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Video: The Wii U Difference Campaign Explores Entertainment

Posted by Andy Green

Rufus Hound gets the popcorn

Earlier this month Nintendo UK employed the services of British comedian Rufus Hound to explain the "Wii U Difference" where he went through the various features of the GamePad, which was lovingly described as "the Wii U's wingman".

A couple of weeks later Nintendo released the Hound once more. This time he informed the masses about the eShop sandwich, which was made up of main retail titles (the bread), indie eShop titles (the butter) and Virtual Console classics (the filling). Sounds tasty to be fair.

Well, he's back and this time he's talking people through the entertainment aspects of the Wii U, which include watching YouTube videos and movies through Netflix and LoveFilm all "from the comfort of your own GamePad".

He mentions hot dinners and cake this time round. Do Nintendo feed him? We sure do hope so.

Check out the new educational video below and let us know your thoughts in the comment section. Just don't say hi to him at the start, you'll only encourage him.

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moomoo said:

Wouldn't the Xbox One completely outclass the Wii U in every regard when it comes to what this is advertising?
Also, that was really creepy...



taffy said:

and yet still no bbc iplayer, itv player, 4 on demand, demand 5.... good job!!!



yuwarite said:

The YouTube app play videos with a low frame rate. They shouldn't even be advertising it, as it's broken.



GuSolarFlare said:

Creepy!!!!! looks like one of those new kid's TV shows that I don't understand....
plus have they forgotten that the XBone had a downfall even before launch(it hasn't launched yet too...) because of the focus on entertainment instead of gaming
P.P.S. VeEeEeEeEeRy CrEePy



nik1470 said:

that is genuinely the first feature i show visiters to my house when i'm convincing them to upgrade their wii.



soundcircus said:

Oh Nintendo how very lame you've become.

British comedian Rufus Hound... Never heard of him.

Wow so one can watch you tube, netflicks blah blah blah on the game tablet/giant remote/future doorstop... What an amazing sales gimmick [yawn]

The Wii U is poopoo... Infact Nintendo has turned poopoo. Just look at the latest joke... the 2DS.

With the Wii U's lack of quality first and third party games. A stupid gamepad that most, if not all third party developers don't want to touch. Outdated hardware that developers don't want to touch. Software tied to the console instead of being account based like Apple, Sony, Microsoft etc etc etc etc etc. The list goes on.

I was an N fan, but I've come to realise that if Nintendo released a plank of wood with a big N on it, Nintendo fans would still buy it.
I'm sick of the childish crap... Bring on the PS4!



Fingeldor said:

@coalmoore I think I would be disappointed with a plank of wood with a big N on it. Love my 3DS, love my Wii U and will probably buy a 2DS for my daughter who is really wanting to play Animal Crossing with me.



TCJester said:

I'd love a Taylor Swift ad. A generic one too, her, family and friends with her in it playing games and showing what it can do. It couldn't be worse than the above.



Veloster said:

How to ruin the credibility of Nintendo, the Wii U and British comedians? Post that video.



Ailingforale said:

Honestly I really liked that commercial... That is a huge selling point for some people. Maybe it doesn't rock your boat, but some people may see this and the fact that they can play Nintendo games on it as well and be totally convinced.



SCAR said:

You can technically control your A/V reciever for sound volume, as well.
I have my HDTV hooked up to a reciever. Both support ARC(audio return channel), so when I tell my HDTV to up the volume via the GamePad, the receiver turns up.

Most HDTVs are ARC compatible. When I turn on/off my TV, the sound receiver turns on/off with it.



Jukilum said:

Is this as creepy as I think it is or is this just another American-European cultural divide thing?



Relias said:

WTF did I just watch?? Is the guy trying to be funny.. or scare the pokepoo outta me?? Especially with that smile at the end... be afraid.. be very afraid..



jdarrell said:

The ad makes it look like it doesn't have anything more than a netflix app and web browser. Fail.



soundcircus said:


Yes I'm thinking it's looking pretty good.
Been a huge Nintendo fan for the past twenty years or so. But lately they have so lost it. Shame... But yeah I'm Mr angry on this one. Had enough of Nintendo, that's about it really.



soundcircus said:

Actually I was a 'Nintendo Fanboy' ... For the last twenty years or so.
I did own a PS3 at some point, but soon sold it.
I'm not liking Nintendo's direction as of the past few years... So yeah time to move on. Just venting my disappointment here with this latest silly ad.

But if the Wii U goes down in price which it is meant to do in the next few months or so, and they get their act together... who knows.



Shambo said:

@yuwarite just open the web browser and go to youtube. It's better, and it's capable of running without closing games or other software.



bezerker99 said:

You know, these videos ARE informative. Despite me not knowing this guy or the British humor, I am starting to like these campaigns more and more. I hope they are effective for Nintendo.



OorWullie said:

@coalmoore I wouldn't say that,I'm originally from the UK and I find this guy about as funny as a boot in the stones and I can be sure all my mates and family back home would say the same,well the 1's with stones anyway.I'm sure you have your own 'comedians' that are just as bad! If I didn't know any better,this guy alone would put me off buying 1!



soundcircus said:

Huh? I am from the UK... I find this guy not funny. I find him stupid and annoying. And yeah he has put me off even more so from buying a Wii U.
I relied to the cultural comment, as someone from the US said they find it creepy and didn't get it and asked if it's an American-European cultural divide thing. And I replied that yes it is an American-British cultural divide thing.
Having an American wife, and knowing the USA quite well, this kinda 'comedy' is not the norm.

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