Luigi Parkour

Nintendo's marketing often features sizzle reels, those familiar Mario and Luigi costumes with enormous feed and heads, and plenty of quirky moments that try to emphasize silly fun. What the company perhaps could to more of is off-the-wall content with the potential to go viral, which makes its latest effort rather refreshing.

Nintendo of America has released a mockumentary (mock documentary, of course!) called Finding Luigi - Legend of Parkour. When we stumbled across this elsewhere an initial assumption was that it was a fan video, but it's a first-party effort. Featuring some athletes from the Parkour world along with some actors and the occasional internet celeb, this traces the story of the enigmatic hero of the Parkour scene — Luigi, aka L-Man.

This is pretty well done, and has accumulated nearly 30,000 views in around two days. Check it out and let us know what you think.