Monster Hunter 4 arrives in Japan on 14th September, which is just over two weeks from now. There are franchise fans in PAL regions and North America that would, we suspect, offer up all-manner of sacrifices for the same deal. As it is, there's been no word on localisation, with Capcom's most recent statements declaring that the title is set to remain a 3DS exclusive in the near future a positive from Nintendo's perspective, and if sales go through the roof in Japan we'll hopefully see the title come West eventually. Is 2014 too much to ask?

In any case, it's looked like an impressive entry in the series in recent months, with new reveals doing much to encourage hope. Capcom has now unleashed the opening cinematic on the world, a CG affair that typically sets the tone for the kinds of monsters that will be prominent in each entry. We see the new Insect Staff in action, as well as the Felyne partners doing their best to help, while the rather scary Goa Magara makes a dramatic appearance.

Big monsters, action and epic music are all present and correct. Check it out below and, if you live in Japan, please don't gloat too much.