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Retro City Rampage is Totally Coming to the 3DS eShop

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Will be playable at PAX Prime

Update 2:

Brian Provinciano has now posted an official update to confirm the 3DS release. The target release window is the Holiday season, and below is part of the statement.

The 3DS version is the first that's required significant development work. While all previous versions were nearly pixel-for-pixel identical, the dual screens, lower resolution and less beefy processor meant some things had to go back to the drawing board. Quality's important to me and for it to play well, it wasn't going to be a quick-n-dirty port. It packs all of the same content as the other versions, including the new Retro+ Enhanced Graphics mode, but every mission is being tweaked and adjusted to run best with the zoomed in camera. I'm also still working on the best ways to utilize the bottom screen for both convenience and gameplay. I'm not a fan of flow-breaking minigames, but selecting weapons, scrolling the minimap, or even using the screen for dual-stick style shooting are on my list to explore.

The main game is 2D, just like the other platforms. While just as much as you, I would love to play RCR in 3D, with a top down angle, a conversion wouldn't be trivial. With sidescrollers, developers can simply separate the background and foreground layers and distance them apart. However, with a top down perspective using cube-like objects such as buildings and vehicles, it would require the graphics to all be recreated as 3D objects, a new rendering engine, a camera system that players would be happy with, and further optimizations. For a new game it would be more feasible, but for an existing one, it simply would've taken too long.


We've been in touch with Brian Provinciano, who has kindly provided some images of the 3DS version in action, below. Keep an eye on Nintendo Life for an interview on the title in the coming days.

Original Article:

Nintendo has issued a press release outlining its plans for the upcoming PAX Prime in Seattle, which we will tell you all about in a separate article, but buried among the games that'll be playable is Retro City Rampage on the 3DS eShop.

After a lengthy development period, Brian Provinciano (the man behind Vblank Entertainment) still released the title on WiiWare despite the platform's loss of momentum, and at the last update hadn't reached the required sales threshold for payment — a policy long since scrapped in the eShop services. The title was released in portable form on the PS Vita, and some have stated their hope that the game would come to the 3DS eShop as a more viable and current Nintendo platform; that wish will be fulfilled.

We'll get in touch with Provinciano for more details, but in the meantime you can always check out our Retro City Rampage WiiWare review and interview about the game. PAX Prime is from 30th August to 2nd September at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, if you want to go hands on.

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SmaMan said:

I own this on PC and XBOX 360, and there's a 90% chance I'll buy it on 3DS too. It's that good!

Any word if they'll do that save data transfer thing from Wii to 3DS like they do on the PS3 to PSP versions?



XCWarrior said:

I still might get it on WiiWare eventually. Looks like a game that should be on console. But we'll see.



TruenoGT said:

The demo I played on PSN didn't impress me much (the humor was too forced and the gameplay wasn't that fun IMO). Still, I like the premise and I might enjoy it more on a portable system... I'll give it another shot if there's a demo.



Captain_Gonru said:

I got this on Wii and loved it. I've also tried it on Vita, and found the screen to be a bit too small. That said, I'd still encourage anyone to buy it on their platform of choice. A developer like this deserves our support.



TreesenHauser said:

Got it on PS3, then liked the game so much I bought it again on WiiWare to support the developer. Great game



Whopper744 said:

Installed it on 360 and surprisingly, I was disapointed. The references were really good, but I got to a point where the difficulty was just annoying. I've played a lot of actual old games that are really tough, but this just felt wrong to me.



NImH said:

YES! My 3DS has sooooo many great games DL'd on it... and I make a concious effort to buy physical copies of games whenever possible. I'd weep if it ever got lost or stolen.



FiveDigitLP said:

Sweet! I enjoyed the demo I played on the PS3, but I feel like for me this game would be better suited on a handheld.



dumedum said:

Wow, I loved this game so much. Downloaded it Wiiware, one of my best purchases. I don't think I'll want to play that on the 3DS having played the amazing Wiiware version already, but hopefully this can sell more of this amazing game. I got the Wiiware code when I bought the RCR T-Shirt, which also came with a few pins and what not. Great deal.



Zemus-DJ said:

My 3ds is looking forward to this

Thou, I'm hoping Nintendo ups the limit as to how many downloads one can have, currently it's locked at 300, I've had to delete all my demos and videos (aside from FFT due to it being "unlimited" )



Shambo said:

I have the WiiWare version, and will definitely get this version too. It made me laugh and enthusiastically point out countless references to so many great things!



JJtheTexan said:

I bought this on Wii and will buy it again on 3DS just to support the publisher. Agreed with @SmaMan - it's totally worth it!



SmaMan said:

The only problem I could see with this is a lack of 2nd stick for aiming. Granted there are other ways including an auto-aim, but it's soo much more fun to strafe while mowing down a wave of cops.

EDIT: Ooh! Maybe they'll include Circle Pad Pro support? ...if that hasn't been considered a failure yet that is...



taffy said:

3DS purchase it is then, got fed up of waiting for Cavestory+ to come over to Europe now!



Undead_terror said:

I will see what it is like then if it is coming on the 3ds since I don't buy much games on console.



Emblem said:

I skipped this on a few platforms but it seems suited to 3DS so i'll pick it up if the price is right and the screen space is sufficient.



Godstrike said:

I loved this game the references the quirky and fun things you can do and the fact that at least anyone can recognize something from this game even though I am too cheap to buy this game again I would recommend it to anyone who doesn't have it



DarkEdi said:

I have the Wiiware version and it is great. I think I could buy it again in 3D.



Kriedler said:

I asked him about this on Facebook like 2 years ago and he answered simply with "" haha
I own this on Steam, will rebuy on 3DS without a doubt.



unrandomsam said:

I may or may not get it. I have it on steam and wii already. (It gets better and looks better on a crt.) Depends on cost and whether it is the best version.



HandheldGuru97 said:

Sweet!!!!!!! I'll nab this one up when it comes, I just saw the preview Nintendo Power did way back when while looking through some old issues.



1337man1233 said:

dangit i wanted it on 3ds but bought it on wii a while back wish i waited may still get it for on the go though




Was going to get on Wiiware but it took forever to come out and I forgot about it Will buy on 3DS though! That's awesome!



Odnetnin said:

As much I didn't care for the Vita demo, this guy's making it so easy for me to purchase this game that I'm sure I'll wind up getting it eventually.

And as far as I'm concerned, the lack of 3D is a bonus.



Windy said:

@KnightRider666 are you going to Pax Prime? Man that would be awesome! Let us know what you play in the forums. I will pick up Retro City Rampage for 3ds. Its a perfect fit for 3ds. If you are going to Pax have a great time my friend



StarDust4Ever said:

Retro City Rampage was the last Wii-ware title I bought, and the only one I downloaded directly onto my Wii-U instead of transfered from Wii. It's actually a freakking awesome game!

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