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Weirdness: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is Beaten in Under 20 Minutes

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Cosmo strikes in 19 minutes 15 seconds

A little while ago we told you about Cosmo Wright, a speedrunner that was recorded explaining, in detail, how to complete Ocarina of Time in 22 minutes. As he admitted himself it wasn't an impeccable run, possibly because he was trying to describe intricate maneuvers while executing them.

That run was at a fundraising event and completed on a Japanese Wii, but Wright has now set what he believes to be the world record time of 19 minutes 15 seconds. This run was perhaps more on his own terms, with a time that was apparently possible — in part — as he was using an iQue console. This is a Nintendo plug'n'play system sold in China, where there is currently a ban on selling home consoles — that ban may be overturned in the near future. So while it's a legitimate Nintendo copy, Wright explains that the game runs a little smoother and faster on the hardware than on an N64 or Virtual Console copy, and therefore makes some moves easier to execute in less time.

Like before, this is a fascinating watch, and if you want to beat the record, you may want to import an iQue plug'n'play.

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ToastyYogurt said:

I fail to see how this is lame. Beating a Zelda game in one sitting is an impressive feat within itself imo. But what do I know, I never beaten a Zelda game.



LordJumpMad said:

Another video of beat OoT real fast?
I think the speed run of this game has already been beaten to death.



Spanjard said:

hehe I wonder how Nintendo would react to this. must be weird to see your own game taken on like this. haha awesome.



AltDotNerd said:

Impressive what he did with the Cuccos. But are all these glitches actually in the game? Or does it make a difference that he's playing a chinese knockoff system?



Trippinator said:

@AltDotNerd Some of the glitches can only be used on the "knockoff" (which I'm pretty sure was officially supported by Nintendo, though), but the record on N64 isn't far behind.



Greenalink said:

There isn't any 'good' glitches that is exclusive to the iQue. All of the tricks you see on that video can be done on N64, GC and Wii VC. 3DS is completely different.

There is at least one bad glitch that occurs more often on iQue than any other version.
Hyrule Field glitch is one of them and it prevents Link from shooting any arrows from his bow despite having some spare arrows left.



Gioku said:

This guy is AWESOME! This is the culmination of TONS of research and fooling around with this game to finally be able to do this - it's just amazing (not to mention the rock-hard concentration and hours of practice required). I've discovered a few glitches before, and the way to do it is to try and force the game to do what you want it to do - so that you manage to do something that the programmers never thought of. That is true mastery of a game, when possible, at least. (The glitch I'm most proud of that I discovered is this.)



Emblem said:

A speed run is a play through of the game in the fastest time possible, using a glitch does not count as a speed run. But whatever if that's what rocks your boat go for it.



WinterWarm said:


Nope, absolutely not. This is very interesting and not lame in the slightest, and I will beat down any comment saying otherwise. So sleep with one eye open.

@Emblem I'm pretty sure it's whatever floats your boat...



WiiUExposed said:

@AltDotNerd It's not a knock off. Speedruns of this category have to be done on some sort of official Nintendo hardware. The iQue player was a deal by Nintendo to help curb piracy of N64 games in China at the time. The hardware is all condensed to a single chip, minimizing latency. This is most noticeable in the tower collapse since it's the only official version without any lag (3DS version is regarded as 100% different game). The only downsides to the iQue player for Ocarina of Time is that pause buffering is harder to do (speedrunners practice to do without pause buffering though), and that save-warping to Link's house is longer.



CrazyMetroid said:

@Emblem There will always be people like you who are ignorant to these things.
If it's in the game, it counts as a valid speedrun. If they used cheats from a gameshark as an example, THEN it would not be valid.



Mochoewolf said:

Well, I'm impressed he did this, but i was expecting him to actually play the game like normal not glitching. Whatever floats his boat i guess.



fairybats said:

What's weirdness is seeing this posted about here! Cosmo rules, check out his for OOT and Windwaker speedruns streamed live. Currently he holds the WR for both games



KingMike said:

As to importing an iQue, it might be difficult... I hear it was limited to playing only data on the bundled memory card, and so to play a different game it would have to be rewritten at a store. I don't know if that would be an anti-piracy move, something to do with the definition of a "plug and play" console vs. a standard console, or both.



Tindre said:

"LordJumpMad said:
Another video of beat OoT real fast?
I think the speed run of this game has already been beaten to death."

