $20-30 on other consoles. But, of course, they blame nintendo for this. lol



Yorumi said:

In a lot of ways I don't really understand where this talk of no games comes from. Do people not know what a console launch is like or have they never seen another console launch? It really seems like there's a whole lot of group think going on. Currently on my wiiU I have nsmbU, luigi u(since it's kind of it's own game), sonic racing, ninja gaiden 3, lego city, monster hunter, trine 2, and mighty switch force, without counting any VC releases. Pikmin 3 is right around the corner and I might get w101.

Compare that to just about any other console launch that ever happened and that's pretty good for the first year(and it's not even done yet). Have we become so entitled that we've lost all perspective on anything? Do we no longer have any patients or attention span? How do you possibly please a person who looks at dozens of games and just says "what that's it? There's no games."

I'm not one to encourage settling but it seems like people have some absolutely ridiculous expectations. That or group think, "well the group says there's no games so it must be true no matter what my eyes see."



Quickman said:

@hcfwesker Call me a cynic here it's almost like 3rd parties do it intentionally so that people buy on other platforms, if they have any kind of research dept. then they will know that most people will have a 360 or PS3 as well as a Wii U



Dark_Link said:

@The_Inquisitor exactly! That's why Nintendo needed one of the 4 games I mentioned above available at launch. Also Iwata needs whatever possible to get good third party support. I rather less third party games with 100% content, than more games that are crappy ports. In my opinion needs to expand their software development. Try to start a western developer, buy atlus etc. If third party is going to screw Nintendo than have more exclusives.



Discostew said:

Come on. 3DS was a perfect example of why a price cut alone is not enough to sell consoles/handhelds. It boosted sales a little, but not nearly enough compared to when new software gets released.

They could sell the Wii U at $100, but unless there are games that people want for it, it'll be a $100 paperweight, and people can buy paperweights for cheap.



tchaten said:

@BATRA the first year of any console is the slowest - you have a huge spike for launch window and after that it takes time for the game library to come or bundles/price drops to get more mass appeal.



Quickman said:

@Dark_Link I agree, its time to move on from some third parties as they obviously don't want to give a Nintendo machine the same attention as the others. Time to get smaller devs under the Nintendo umbrella and give them the opportunity to shine, the eshop is the place to turn things around IMO.



tchaten said:

@Yorumi Yea I believe there are around 50-80 Wii U games currently available - many are ports and some shovelware, but there are a great deal of quality titles to keep you entertained while the winter lineup comes.

I never played the originals to these ports so they are brand new games to me and have had no issues with lack of games for Wii U - as there are plenty that are great.



AyeHaley said:

Everything will get better starting with the just released Pikmin 3.
That game, Nintendo Land, Lego City and MH3U are worth buying a Wii U for. And it'll get better with each month. Wonderful 101, Zelda WW HD, DKCTF, Mario 3D World, Sonic!! and Mario&Sonic Olympic Games.



AcidGhost said:

I was one of the people who got a Wii U from amazon at £150 a couple of weeks back. I already had got a black one on launch day but for £150 I couldn't resist getting one for the kids room.
It will be interesting to see where we are in 12 months time, the Wii U will have a decent selection of games and the Xbox1 and PS4 will be enduring there own game droughts.



aaronsullivan said:

Yeah, statistics like this will help Nintendo decide to add value to Wii U by setting up new bundles, not reducing prices. Not sure what they'll bundle, though.



AVahne said:

Price drop won't help, Wii U needs more games. Especially exclusives!

The opposite is true for the Vita. More games will definitely not help it, as it's had more than a year to amass a decent library, but a price drop on the system and the memory cards will (at least by a little. Having more reasonable prices, especially for those HUGELY overpriced memory cards, will give consumers a bit more reason to at least consider it over a 3DS or a tablet).

In conclusion, Wii U is NOT on life support, since it still has time to prove itself. If any console is on life support, it's Vita.



element187 said:

@Dark_Link What do you expect Nintendo do? Money hat for multiplatform titles? That is idiotic. Why would Nintendo pay for things the other two companies don't have to?

I think Nintendo's plan to put as many third party exclusives on the system as they can get their hands on is the way to go.... throwing money around for 3rd party multiplatform titles seems like the fast track to obscurity.

Nintendo's strength lies with having a system completely different from anything else out there. If Nintendo just aspires to be like Sony and Microsoft, why bother even making a console?



element187 said:

@Yorumi the people who complain about "no games" when they troll Nintendo articles are 13 to 19 year olds... they were too young to remember the launch of the PS3... The Wii U has more titles currently than the PS3 did throughout its entire first year on the market.

