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Video: This Piano Medley of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Pokémon and Mario Soothes the Soul

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Because game music and pianos are cool

The idea of someone filming themselves playing video game music on an old — and rather out-of-tune — piano may not be overly-exciting on paper, but it's oddly wonderful. We post various videos of game music, animation and live-action fan creations, and the latest to catch our attention has a rather understated but simple charm.

This isn't a musician unknown to the world, however, as Kyle Landry has uploaded nearly 500 piano instrumentals to YouTube, accumulating a little under 200,000 subscribers in that time. He's done plenty of video game compositions, too, so he's hardly treading new ground.

And yet his choice of an ageing piano, rather than a snazzy electronic variant, works rather well for this medley. Check it out below and see if you agree.

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Zup said:

I love listening to Kyle Landry. He is the most amazing piano player that I've ever heard. Unfortunately, I'm on vacation in America now and so my only access to the internet is through my 3DS, so I havn't been able to watch as yet. Soon, though, soon.



Zup said:

@yoshisaredragon he does quite a lot of kingdom hearts music, probably even more than his Zelda music, so if you follow him, you would be quite surprised not to hear any KH music.



Stuffgamer1 said:

I saw Dearly Beloved coming while he was still doing the OoT bit...they just flow so perfectly!



Emaan said:

Very interesting to see Kingdom Hearts added to the mix of Nintendo titles for the medley. Dearly Beloved is wonderful as always. This sounds so beautiful <3

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