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The Chrono Trigger Symphony: Volume 1 Arrives on 22nd August

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Blake Robinson's Synthetic Orchestra returns

You may be quite familiar with the name Blake Robinson by now, especially if you're a fan of video game music. Using software and tools that he's meticulously developed, Robinson produces orchestrations of iconic video game soundtracks that, arguably, take the source music to another level. He's produced plenty of free material, but also licensed albums for Super Metroid and Banjo-Kazooie.

Robinson has once again obtained the relevant licensing through JoyPad Records and is working on possibly his most substantial project yet, which will incorporate the music from iconic Super NES title Chrono Trigger. Due to the volume of content this will be split into multiple releases, with Robinson saying the following:

CHRONO TRIGGER SYMPHONY focuses The Synthetic Orchestra's efforts on recreating and remastering the soundtrack to Square Enix's classic video game from the Chrono series. Spanning several volumes, the project re-orchestrates all your favourite music from the game while remaining faithful to the originals. As each volume is released, every piece of music from the game will be featured, re-orchestrated by hand - one note at a time.

This first volume will be released on 22nd August and will be available on Loudr and iTunes, with more information on the official Chrono Trigger Symphony website. If you want to learn more about Blake Robinson and his work, meanwhile, you can also check out our interview with the man himself and our Banjo-Kazooie Symphony review.

In the meantime, the trailer below gives a sample of what to expect. Are you interested in picking this up?

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SpookyMeths said:

You know, this is cool, it sounds great, and I may even buy it... but all it did was remind me how sad it makes me that Mitsuda's Chrono Cross arranged album is like 7 years late and counting



Tindre said:

Ahhhh, I want it now!
I got the Metroid one and the Kazooie one he did and I really like them, and Chrono Trigger has a really awesome soundtrack so, aaah <3



Subie98 said:

I stil cant believe a worthy sequel was never made. I could have seen this if they had been square enix back when it was made but they weren't. No excuse.



Bassman_Q said:

This sounds great! Guess I gotta give the Banjo and Metroid re-orchestrates a listen, too, then.



Giygas_95 said:

I just played this game recently for the first time on my 3DS. Great game for sure.



unrandomsam said:

It is a good game. Don't think the Music is that good though. Certainly less memorable.

(At least compared to Final Fantasy VI).

Rather have it using a real orchestra for the orchestral bits.

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