The Football Manager franchise is like a dark secret for some gamers, an absorbing game that destroys social lives and relationships on an annual basis. There's little time for minor things such as meals and fresh air when you need to fine-tune the training regimen of your star striker. Although, of course, Animal Crossing: New Leaf has similar powers of dominating our time.

Now, in a slightly terrifying coming together of the two, you can show your allegiance and love of Football Manager by wearing a rather fashionable t-shirt in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Draw the curtains, get the local take-away on speed dial, you may never go outside again.

The Football Manager team has designed the t-shirt, pictured above, and distributed the QR code below. All you need to do is scan the code at Sable's sewing machine; you could also, in theory, use the design for wallpapers and other shenanigans. Enjoy!