Like swimming or running sports?



Defuso said:

He wasn't even the first.

And iQue isn't considered a real version for comparison sake.



Yoshi3DS said:

why do some people dislike the water temple, i think its relatively simple, the only bad think was that the boss wasn't the best



dsparil said:

@Yoshi3DS Did you play the N64 version? The option to put on or take off the boots was buried in the start menu so it took a few seconds. It wouldn't have been so bad if you didn't need to constantly put them on or take them off. I never actually finished the original version because I got so frustrated with the boots. Being able to map them to a button in the remake removed all the frustration from that dungeon.



Cilian said:

@Emblem There are different categories of speedruns. Sequence breaking (e.g. Using glitches and "holes" in the code to skip parts of the game) is a legit part of a speedrun unless stated otherwise. Who makes these rules? The guys that actually spend years on a given game looking for ways to complete it faster (I am not one of them, alas). I'm a bit irritated that people who are not part of the speedrunning crowd tend to dismiss these incredible feats as "cheating" (saw it recently on the gamefaqs boards with the Pikmin 3 100% 10day run). This run is literally the result of decades of community work, searching for glitches, evaluating their employability, and, not least, mastering the mechanisms of the game. If it helps, I'm pretty sure the guy would beat all of us (maybe not greenalink, who I believe is a capable runner himself) in a no sequence breaking run by hours, in all probability.
Please excuse me if that sounded a bit harsh, but it's a pet peeve of mine...



SnackBox said:

Really interesting how these glitches work and how they find them. I just don't appreciate them glitching the game and saying they have a new record. I think speed runs should only count if you play the game the way it was intended but aside from that, kudos to you Cosmo.



S_T_K said:

@SnackBox i agree with you mostly, I though do appreciate the time it takes to get these glitch speed runs (It take a lot of skill). But I all so think that it should state that it's a Glitch Speed Run though and not a true speed run like you



Katzii said:

Given that the video has some "unsavoury" spoken language in it, you might want to put a warning up in case any of your younger readers want to give it a view!



WaxxyOne said:

OK, point of discussion for those that think this doesn't count since he uses glitches: Who gets to decide what constitutes a glitch for the purposes of doing a speedrun "without glitching?" OK, so warp glitching to go straight from Gohma to Ganon I'm assuming is a pretty clear glitch, but what about using the menu to skip talking to certain NPCs or listening to Navi whine at you? Is that allowed? What about backwards running / jumping to shave time, is that a glitch or allowed? Is saving and restarting to warp back to Link's house a glitch? All of these things are used by speedrunners to cut time off the game, so how can you ban some of them without banning all of them?



DrMonk said:

To be fair to the naysayers, there should be a difference between a speed run that completes the key milestones of the game (i.e. acquires the minimum regularly required items and completes the minimum regularly required boss fights as set out in the design document) versus a glitch reliant speed run that just looks for the absolute fastest way from the start to end condition of the game. When the gameplay and narrative is a mere shadow of the original game then it is hard to call it a speed run of that game.
To be fair to the supporters though, it's an interesting sport and displays great skill and perseverance and poses interesting questions about gameplay and game design.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Just as @Cilian said, the people doing speedrun research and doing them decide the 'rules' together. For the most part, glitches are definitely valid to the SR community - cheats are a different thing entirely. One major exception would be luck-based stuff (like the door guards From Metroid Fusion) and manipulating it for the best outcome, but if they directly affect fixed stats (like Link's damage with a sword), they're not allowed, as well as boss tweaking.

But if it's possible to do with the game alone, do it. That's the general rule.



Marioman64 said:

i like the run where you do a glitch leap past the dude blocking the exit to kakariko (which I have done myself) and then do a side leap roll something through a crack in the door of time (which i cannot do, but i did go through it and fall to my death ) and proceed from there



Assassinated said:

this is an any percent speed run, meaning sequence breaking is allowed and encouraged.
There are other categories of speedrun, such as 100% where everything must be completed in the proper order, and distinctions are made. He got the world record time for the any percent run at 19:15. I think the 100% run time is between 4 and 5 hours for Ocarina of Time.



DrMonk said:

Thanks mate. Wasn't aware of that. I figured the community would sort it out, as gamers we tend to be pretty good at understanding systems with rules

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