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Reaction: Nintendo Surprises Us All With the 2DS and Wii U Price Cut

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Some NL staffers share their thoughts

Well, today wasn't a sleepy Wednesday for Nintendo. Somewhat out of the blue, both Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe issued some major announcements. Nintendo of America gave more specific details on release dates for the most notable games of the Holidays, but both regions were united in revealing the Nintendo 2DS, which it's safe to assume was one of Nintendo's most surprising hardware reveals of recent years. In addition, while both regions confirmed rather tempting limited edition Wind Waker HD Wii U bundles, Nintendo of America went a step further to announce an official 32GB price cut of $50; that comes into effect on 20th September, the same day as an advanced download release of Wind Waker HD. Although the earlier download access to Wind Waker HD wasn't announced by Nintendo of Europe, it seems inconceivable that the price cut won't be a worldwide initiative.

There's plenty to think about, and a few of the Nintendo Life team have decided to give their initial reactions to the 2DS and upcoming Wii U price cut.

Anthony Dickens

The 2DS was a bombshell - I didn't see that coming. The news is still sinking in for me, there are so many factors that may determine the devices' success. First and foremost I think it's a great idea to get an (even more) affordable version of the console out there, it also appears to make sense to lose the 3D feature because of those pesky health warnings for kids. With that in mind the branding, "2DS", also makes sense, but would unfamiliar consumers be able to understand that? I'm not sure. The design itself seems somewhat alien to those that are familiar with a 3DS - the missing hinge being the biggest factor here.

Having a hinge-less design has one obvious drawback, you can't close the device to protect the screens/buttons and as a result it also won't fit in your pocket like a 3DS or 3DS XL can. Does that mean that portability of the 2DS is compromised? Maybe. Nintendo must be targeting this device at a new audience, those that don't already have a 3DS, for whatever reason. Is it therefore designed for younger gamers (under 7)? or maybe for older gamers? I'm not sure. What I can be sure of is that this isn't aimed at existing smartphone gamers — sorry, that's one big device — unless of course they have a Galaxy Note.

It's common opinion that the Wii U needed a price drop to inject some enthusiasm into potential purchasers, so whilst a $50 cut is welcome I think $299 is still quite an ask for the American market. I'm no analyst but figure that $249 is the sweet spot that Nintendo really ought to be looking for. Here in the UK we don't have fixed RRPs for Nintendo products and with today's announcement I still can't see retailers driving prices down to £199 - the equivalent sweet spot. So, it's a good step forward, but perhaps not far enough to really increase sales going into the holiday season. On another note, it might be worth Nintendo formally scrapping the basic/deluxe sets and opting for a single product with black or white options - deluxe always did sound expensive.

Darren Calvert

The news about the 2DS certainly took me by surprise. At first it seemed like a bizarre move from Nintendo, but having thought about it this actually makes a lot of sense for parents with young kids like myself. I got my daughter a 3DS for her 4th birthday. She absolutely adores it, but as a responsible parent I have disabled the 3D function for her – in truth I would have preferred not to have it at all to save some money. Also, while the clamshell design is great for protecting the screens, kids do keep opening and closing the device really fast from time to time. I have to keep reminding her to be careful with it. So in my mind this would be the ideal device for my son when he’s old enough to start gaming as it is much cheaper – with an additional soft carry case of course!

Moving on to the Wii U price cut, this is really long overdue. With the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launches just around the corner Nintendo simply cannot position “last gen” technology alongside it at a similar price point. It needs to be significantly cheaper to be perceived as offering value. I know Nintendo do not have a culture of subsidising the cost of hardware, but this is the way the game is played now. Sell hardware cheap and recoup the costs on software. Bundling the digital version of Wind Waker HD is a really smart move too. My only concern is that the price cut might still be a little bit on the conservative side.

Tom Whitehead

Dat 2DS, eh? I'm still sort of struggling with it, in truth, but I'm no marketing mastermind; in practice it'll probably perform well. Like many Nintendo products it looks distinctly like a toy, and I'm fine with that, and while I'd never buy one it's not targeted at me or, I suspect, the majority of the Nintendo Life community. The trailer may show a couple of grown-ups smiling and playing for about 2 seconds, but this is all about younger kids and their parents. The 3D effect isn't suitable for very young gamers and may have been a genuine turn-off for some parents, and in one swoop the issue is gone. Marketing the DS angle is also clever, as I still see youngsters on DS systems when out and about.

