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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Japanese Box Art Revealed

Posted by Darren Calvert

Looking good, Link

Nintendo of Japan has recently revealed some fresh artwork for the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD on Wii U, along with the official box art. We have to say it’s all very pretty and makes the Nintendo Life team even keener to get its grubby mitts on the final hi-def game.

Lucky Japanese gamers will be able to play Wind Waker HD on 26th September, while Zelda fans in other parts of the world will have to wait until sometime in October to reunite the Triforce.

Have a gander at the artwork and box art below and let us know if it makes you tingle.


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SpinelessOyster said:

Looks good. I hope its the one we get here in NA. Its also nice to seem theyre not using the same GC artwork.



Whopper744 said:

Very nice!! And I have to agree with the comments above me. For some reason the US like's everyone on the boxes looking angry or in a post apocalyptic world. I would prefer this box myself. (I'm from the US so I can say that. Ha)



supermage65 said:

Looks great!

I never got a chance to play the original on the Gamecube so I'm really looking forward to this



QBertFarnsworth said:

@Warruz Why not go all out and show exactly where Link jams the Master Sword on the North American cover? That should be action-oriented enough for the blood-thirsty American crowd.



jrob23 said:

will definitely have to buy the retail version for that box. very nice. I have a feeling the in box bundle will be a download code or something though



AcesHigh said:

This is actually one of the 3 posters offered to Club Nintendo (America) Platinum members. I would imagine the cover won't change for North America. Covers don't always change from region to region.



MegaManEP3 said:

I really like this box art, and I hope they keep it the same for the US. Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, WWHD, Rayman Legends, Mario 3D World, Duck Tales, Sonic, Donkey Kong...the last half of this year is going to be fantasic!



QBertFarnsworth said:

@AcesHigh I'm not saying there is anything wrong with blood thirstiness. I do think American gamers tend to dismiss a game's quality based on its visuals.

What's one of the common things the online gaming community says about Nintendo? "I outgrew Nintendo." As if you can outgrow some balls-to-the-wall challenging gameplay like that found in the green star levels on Mario Galaxy 2. I think a lot of people dismissed Wind Waker the first time because of the cartoonish graphics, yet it had one of the most violent endings of a Zelda game. Alluding to that ending ought to satisfy those who would dismiss this game based on its appearance. I like the cover above, but I'd be willing to bet the Wind Waker itself is replaced with a sword when it comes over here.



ranger said:

this looks familiar... wasnt this the booklet cover when it came out on the gamecube



AcesHigh said:

@QBertFarnsworth Honestly dude, it's the same everywhere. The stereo-type doesn't hold up just for American gamers. I have traveled a LOT for my business and have noticed that gamers are just as bloodthirsty and foul-mouthed in most parts of the world. As a matter of fact, I've never gone to a concert here in the States and witnessed 3 separate fist fights on a single train ride to the venue like I did in the UK - my first show there. People are just as bloodthirsty. International audiences gobble up Hollywood as much as we do. Games are no different.



AcesHigh said:

@QBertFarnsworth Besides, people are "outgrowing" Nintendo everywhere, aren't they? As a matter of fact, I believe Wii U sales are proportionately lower in the UK than the States?



Kirk said:

Looks great.

They should just use this for all the territories.

No need to waste money and resources making different versions for different countries.



QBertFarnsworth said:

@AcesHigh Wii U sales aren't low because the content isn't violent enough, the problem is there is no content. The 3DS offers the same type of Nintendo-brand content, and that's moving just fine.



Marshi said:

The european game will probably be something in gold,the last 4 games were. Although it wouldnt surprise me if we get the bum deal and its just the original gamecube boxart in a horrible boxout with a massive "hd collection" slogan plastered over it!



AcesHigh said:

It's a combination of factors. Not just lack of games. People love to pinpoint the slow sales on just that one thing but it's not that simple. It's a combination of things.

But I think you need to back up the "outgrowing Nintendo" comment as something that is unique to North America because that's a pretty general comment that I've heard in other parts of the world personally. Even in seemingly peaceful India they're gobbling up their PS4 shooters over Nintendo's more placid game themes. I was there for 7 months and gamed with several co-workers.

At the end of the day, they've already made that poster available to Platinum Club NOA members. Wand and everything. So they seem to think it's good enough for that. The Windwaker is a key component to the game and Link holding it is the centerpiece to the poster. It's the main concept of the game. If it were 1989 and we were talking about Capcom, yeah, I could see them changing it to a sword. But I give NOA a much bigger vote of confidence in understanding what really needs to be changed for this market. I don't see it changing. Besides, unless that image was made in Photoshop and layered (I think that's form the original Gamecube manual or other materials actually) it would be hard to change it to a sword without having to change everything else around it. If they are going to change anything, they'd probably change the entire image before they'd change the Windwaker to a sword.



