Most gamers will have a favourite spot from which they like to play games, whether it's a chair, bed or hanging upside down from the ceiling — that last one may just be for Batman fans. In any case some handicraft enthusiasts create their own gaming seats, with some impressive examples.

One such gamer is DeviantArt user tavington, who's produced an enormous pillow shaped like a Nintendo 64 controller. Here's what she had to say about the creation on its page.

I wanted to make a pillow for myself, as I’ve sold all of the other ones I’ve made I wanted to push the boundaries and make something gigantic!

The N64 was the first console that introduced me to the Zelda games, so it means a lot to me. I also loved its unique shape and the controller overall was one of the best I’ve ever played on (analog stick ftw)

This is my new gaming pillow, I’ll be using it whilst slouching around playing Animal Crossing.

It looks pretty comfortable for a bit of gaming, especially of the retro variety.