I find the abandonment of the clamshell form interesting. In reality it's probably to give it a tablet-like appearance, as mini tablets designed for children are big sellers during the Holidays, at least they were when I had a short stint in retail. Beyond that, I wonder whether the loss of the clamshell sets us up for a move away from that design in the next portable gen. It's years away yet, but I know I'm not alone in thinking Nintendo could go back to single screen eventually; is this the start?

As for the Wii U price cut, I'd actually gone from assuming it would happen to thinking it wouldn't in the past few weeks, so that was a surprise. Very, very welcome, however, and it could be important. $50 isn't massive, but $299 is a psychological number, coming under $300 and undercutting the PS4 by $100 and the One by $200. When you consider that this includes Nintendo Land, and the Wind Waker bundle offers that game instead plus a digital copy of Hyrule Historia, those are quite attractive offerings. I'd like at least one more bundle with Super Mario 3D World, so we'll see whether that comes to fruition; that or any equivalent reveal may wait until October-ish.

As a Brit, I'm also curious to see how this cut translates in the UK and Europe — as it surely must. The dream scenario would be a £199 for a Deluxe, but that's probably way too ambitious. The lower it can get — perhaps £220-230 — the better, as it's all about catching consumer's attention; ultimately a price cut also means lower wholesale rates, to hopefully tempt retailers to pick up more stock. It's wise of Nintendo to go for the fun, affordable angle. I don't think the Wii U can make it as a "premium" product, but that's absolutely fine. I love Nintendo for its light-hearted enjoyment-first approach to games, so an image of the Wii U as "cool tech" matters little. Make it affordable, and it has a much better chance of seizing some momentum. I'm hopeful, anyway.

Andy Green

The inception of the 2DS makes sense at this point in time for Nintendo. The 3DS still has many years left in it but getting the price down to below $129 is always going to be tricky considering the investment that needs to be made with the 3D feature.

There are a lot of parents out there who are worried about their children straining their eyes by using the 3D feature too much and this completely eliminates that issue. There's also the cost, at close to $100/£100 the 2DS is affordable and is a good robust option for children aged five to seven. It positions the system nicely against other tablets aimed at children and as a dedicated gaming device in that particular market it cannot be beaten.

I believe the system will sell well, it enters the market at a good price, offers young kids their first games console and there is a massive catalogue of games just waiting to be played.

As for the Wii U price drop, which was confirmed in North America, I think it's a good move and positions the Wii U nicely in the run up to the festive season. It should definitely boost sales and with the inclusion of Nintendo Land it's difficult to find better value for money on the home console front.

I believe Nintendo has got its strategy right with Wii U in the second half of 2013. It's releasing high quality first party titles like Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and Super Mario 3D World, which cannot be played elsewhere, and is offering a brand new innovative system for under $300.

I personally think with those ingredients the Wii U will be a big hit with families this Christmas, while it will entice a few core gamers to join the party as well. One thing's for sure, that Wind Waker bundle certainly won't do any harm!

So those are some of our initial thoughts, let us know what you think of the 2DS and Wii U price cut in the polls and comments below.

What do you think of the 2DS? (681 votes)

It's great, I think I'll buy one!


It's great for those that don't have a 3DS


It's really for young kids only, in my opinion


It's okay, it makes sense I guess


I'm really not sure yet


I don't like it


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What's your reaction to the Wii U price cut? (631 votes)

I think it's a brilliant move, bravo Nintendo!


It's a smart move, but I'm not yet certain it's a big enough cut


I'm not sure yet


I think it's a poor decision, they should have left the price as it was


I'm really frustrated, as being within a year it punishes early adopters


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psuboy172 said:

Will be getting a wiiu this xmas! Cant wait for PWAADD, Zelda ALBW, and Pokémon all for 3ds!



Dark-Luigi said:

I'm still recovering my shock from the 2DS. But the Wii U price cut TOTALLY made my day. I can't get it right away, Could be for Christmas hopefully, but believe me, it makes my life so much better and easier!



tchaten said:

Has there been any word on the Deluxe Digital Promotion. Is that going to be in WindWaker HD Bundle or offered at the new $299 deluxe bundle?

Would love an answer to that ...