AcesHigh said:

@Kirk I agree. It's a wonderful work of art and fits Nintendo's family adventure sensibilities. I don't see anything they really need to change



sinalefa said:

Needs more Tingle!! Are you sure this is the Japanese cover? Wasn't the US the ones who could not stand Tingle? Look at the original drawing. They actually DELETED Tingle, who should be visible had the drawing been the same. They also deleted the fairy and grandma.

Even then, it looks really colorful and appealing. I don't see them changing it. If you are "kiddie" enough to play a shiny, cartoony Zelda, then you should not have any problem with the cover. Let the dumb ones who judge games by their cover (or graphics) to worry about that.



OrangeSmoothie said:

Ooohhhh pretty...

But really, if they were gonna change it for NA like some of you are suggesting, put more emphasis on the pirates. People are excited for the new AC cause I has pirates, and so does this game, so why not make them even more notable?



xKing_Koopahx said:

(eyes watery) awwwwwww yiissssssss!!! I can't believe how many memories this game is entwined with in my life!! Its going to be soo gergous playing this Game I've always wished of playing this game on HD.. And almost got a emu for it. But that's just upscaling.. Having it remasterd.. .. Man.



Torchwood said:

Usually in the US the Zelda box art is some simple artwork of Link superimposed against a solid color background, so I could see the same happening for this. Just compare the US and Japan box arts for OoT3D and SS!



rmeyer said:

The only thing bad is the "hd" label. Putting hd was the iPhone 4 thing 3 years ago, so it feels old to put that in front, just let the hd be assumed.



Pachterkid said:

That's some nice box art. I was always a fan of that particular image/poster when the game originally came out.



Nictendo64 said:

I hope that if we get a different cover that they put this on the reverse side. Like they did for the Pikmin and some GC classics for the wii.



tanookisuit said:

Saved that blown up super sized full art image as it's a beauty(I rarely do that), so thanks



Dark_Link said:

That is a really cool looking cover! Ganondorf looks awesome as a shadow in the background



KAHN said:

honestly, i think it looks hideous. compare it to the original's artwork.
the original artwork screams adventure and pirates! this new version feels glossy and for rich kids. i hate this. imho.



triforcepower73 said:

@KAHN Well as my 8th grade science teacher once said, "Opinions are like armpits. Everyone has them and sometimes they stink!" Yours happens to be one that stinks, imo. But who knows, maybe I'm the one with an opinion that stinks.



KAHN said:

i say what i do because i truly believe WindWaker is the most adventurous game in the series. the original cover-art is sketchy and looks like it was drawn on parchment. it captures the atmosphere of the game without even playing it. it says, "this game has pirates, magic, adventure and fun!" this new version looks glossy, bright, and shiny, without capturing anything that makes the game special. i honestly think it makes the game look worse, then again i seem to be the only person that thinks this, so maybe i'm in the wrong.



sinalefa said:


Ironically, the new one actually has MORE pirates than the old one. The ship to the right has a crew.

But both need more Tingle, that is for sure.



Emaan said:

It's so beautiful

I hope the North American version keeps this design~



triforcepower73 said:

@KAHN Well just look it at it. Don't compare it to the original's artwork, just look at it by itself. See? It doesn't look hideous.



Gold_Ranger said:




Samurai_Goroh said:

@Kaine_Morrison I don't think that's a major spoiler. I've never played Wind Waker but kinda expected Ganondorf to be on it. He's the major antagonist of the series, apart from a few exceptions like Vaati and Bellum. If Vaati was in the game, now that would surprise me, I like Vaati as a villain in The Minish Cap. He needs to appear on a new Zelda U. The world needs more Vaati, the Wind Mage!



KAHN said:

i think the game puts itself in the position to be compared to the original, being that it is a remake AND how it's updated the game's original artwork. but i think now i'm in a bad position to argue, so i'm going to leave it at this; although very nice, i do not think it is nearly as good as the original artwork, imho



triforcepower73 said:

@KAHN Ok. I'm glad that you said it was nice. I was thrown off when your original comment stated that it looks "hideous", which in fact it does not.



WindWakerLink said:

" basically the Japan's box art for WW HD is the platinum poster reward for club nintendo. I don't know how I should feel about that..."



Henmii said:

I guess the American/European box will be a lot different! As somebody already mentioned, Link may get some angry eyes! And maybe a different stance too! While the artwork is awesome, Link does look very girly in that stance! Too girly for western people!



LtAldoRaine said:

I love it. I always thought the GC version boxart for the US was pretty bland,I hope they use this one.



B3ND3R said:

Really hoping this is the same box art we see in NA... Heck, I hope this is the same box art we all see everywhere! This is art.



FritzFrapp said:

European retailers have now been given the box art – it's the same as the Japanese: Untitled

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