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Video: DuckTales: Remastered Celebrates Launch With a "Moon Postcard"

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

It's THAT level

DuckTales: Remastered is released today on the Wii U eShop in North America, and arrives in Europe on 15th August. Eagerly anticipated since launch, particularly by those with fond memories of the NES original, its arrival is sure to put Nintendo's servers under a little strain.

It's a treasured NES title not just for its gameplay, but also for its settings, music and overall presentation. Somewhat appropriately in time for its new launch Capcom has released the latest in its "postcard" series of videos, this time from the Moon stage. This is certainly one of the most talked-about parts of the game, with this trailer serving up just over 60 seconds of delicious footage to enjoy.

We'll be bringing you our review soon, but until then check out the video and let us know whether you'll be picking up the mantel as Scrooge McDuck again this week.

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ricklongo said:

I moved recently and have been having trouble with my internet provider. Which means, sadly, I won't be able to download this day one as I intended.

But hey, look at the bright side: I can still play my games, since I own a Wii U and not a pre-180 XBox One.



sleepinglion said:

Nabbed it at 12:01pm =)
It's a blast. Quick question... are any other players having audio glitches when the characters speak? It's like a popping sound. Other than that, beautiful!



allav866 said:

@nomeacuerdo Funny story: I didn't even think to use the Pro controller, but I tried the Wii remote sideways like I would for an NES VC title. Didn't work.



Splat said:

Don't have a Wii U going to get it on PS3 later today. Can't wait...



FullbringIchigo said:

Duck Tails NES remake

do you even need to ask if i'm getting it, i loved that show as a kid and i loved the game too (in fact i think i still have the NES original somewhere)



ikki5 said:

LOL, gamespot gave it a 4.5...... IGN 7.0...... I think someone had a bad time with ducktales when they were little



bezerker99 said:

Wait, this game is out today? I thought it was coming Thursday like normal eShop releases.



Nico07 said:

Will be downloading this after work. I almost grabbed the PS Plus version last night for $12, but decided to wait. Why doesn't Nintendo release titles like this at midnight to relieve some stain on servers?



Tender_Cutlet said:

Think I play through my NES cart until our thursday EU release. Then decide I already own the definitive version.



Zach777 said:

Downloaded and fighting the evil girl duck on the Transylvania level... So much childhood nostalgia... 95/100!!!!!!!

EDIT- her name is Magica.



sinalefa said:

Getting this as soon as I get home. The Moon level looks amazing, although I thought the giant rat would be bigger, after seeing the screen filling Yeti.

Anyway, nice to see they included Fenton. Blathering Blatherskite!



WhiteTrashGuy said:

Tried to get it at midnight; wishfull thinking. Will get it after my Math and Geology finals! My kids are gonna love it!



arrmixer said:

Well I'm definitely using my eshop promo $$ on this one!!

I loved the original..



element187 said:

This game has strong nostaglia for me.... But I don't want to buy something I will only play for a few hours.... I'll try to hold off until I get sick of Pikmin 3 (which I don't think I can, I'm loving the mission mode right now)



hendie001 said:

I hope they remaster DT 2. I know not too many gamers have tried it but its just as good. I would also like to see DT for gameboy on the 3ds.



unrandomsam said:

@Legromancer Yep absolutely awful. All the interesting jumping bits are made so you cannot die as well. The bosses are all loads easier. (To the point of being completely uninteresting). The cutscenes spoil the flow. All in all it has none of the things that make the original good.



unrandomsam said:

@Capt_Charlie I think you will be right. This is massively disappointing. (Contra 4 and Mighty Switch Force the controls are absolutely spot on so it is obvious they can do it).



MegaManEP3 said:

I'll be downloading this as soon as I get home today. I was going back and forth between downloading on the PS3 or WiiU but seeing as how I will be playing my WiiU and future PS4 going (way)forward, the WiiU seems like the logical choice.



ToxieDogg said:

Really not sure why some reviewers are complaining about the 'pogo stick' being slightly simplified, in that you only have to press a button, instead of down on the d-pad and a button.

Capcom themselves already simplified it to a single button press in Duck Tales 2 on the NES years ago



StraTTtheRipper said:

I really wanted to get this on this on my Wii U, since it was originally on a Nintendo system, until I found out they are releasing a disc version for PS3.



SphericalCrusher said:

Soo ready to play this. My wife is hogging the TV and the livingroom is very noisy atm. Once it settles down, I will go in there and download. For now, hiding out in the bedroom playing Shin Megami 4 while watching Attack on Titan. DuckTales Remastered just looks like it's going to be a retro trip for me — LOVED the original.



Splat said:

I have been playing it for the last hour or so and I think it's freaking great! It's everything I loved about the original and then some.



hcfwesker said:

Game has froze on me twice JUST when viewing the Laeaderboards (havent even played the game yet) and had to unplug the WiiU ac adapter just to reset. Haven't had this happen since the launch days on nintendo Land Hope this isn't going to be a normal thing for my system and this game, DT is one of my top 5 fave NES games amd been looking forward to this since day 1 it was announced.



StraTTtheRipper said:

@PopeReal You're right, I should have paid more attention to the case...looks like I'll be getting this on Wii U after all. Thanks for the heads up, I almost waited an extra week for nothing!



sinalefa said:

I got it around an hour and a half ago, beat the Moon and the African Mines. Not a single issue with the pogo jump.

Truly an amazing game, specially if you are into Ducktales, the game and/or the series. They even mention Carl Barks and Don Rosa in the credits.



PopeReal said:

it just froze for me as well on the leaderboards, hopefully they clean that up soon



Sabrewing said:

I've had it crash twice when it went to load the hub area — first after leaving the gallery (accompanied by loud buzzing), the second after I lost all my lives in the Amazon (silent).



SilentHunter382 said:

I can't wait for it to be released. I know its out on steam and I could get it now but I can wait one more day to play it on a Nintendo system.



mightyneek said:

@hcfwesker I created an account and logged in just to say "You are not alone". I had this issue myself. When I would flip through the leaderboards... BOOM! Froze. However, I was able just to push and hold the power button on my Wii U.

Fear not, this was AFTER I played 45 minutes of the regular game! Not one freeze! I was actually done for the night and before quitting just checking out the other menus.



banacheck said:

Just been playing some of it now & haven't come across any problems, but i'm playing on the PS3 version. Am also buying it for my Wii U, especially as it has Pro controls, & i want support my Wii U. It's an excellent game, is this on the EU eShop now? if not when thanks for replys.



SphericalCrusher said:

@Capt_Charlie Oh, I am well aware of that... but the Gamepad has limits on how far it can go, preventing me from taking it to the bedroom. And even with headphones, it was too noisy. =P

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