The PS3 had 12 titles on the shelf launch day in November 2006... The Wii U had over 30 plus a few download eshop games.

So when people say "no games" you can probably assume they were way too young in 2006 to remember how bad the PS3 really was, let alone the desolate wasteland the Xbox 360 was in its first year on the market.



Metaknight_3Raw said:

It's strange but the PS4 seems to command a lot of respect right now in the gaming community. It's being hailed as the true "console for gamers". The 3DS is getting a lot of respect as well even on troll dens like IGN but it had to work it's way to that by having a superb library of games both first and third party. The Wii U unfortunately does not get automatic respect from the gaming community and will need to show it's worth it's metal like the 3DS.



Dark_Link said:

@element187 ok first off I love Nintendo and have been a fan since getting an NES in 87. Now, what do I expect Nintendo to do? I expect them to have their great games ready at launch or within a few months after launch, they had plenty of time to make this happen before the Wii u launched. Imagine launching with Mario Kart, a few months later 3D Mario and than this Holiday season Smash Bros and Zelda etc. I expect to get third party games with the same content that the other consoles get. That's on Iwatavto help ensure this happens. If he can't do that than get more exclusives, more developers etc. I grew up a Nintendo fan and I hate seeing them in a situation like this when they could have avoided it by being prepared. Btw I do like a lot of your post. You always write some well throughout stuff.



Crimson_Ridley said:

The Wii U launched with a lot more games than the 360, PS3 and Wii did. Let's see:

360 - 7 in Japan, 18 in NA and 15 in PAL territories.
PS3 - 6 in Japan, 14 in NA and 24 in PAL territories.
Wii - 10 in Japan, 21 in NA and 12 in PAL territories.
Wii U - 11 in Japan, 31(may be a bit over here) in NA and 24 in PAL territories.

In each launch, a lot of the games were ports from another console. Go back a few generations and you'll find they released consoles with much less (SNES with F-Zero and Super Mario World, anyone?).

The system has quite a large library of games to say it's been out for less than a year. I don't think it's through a lack of titles that people aren't buying the console, but rather the fact that gamers prefer the same old games on the same old system that all their friends play on, and aren't willing to try something different and allow Nintendo time to make quality games. CoD only takes less than a year and you can rehash the same genres on other consoles very quickly.

People feel safe sticking with what they know and are comfortable with. It's unfortunate to realise that this generation of gamers doesn't care about new and exciting experiences, and just want the tried and tested formula.



ultraraichu said:

@Yorumi I was thinking the same thing while I was typing my orignal post.

Give or take that some were ports, It still experience a better launch then the PS3 and Xbox360 with not just enough games, but also enough consoles for everyone to buy at retail stores without the drama of ebay.

@element187 I think a good amount of those people are over 20 years old since they're usually the same ones that brag about playing games since the late 80s/early 90s with this old game system; at least from what I read.



Legromancer said:

yeah, pretty strange how many spin it like this is NO WAY Nintendos fault. Nine Month (or so) on the market and still no marketing push althought there are some system sellers available acording to some ( I don't thinks so, but ok...).
Yeah Nintendo, wait for the marketing till Christmas when every big retailer got rid of their inventory with a loss and will do a frak to restock Wii U...

Really, why do people here still dance around the big elephant in the room: Nintendo dropped the ball. How can you not see this?



Sanqet said:

i have had my wii u for about 7 months and i have still to see one game that sells the gamepad to me i just think nintendo got it all wrong with console i will keep it for the few first party games each year that i know i will enjoy but my main gaming will be on the ps4 unless nintendo stage an amazing comeback



JimLad said:

@Yorumi Nintendo consoles in the past have launched with such games as Mario 64, Luigis Mansion/Rogue Squadron 2 and Twilight Princess.
Those games are at least 3x better than anything you can get on the WiiU right now.



Mk_II said:

If i remember correctly the SNES launched with four games and the Sega Genesis was faster and had lots more "mature" games. But look where Sega is now



Dark_Link said:

@Legromancer exactly!! Now I do think Nintendo can turn it around but those games need to be great and Iam confident they will be. When we look at Wii U's total sales of 3.6 million. Imagine if they did I recommended and released Mario kart as the launch game for the Wii u and maybe Super Mario 3D world in February. I am willing to bet they would be close to 8-10 million Wii I'd sold plus they would also have rayman legends as an exclusive title since Ubisoft would feel confident they will make money with the game being on the Wii u. This was all in Iwata's hands and he blew it.



