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Video: The Pokémon Game Show Sure Looks Like Fun

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

There are some awesome outfits on the scene

In a number of recent articles we've highlighted the fact that, while Pokémon is hugely popular in the West, its appeal is on a whole different level in Japan. With dedicated stores, films, TV series and more, the brand means big bucks and has already sparked some serious pre-order sales of Pokémon X & Y.

Over the past weekend the scale of the franchises' popularity in the region was further emphasized by the Pokémon Game Show in Tokyo, a free event that attracted plenty of gamers — of all ages — to join in the fun this past weekend. The fact there was a demo of X & Y undoubtedly helped, but the likes of Pokémon Tretta, card games and Pokémon Rumble U — known as Scramble U in Japan — were also playable. With tournaments also adding a bit of a competitive flavour and some impressive outfits on display, this looked like a heavenly event for 'mon fans.

The Pokémon Company has released a couple of videos for people to see the festivities that were enjoyed. They're very similar, but certainly worth a watch; wish you were there?

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idork99 said:

To 'mon, or not to 'mon? That is the question...I'll be asking myself come October.

(am I the only person on this site who's yet to experience a Pokémon game?)



Morpheel said:

I saw Imakuni (was that his name?) from the GB TCG game in there too.



FiveDigitLP said:

"(am I the only person on this site who's yet to experience a Pokémon game?)"
Probably. And what is wrong with you??

Anyway, now is as good a time as any to give one a try. I started on the second gen, but didn't ardently play the games until I bought Pokemon Black. Now I'm pretty excited about the sixth generation!



Gioku said:

I wish I could've been there... it looked like a lot of fun! I would've went beside the fact I don't understand a word of Japanese! It's just that awesome!



Firebird360 said:

@idork99 x and y will be the first pokemon game I've ever played. I never had any interest in them until I got my 3ds and downloaded the free version of pokedex from the eshop, I got completely hooked on collecting pokemon.



DarkKirby said:

In Japan (and quite a few other countries) sex in media okay but ultra violence is not (or at least, considered less acceptable, sometimes it's still there), which is the opposite of the U.S. where as Futurama put it...

"Ladies and gentlemen! I am so sorry for allowing this lurid sex act to taint an otherwise delightful day of family friendly violence."

Even then, kids in Japan are far less sheltered and often shows targeted at kids deal with much more serious content.



rjejr said:

FYI - GS (they of the 2 yr old vintage games) has a free Zekrom or Kyurem figure when you buy Pokemon Rumble U in store. Not a pre-order, 1st come 1st serve deal.

Pokemon Rumble U will be my first Pokemon game. Not b/c of the toys, b/c of the multiplayer.

Those aren't booth babes. No cleavage or midrifts. Jessie wears less in the cartoon. All the girls wear less. I miss Brock.



duffmmann said:


Wow, a pointless app got you hooked on the idea of collecting pokemon... yeah, something tells me you're going to LOVE Pokemon X and Y. In a lot of ways I envy you for never experiencing the series until this upcoming milestone. For while I skipped Generations 3 and 5, I got Red when it first came out and was hooked (and that was on the old 8 bit black and white GB graphics), and I watched the series evolve. And while each new generation improved and added great new features to the formula, no generation has made as massive of leap for the franchise as X and Y clearly will. So for you to start on this generation has got to be amazing. I mean I'm more excited for this generation than anyone before, and I've played the games. The only drawback to it all would be the fact that you might not have a full appreciation for the 5 generations leading up to it.

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