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Sony's Indie Maestro Has Respect And "Deep Love" For Nintendo

Posted by Damien McFerran

Isn't it better when everybody gets along?

Like so many industries, video gaming inspires some rather competitive behaviour at times. We often see top-ranking executives partaking in very public spats in a misguided attempt to make their respective brand look better than its rivals. However, there are a lot of people in the industry which have an tremendous amount of respect for their competitors — and you can add SCEE's Senior Business Development Manager Shahid Kamal Ahmad to that list.

Ahmad is an industry veteran who has been working with Sony for years and is considered by some PlayStation fans to be one of the most important people within the company right now. He's the man behind Sony's incredible push for indie developers, and has secured titles like Hotline Miami, Spelunky, Thomas Was Alone and countless others.

Refreshingly, Ahmad is happy to state his feelings towards his competitors, and had some glowing words of praise for rival Nintendo:

Even if you don't own a Sony system and don't follow the fortunes of the PlayStation range, there's an excellent chance you'll be hearing more of Ahmad in the future. He's spearheading an indie revolution at the moment and is very much Sony's version of Nintendo's Dan Adelman — and the more people there are like that in the industry, the better it's going to be for gamers everywhere.


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DreamOn said:

More love and respect all around is needed in the world and even in the console war community



BestBuck15 said:

Sony always respected Nintendo because in the early days of PS1 they tried to copy Nintendo a bit and your not going to copy something you don't like.



SpookyMeths said:

Can't forget that the only reason PS exists in the first place is because Nintendo shafted Sony in the 90s and let Phillips make those horrible Zelda games instead.



cookiex said:


Sony put a clause in the contract that would've effectively allowed them to retain the licensing to most SNES-CD games and cut Nintendo off most of the revenue. Nintendo countered by entering negotiations with what they percieved to be a more favorable deal with Philips. Of course that deal also fell through, wether or not it was because of the failures of Sega CD/TurboGrafx CD remains unclear.



Marshi said:

Why the holy heck do console wars still exist? Its sad and pathetic to hate something that feeds your hobby



Marshi said:

@cookiex Anyone who feels superior for belittle or insulting others are the dumbest idiots you can think of. They never learn though,arguably its worse now than it was when I was a kid



Rafie said:

Good show! To see something like this speaks volumes. Nintendo is well respected and will continue to be. It's the fanboys/girls that jack up the community!



Shambo said:

A gamer picks a system/systems and remains curious and/or open to play on others.

A silly person picks one system, then spends equal amounts of time bashing all others on the 'interwebz' than they do actually enjoying their system.

I chose Nintendo, own PS2 & 3 for the games, but dislike the PS controller. I will however probably never own a 4 or xbone, because I won't pay for online. Still curious though.



unrandomsam said:

Spelunky is far better than any of the ported or multiplatform indie games on Wii U.

Hotline Miami is great as well.

(Maybe Sony have some form of XNA with Mono or whatever).

The end result always seems better for me with XNA than Unity.



unrandomsam said:

Microsoft spearheaded the indie revolution by making XNA.

Sony should make their own API's.

(So should Nintendo - stop worthless ports).

Unity is mainly used for making phone games that look nice and play awful.



unrandomsam said:

@Maxobiwan They only just got to the point where they could port stuff originally made using all Microsoft's Toolkits without paying anybody (Fairly sure they use Monogame). Could have happened whenever they wanted if they just did the work properly and themselves.

(Sony were quite happy to screw over people who bought the PS3 to mess around programming the cell processor as well. But are quite happy to leech from the same people.)

Microsoft doesn't do that (At least in such a blatant joke of a manner).



Senario said:

@Falco Sony respects Nintendo or any other gaming system? Could've fooled me with their E3 Presentation. Sony has seemingly been able to get their fans riled up and generally unfriendly to anybody who supports another console (even if it is better at the Playstation's job than Playstation cough PC cough). And part of the reason I moved to PC gaming instead of PS and Xbox is that community of gamers is simply not fun to be a part of/talk to. I'm glad Sony's Indie guy is saying something somewhat positive about the competition. There is not enough good will between fans of different things in terms of gaming.



scrubbyscum999 said:

Sony as a whole company is still really nasty though. I think they do it to get their fans all fanboyed up. Saving up for a gaming PC.



Vincent294 said:

He seems good. I heard about VVVVVV & Minecraft coming to the Vita. He seems to be quite smart.



AlternateButtons said:

The only people I hate in Sony are the ones who are arrogant and make remarks like "Welcome to 2006 Nintendo". Stop that bullshalarky. Fighting words like that are what make the game industry kind of toxic. Video games should be a universal thing and gamers should feel free to try out all consoles, even if it might not be their taste.

I have respect for this guy, he seems cool.



banacheck said:

This is where Nintendo fanboys show there true colours, but what would thay know? i could actually post quite a good few Youtube video's of Sony talking respectful of Nintendo, but i'm not going to boost the egoistic fanboy.



TechnoEA said:

Wow it's not like Nintendo hasn't said some pretty arrogant things to its competition as well. All the companies do, it's called competition for a reason.

I wonder if you guys understand and know that most of the jabs they make at each are in good fun. Reggie and Jack make snide remarks about each others systems while praising it, while Kaz and Iwata do the same.

Microsoft, tends to shoot shots at itself and its customers lately.

Hell Kaz is a Legend of Zelda fan and owns a Wii U.



Senario said:

@banacheck So citing the clearly "we are better than you" style E3 presentation and the remarks of PS loyalists as reasons I have less of an opinion about the console as a whole is wrong? I can find many more Sony fans talking down to others than any other group and they do so with loads of misinformation. If I said PC does everything a PS or Xbox does but better that is simply fact. I see nothing so bad that you need to call out anybody. The guy says good things, great! I wish both Sony and third party devs had such a friendly personality. If they did I might have put off a PC till the generation after this new one. Although other factors like online subscriptions for PS+ multiplayer functions and overdone shooters also had something to do with it.




That's interesting as I had an altercation with him on twitter over him re-tweeting an indie dev who was belitting the Nintendo indie gamers and brown-nosing Sony indie gamers to the extreme. (This same dev then started to talk about how his game was metroidvania influenced.) This was over a year ago mind. Still have a tremendous respect for him in the industry (even though we have blocked eachother ha ha )



PS4WiiU said:

@cookiex "Sony put a clause in the contract that would've effectively allowed them to retain the licensing to most SNES-CD games and cut Nintendo off most of the revenue. "

WHAT? SO WHAT? it's not like Sony have put a gun next to Nintendo's CEO head asked them to agree to that contract/deal. Both companies agreed on that, and THEN Nintendo realized their mistake and stabbed Sony in the back. You make Sony a bad guy here wanting to exploit Nintendo (there is nothing wrong with wanting maximum profit), while at the very leased it's Nintendo who was incompetent because they agree to things without realizing long term repercussions.

It's like saying a bank wanted to screw me over but hey I'm the one who signed the agreement without thinking it through.



Quasar said:

@PS4WiiU I can say "SO WHAT" just as easy to Nintendo stabbing Sony in the back. It was generations ago, get over it.



Quasar said:

Would anyone be interested in providing a comparison of the remarks exchanged between companies with regards to frequency and degree of disrespect and/or respect? I'm just curious. Thanks in advance!

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