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Wakedas Puzzling Its Way to the 3DS eShop on 22nd August

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

"A contemplative and thoughtful shape shifting puzzle game"

Since Nintendo raised eyebrows with the original DS, we've never lacked for puzzle games. They keep on coming, and in a lot of cases are compelling brain-teasers, perfect for reminding working out the old grey matter.

CIRCLE Entertainment, which has been a particularly active publisher on DSiWare and the 3DS eShop, is teaming up with developer FK Digital (Witch & Hero) to bring us Wakedas, a title that tasks you with matching up coloured blocks. The official marketing spiel promises 300 unique puzzles and a thoughtful puzzle experience, all with simple stylus controls.

It arrives in North America on 22nd August — no confirmed European date yet — and you can check out a trailer below. Has this piqued your interest?

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Barbiegurl777 said:

I like puzzle games. But nintendo is wearing the puzzle genre out. We keep getting more & more puzzle games. I'm to the point I'm almost sick of looking at puzzle games in the e-shop even though I do like the genre & do occasionally play puzzles games.

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



paburrows said:

I haven't seen puzzle games for a long time so this might be a fun change of things.



sinalefa said:

Color puzzles always make me wary because I am color blind. All of these games should include a color blind mode, like Peggle or Groovin' Blocks.



accc said:

@tripunktoj I was just about to say that! Zengage is my current adiction. It makes my brain hurt so bad and yet at the same time it feels so good!



rosemo said:

I finished all the puzzles in Zengage a few years ago. It's available right now for $5.

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