Yorumi said:

@JimLad purely opinion and one I strongly disagree with. Sonic racing is amazing, the challenge modes on nsmb have really kept me busy. Lego city is tons of fun and kept me going for a good while. Monster hunter isn't purely a port so I'd say that counts too, it's an amazing game.

Beyond that though you're changing things. People keep saying there's no games, but their are. I've been through plenty of console launches that had a handful of games for an entire year. I think I've bot more wiiU games since launch than any other console I've ever bought at launch up to a similar point in time.

I don't believe anyone saying there's no games is making a fair evaluation of the system.



Metaknight_3Raw said:

I don't think it's a case of "no games" but "no games" that people were interested in. It would have been better to have SSB or Mario Kart preferably around the launch month. Something to shift some Wii Us off the shelf in a better number. I would hope this would make third parties sit up and notice and get excited because the PS4 and Xbox One would still be a way off at this point.

Also the Wii U started off ok and lost momentum quickly, the PS3 started off poorly and gained momentum a bit as the price became bearable and the games better.



WYLD-WOO said:

I`m a UK Nintendo fan and have bought every system going since my first NES when I was 10. The Wii U looks great and sure there are "some" cool games already out. However, none of them games are for me, apart from Mario Brothers U. I would pay the asking price as the new playstation/XBOX, if games like Mario Kart 8, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Smash Brothers, Fire Emblem X SMT and 3D Mario Land U were already out. It`s pretty simple, once the games come for everyone and I do mean everyone the Wii U will start to sell.



Mahe said:

It's no wonder. The system's best games are still the launch games, like New SMB U, Trine 2 DC, Rabbids Land and Nano Assault Neo. The months (half a YEAR) after launch have been terribly barren. Nintendo messed up the "launch window" big time.

@Crimson_Ridley Where are the "new and exciting experiences" on Wii U? They just aren't there. The post-launch game selection has been terrible.



Relias said:

Well there is a lot of blame to go around.. Nintendo is to blame for no advertising.. but retailers.. first thing they did around here when a PS or XBOX is launched set up a place where you could play them.. they did not do this with GBA, DS, 3DS, Wii, or Wii U... (Not to mention Gamecube or N64) None of Nintendo's systems have been on display.. for you to try and play... so retailers depend on the fact that Nintendo is just magically going to move itself off the shelves.. while they push the PS4 and XBOX ONE even now... and will once they get the systems in store.. it's also third parties fault too... I know it's not their.. job to sell Nintendo.. but I could not help but notice.. that at E3 they only mentioned PS3, PS4, 360, and XBOX ONE.. not one mention that their games were coming out for Wii U... it's almost like they don't even want to bother to sell their games on the platform.. and then complain and wonder why they don't get any sales on that platform.. they need to let people know there is a Wii U version... it's their job to sale their own games on the system not Nintendo's.. and when you have the nerve to basically.. not even point out you have a Wii U version coming.. or to show no excitement what so ever for it... then what do you expect?? Basically.. The Wii U is doing bad.. because yes Nintendo did screw up.. but it's also doing bad.. because it's not being treated just like the other systems,,, there is enough blame to go around for Wii U's sales.. and I love Nintendo.. because they have put up with this.. and have had patience.. and actually went so far as to apologize.. I can only imagine what would happen if Sony and Microsoft was treated like this... they would be calling it an outrage.. not to mention what their fans would be doing..



Senario said:

@Mahe Actually I disagree on what are the best games for the system currently. Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, New Super Mario bros Wii U, and Pikmin 3. Big emphasis on Monster Hunter though, while it isn't all that popular in the west it is amazingly fun and I really think it should be noticed more for being an awesome game series.



hYdeks said:

1/ Price cut won't do. Just get rid of the 8gb completely, reduce the 32gb to the $299.99 price, make a new deluxe model with 64gb flash memory for $349.99 with Nintendo Land (or some other bigger game).

