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Sonic Lost World Deadly Six Edition Announced, Features NiGHTS Into Dreams Content

Posted by Andy Green

Revealed in a UK trailer, other regions yet to be announced

SEGA has revealed a new UK trailer for Sonic Lost World showing off a special edition that contains "exclusive deadlier game content".

There isn't a whole lot of information given as to what will feature in this particular version but it does show off some bosses from NiGHTS Into Dreams.... Gillwing, Puffy and Reala all make an appearance alongside the other deadly six, but it's not known if they are replacing the current mix or adding to them. Either way it's pretty exciting to see these NiGHTS characters included.

Currently, it seems it's only available in the UK for the Wii U version, what with it being in the region's home console trailer. SEGA hasn't said if the extra content will be made available through other means such as DLC and hasn't stated any specific retailers, if there are to be any. It doesn't look to be a pre-order bonus as the trailer states "available to pre-order or while stocks last".

The trailer in question is below. It's largely the same one we saw yesterday, showing multiplayer and Miiverse sharing, but the ending brings in the additional content. Check it out and let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

Thanks to Joey Cummens for the tip!

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ricklongo said:

I'm not sure I like that. If the "deluxe" version of the game is fundamentally different, offering an expanded main quest, then it really rubs me the wrong way. If it's simply extra content in the form of a new gimmicky play mode, for example, then I guess I don't really care. Just leave my main quest alone!



C7_ said:

Can we not separate it into different versions and put everything that was made during development in the main game like it's supposed to be?
I'm all for bonus content, but any gameplay that's made before the game is released (especially if it's available for purchase on launch day) should be sold with the main game.and not as some sort of promotional stunt. This is identical to the issues with Day One DLC only forcing a superior collector's edition instead.



Wildfire said:

Really hope this is coming to other regions! I'd hate to miss on this, since Sonic and the Lost World is my most anticipated Wii U game!
Also I think that this won't interfere with the story but will only change the theme of the boss stages like one of the deadly six that uses a giant ball. That weapon will be replaced by that big singing lady from Nights.



Emblem said:

Sweet, we have a while until launch so i'm sure we will get more details soon. There is also no doubt going to be a Sonic Lost World Direct in the future, hopefully we will get a demo too.



Sonic260 said:

I think you confused Reala with Jackle, because I didn't see Reala anywhere in that trailer.



kevkeepsplaying said:

They never said it was Europe exclusive. There's also the whole thing with SAASRT where it had a special edition and there were millions of those everywhere, I doubt stock will be THAT limited, at least all of the first print will be special edition. I think you guys are overreacting, and frankly, it pushes for people who actually care about it to preorder this, and even pick up a Wii U asap if this is the game they're waiting for.



whatisyourforte said:

I am all for WiiU games getting more content. Seems like SEGA is dedicated to making a beefy game. One question: Do the graphics look fuzzy and/or blurry to anyone else but me? I'm hoping it's just crappy screen-capturing, and this baby screams in HD.



rjejr said:

@CrabGats - I don't think it's a different edition either, just the first print run. If they decided to release it on another console later it probably wouldnt be in that version. Maybe not in a Greatest Hits version either, but I think they'll all be the same at launch.
After watching the video (saw it yesterday so I skipped it before) I think this will only be in the Wii U version, not the 3DS, so thats why its The Deadly Six version as the games will be the same otherwise.



SparkOfSpirit said:

I'm going to be annoyed if it's like the Sonic Generations DLC. Canada never got the preorder bonus, as such we NEVER got to play the DLC because Sega never made it available to the public. Really disappointed with that.

Let everyone play this, Sega!



JaxonH said:

Hmmm, makes no difference to me. Personally, despite the fact I'm a serious collector and almost always prefer limited editions, I think I might actually prefer just the regular edition for Wii U. Idk, this limited edition just doesn't appeal to me. I have both the Wii U and 3DS versions pre ordered- I'd have to get more info on the Deadly Six Edition before considering buying that version.



LuigiIsAwesome said:

Is this going to cost extra? Even though Sonic and Sega's All-Star Racing Transformed Bonus Edition didn't cost extra.



sinalefa said:

If this is an incentive for early adopters, it might be just what I need. I plan to get this one in December along with Mario 3D World.



Onett said:

Looks very promising. This should keep my Wii U happy for awhile.



Henmii said:

Hmmm, so if I just go for the main version I miss out on some cool bosses?! This doesn't feel good!!



cdude said:

It really seems like sega should focus on making a quality sonic game first and then maybe leave the door open for special/ dlc AFTER theyve nailed that.



UnseatingKDawg said:

If this is a DLC of sorts, it better not be a repeat of Sonic Generations' Special Edition. Because if it is, oooooh will we be ticked...



rjejr said:

@CrabGats - There were a bunch of Dreamcast games - Skies of Arcadia, Grandia 2, Crazy Taxi, Jet Grind Radio, Sonic Adventure, et al - that I never imagined on other systems either, but they're almost everywhere now. (Not to the extent of RE4 though.)

I'm no longer fully in the Wii U = Dreamcast camp like I once was (now that I own one), but it could still happen, so I was just covering all my bases.



kevkeepsplaying said:

@rjejr no I mean this game was made under a contract, a partnership between Nintendo and Sega, as in Nintendo is helping to develop this game. It's not the same as what you're thinking.



WiiLovePeace said:

Radical! I was wondering whether to get LoZ: WW HD or Sonic: LW first & was bending further towards LoZ & waiting a long while to get Sonic but if this preorder comes to Australia I'll definitely pick up Sonic first!

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