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Video: UK Launch Trailer For The Wonderful 101 Sets the Scene

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

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With The Wonderful 101 just over a week away from release in Europe, Nintendo UK has unleashed its launch trailer for the high-energy action title. It introduces the main characters and shows plenty of footage of their various abilities in action, all with the game's sweeping orchestral track in the background.

According to the tweet below, meanwhile, Director Hideki Kamiya isn't a fan, but it's sometimes hard to tell the subversive jokes apart from serious comments with the famous designer's tweets, so let's just stick a question mark on this one.

In any case, we think it hits its marks and shows much of what should make the game appealing to its audience. Check it out and let us know what you think below.

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AMR said:

If the final game is as awesome as the demo is (which I'm sure it will be) then I'll be playing this for a LOOOOOONG time! PRE-ORDERED my copy today! Can't wait



hiptanaka said:

Very strange choice to not include the logo in the trailer. It looks amazing and it's great for recognition. It's not even clear what the game's title is from this.



Judgedean said:

I'll wait for the reviews but loved the demo (once I got used to the controls).



CAM290 said:

Sooo how is the Wii U lacking in graphic power? This game looks gorgeous!



DePapier said:

I understand Kamiya-san, though it does make sense that they had to scrap voice acting for the European trailer, if this is to be used in European countries and in all our different languages — but it completely kills hype.

All in all, it's better than nothing.



ricklongo said:

Lack of voice acting really hurts the trailer. It lacks some sort of "oomph" factor this way.

Still, the game is looking amazing as ever. Can't wait for this to hit the Americas.



DePapier said:

Actually, with Platinum hyping the game to "hardcores" and Nintendo (of UK here) doing so for "casuals," it can prove to be a good combo.



rjejr said:

@DePapier @ricklongo - Agree about the lack of voice acting, it's what sold me more than anything from the original 7 minute trailer. I was amazed that there was not only voice acting but an entire story about a boy being involved and the history between "Red" and the villain.

Though in retrospect you two are probably talking about the cool voice-over guy and not the actual in-game voices but I miss both. Could see how the multiple languages in the EU could be a problem though. That and shrinking a 7 minute trailer to 90 seconds.

I wish this game well, but I still don't see how a new 3rd party (maybe it's 2nd party?) brand new IP is going to sell well on the Wii U. At least it has little competition when it releases, but what about this holiday against Sonic and Mario and Mario and Sonic and WW HD?

Oh yeah, trailer needs the W101 slide. That would make a great t-shirt.



ex-sight said:

Played demo - very interesting title. Fast and deep combat system. Great replayability to get Platinum. Can't wait.



sinalefa said:


This one should focus on 5 person multiplayer, something that only Rayman and maybe Mario would have. Or appeal to the superhero theme. Again, that extensive voice acting is another big selling point. And the story. There are tons of things to set this one apart.

I really hope that as these holiday games near release, Nintendo starts advertising them more, and that they support this one as much as their first party games.



rjejr said:

@sinalefa - "This one should focus on 5 person multiplayer,"

But how many people own 4 Classic Pro or Wii U Pro controllers? I've owned a Wii for 6 years and I don't own a single one.



sinalefa said:


I own a normal classic controller (awesome for VC games, I actually got it because of Tatsunoko and Monster Hunter), not sure if those work too. Still I get your point. I guess it would be a case of "We will play at home, bring your own controller" scenario.



BossBattles said:

Game of the year for me. Also, Wii U visuals are amazing. Pikmin 3 looks like nothing else on the market, but will Nintendo get credit for it?




andrea987 said:

Loving the demo. Still don't know what's going on most of the time, but loving it. Will get it for sure.

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