2/ People need games. There isn't really a reason to get the console if you like hardcore or casual games. Secure the bigger titles like GTA for the hardcore, bring out more casual games like Wii Fit/ new Wii Sports to get their attention.



atlantis01 said:

@Wesker I don't understand people who dislike the tablet. It's a millon times better than the stupid Wii remote. I loved the Wii but the Wii was frustrating as hell waving that thing around trying to get the little hand sensor to come onto the screen. And then there were the games that used motion controls too much and made my arms feel like they were going to fall off. Now the Wii U is brilliant because now navigating the menu is a thousand times better and they have gone back to more traditional gaming rather than waving your arms around like a ninny. Some of the best games on the Wii were the ones like DK Country that did not need you to wave the remote around. Wii U is vastly superior to Wii. Give it time. It needs games.



P-Gamer-C said:

If you are here to stir up trouble and nothing else, I suggest leaving. I don't mind honest opinions if you don't like Nintendo, but don't word it just to make everyone else mad. This is your warning. -Lz



Backwardsonapig said:

I think a $50 price cut along with the games coming out this Fall/Winter will get the system on it's feet and flying off shelves in no time. My reasoning for the price cut is to stay competitive with the PS4 and its attractive pricing.



kereke12 said:

I agree on a price cut, for me I think the Wii U needs a price cut because for me its to expensive and it is true. Nintendo needs more software. But I do believe when all those games that they announced on E3 they would sell. But Nintendo is trying.



LztheQuack said:

This shows you really can't have the price drop without a lot of software. Perhaps this holiday will turn things around.



S_T_K said:

@Dark_Link There is still a little misconception about 3rd party though. Sony can and has brought contract's with these "3rd parties" before e.g. with Res 1,2,3 where contracted to be on the PSX though CV is actually 3 but because of contracts they had to name Nemesis 3, bigger companies can affect 3rd party support just as much as the consoles sale's themselves.



S_T_K said:

@The_Inquisitor you have a good point there if Nintendo can find new dev studio's to get them to work for Nintendo they might be able to bring in some great new idea's but it's still not a easy thing to do



S_T_K said:

@Relias how could Sony/Microsoft be treated like that when they have big net income flow's from other revenues to support there advertising and store placement?



Marshi said:

Well its between pikmin 3 and the last of us for my fave game this year. So if the rest of the wiiu lineup inpresses as much as pikmin has then the wiiu has nothing to worry about. Its becoming increasly tiresome to say it but SOFTWARE SELLS SYSTEMS! Nintendo should do an add campaign showing a montage of this years games with that as a serious!



element187 said:

@Metaknight_3Raw The Wii U is not even 8 months old, the PS3 didn't start its turnaround act until its second year on the shelf.

Being a PS3 owner at launch was even more brutal then this.... I never learn my lesson to never buy a console at launch. I just can't help myself.



unrandomsam said:

@Dark_Link I would rather them release with second level franchises (Warioland / Kirby / FZero). Then wait a few years until they have got good at programming for the console before releasing the bigger ones. Think they should leave Zelda for the very last thing they do on the console. Release other stuff that is somewhat similar with new characters in between. There is games that I didn't enjoy that I probably would have enjoyed more if it didn't have Mario in it. (Like Mario Sunshine).



MegaManEP3 said:

I still think that a Deluxe WiiU bundled with Wind Waker HD for $299.99 is really what the WiiU needs this Holiday Season. A great priced bundle with a slew of great games to choose from is going to look fantastic compared to the $399 PS4 and $499 XB1 with no games in the box.



Henmii said:

Quite simply, Nintendo should OFFICIALY announce a price-cut! That way every retailer should follow suit, and then it may work!

But we also need the software! If the new DKC and Mario 3d world sell, things could work out! If not, Nintendo is in big trouble!!



Platypus101 said:

@Relias true, true.... But as for what Microsoft and Sony fans would do? Simple, they would go to their favorite sites (not unlike ourselves with Nintendo Life...) and rip on Nintendo... Oh, wait, they're doing that now.

In general, I am tired, no, wait. Sick and tired of reading posts about how much Nintendo sucks... Everyone is aware that companies create departments specifically to go online and bad mouth the competition? My point is, that SOMEONE started this anti-Ninty sentiment, and if you track THAT person down, they more than likely will not exist. Seems to me that when something is said online, the sheep come a runnin' and start repeating that first (controversial) comment and that's how these things balloon out of shape. Let us all remember, we could all be on an Microsoft or Sony forum, but we're fans of Nintendo, otherwise we all wouldn't be here (Unless of course you're just a troll, which in turn is just sad. No, really)



Platypus101 said:

@GazPlant so true... 3 years after the Dreamcast failed, I was able to pick one up (On Hollywood Blvd. of all places!) for less than 80$... No games, no sell.

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