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Weirdness: Mario Bros. Parkour Action Is All The Rage

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Christian Russell and Ronnie Shalvis show-off some skillz, erm, skills

At the weekend we brought you Nintendo of America's latest example of marketing for Luigi, with it's Parkour mockumentary in honour of "L-Man". Freerunning fun is naturally pretty popular on YouTube, and the relatively well-known Christian Russell and Ronnie Shalvis have starred in an extravaganza while dressed up as the Mario Bros.

There's an impressive array of moves, and nice touches to commemorate some of the most recent titles featuring the mascots. Expect to see blocks, fireballs, coins and the occasional enemy cameo, as both stuntmen also face that awkward challenge — keeping a hat on while doing a flip.

Comments about hats aside, this is pretty entertaining stuff, so check it out below.

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Peach64 said:

That's fantastic! Not only are the free runners extremely skilled, but whoever's behind the camera knows what they're doing too.



Auracle said:

Now that was a lot of fun to watch. The special effects complimented the stunts so nicely. The main theme remixes playing in chronological order as the video progressed was an excellent touch, too.



Stark_Nebula said:

I enjoyed this more than the NOA video. I find it pretty cool and I'm glad they made it. Also, HATS GALORE!



Gioku said:

It would be awesome if they made a Mario game in this style... just think about it: realistic-looking Mario in a realistic-looking place, with ? blocks and coins and things like that thrown around... And give Mario some sweet parkour moves... it would be awesome, and take good advantage of the Wii U's graphics capabilities!



marioman said:

y'know if they have enough budget for cheesy special effects, how don't they have enough for a roll of duct tape to keep their hats on their heads



6ch6ris6 said:

cool but that is not parkour.

when you do unnessecary backflips and stuff like that it is freerunning. not parkour.



SanderEvers said:

@Gioku Mario in a too realistic environment really throws of the imagination off the Mario World. Like those Mario & Sonic at the Olympic games do. Even if the game is awesome, it will hurt the series core. Even if it's a spin-off.

Like a Zelda game in space. Or a Metroid game on Earth. Or an F-Zero in the Mario universe. Nintendo has these different IPs to fill different genres, mixing them would be bad. If Nintendo made a more realistic title, they would make a new IP to do so.



ULTRA-64 said:

@6ch6ris6 good call man, wouldn't expect anyone on this site to know that =)
I have two passions, parkour and Nintendo. As you can imagine I'm absolutely over the moon with all these virals!!!



BrightBeing said:

There were so many hats flying, you'd think it was a graduation! But great video with great editing and great execution.



the_beaver said:

Wow, that is amazing! I'd love to be able to do those things too, but I think I'm pretty old now to even try XD. And yeah, they are always dropping their hats, but it's normal, doing so many somersaults! But must be said that it would be outstanding if they were able to recover their hats in the air and put them on again when landing XD



Ren said:

yes, it's almost sad that this is SO much better than the official one. Buy this one, Nintendo, this is how to make a 'viral' video. It still has to be shot well; this one is awesome.

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