Very happy with all of the announcements today - why no Nintendo Direct though ...



meltendo said:

I hate the way the 2DS looks but it's clearly made for the younger set. I do like that this does not force us 3DS/3DSXL owners to buy anything new. Removing the 3D will negate all of the criticisms that parents have had about ruining their kid's visions.
Hopefully the kids can figure out Streetpass and we can get more hits as this unit (hopefully) sells to a wider audience.
Also, they did not do away with the clamshell...if you want the clamshell, get the 3DS / 3DSXL!



Rezalack said:

I was considering getting the Zelda Wii U bundle before I knew about the price drop.. now it feels like icing on the cake. I have yet to play Wind Waker so it's completely fresh to me.

I think the 2DS is a great idea too. The more 3DS/2DS systems in consumers hands, the better.



SCAR said:

The 2DS looks fancy, IMO. It looks more modernized even though the XL is only a year old. That thing is the next GameBoy, I bet. It looks like an advanced "slate".

I don't have any opion about the price cut for Wii U. I've already had the system since launch, and $50 isn't that big of a deal in 10 months time.



GuSolarFlare said:

the problem with the 2DS is the placement of the buttons!
and the WiiU price cut made my day a little bit brighter!
EDIT: and wow the red/white 2DS actually looks cool!(but the black/blue one is horrible)



DreamOn said:

2DS is ideal for young children in concept and design. Also for those that really hate 3D.

If the 2DS had 3D I'd buy it because it would be more comfortable for me to hold than the XL I strongly feel.



armoredghor said:

They keep cutting their prices right before they get the big games in. This might as well be launch for Wii U. People probably would have bought it anyway but they just lost a bunch of money by dropping it.



One-Winged-Pit said:

People want more of a price cut? They are already making the system at a loss, this is to compete with the PS4 better.



TenEighty said:

I like the 2DS and it's price!

As for the Wii, I would rather see a $250 price but it's a start and I'm sure will pull in some buyers.



Mahe said:

Moves in the right direction from Nintendo. 2DS offers an interesting alternative to 3DS, and Wii U should do slightly better now that they're phasing out the Basic set, too.



Ralizah said:

Is that what the gamepad for the Zelda bundle looks like?! Darn it Nintendo, I don't want to get a Wii U yet. Stop making things harder for me!



Obito_Sigma said:

$50 Eshop Wii U credit for us... please? I want my money back if the price cut is happening.



Chris720 said:

@Mytoemytoe Wowzas, that's some hot... oh wait...

2DS, not interested.
Wii U price cut, not interested since I'm already contemplating selling mine.



Kaabiitorori said:

I said this before in its respective news article, but I'll say it again: I like the idea of the 2DS. It's good for a younger audience, the design is quite reliable and sturdy (fixing the broken hinges issue), and it's also a cheaper method to get a new 3DS. Not to mention, it's released on the same exact day than Pokémon X & Y: that alone will guarantee a succulent bundle for young kids.

I have seen a hell of a ton of criticism about this move not just on NL, but on social media as well. I need to leave one thing very clear though: people need to understand there are products that may not be made for their target. The 2DS is a clear example of a model directed to a different (and younger) audience. It's there for that target, while keeping the other SKUs we all know. So why complaining? Will you really buy that model? If not, then why do you have to bash on something that is not for you on the first place? With all respect, I find this just a plain yet unnecessary critisism. This strategy is much akin to what, say, Apple or Samsung would do with their phone and tablet products: release different versions which would not only cater different types of audiences but also broaden themselves in the market. And besides, you know Nintendo are very keen on remodeling their handheld consoles, and this is no exception.

As for the Wii U, all I can say is about time! $50/50€ price reduction and phasing out the Basic SKU in favour to the Premium SKU. The Wii U will now be in a slightly more comfortable position for Christmas with a good line-up of games and special bundles such as The Wind Waker HD one. However, will there be an Ambassador's Programme like the 3DS did? Aside from the temporal Famicom 30th Anniversary promo, we gotta wait and see. But for now, this is something that most (if not all) of us were claiming for. =)



Slapshot said:

And when you add the price to upgrade the HD on the Wii U, you're still just under the cost of the PS4. Why Nintendo didn't put, at least, a 250 GB HD in the Wii U with this change, blows my mind.



startropics3 said:

I like the button placement. Reminds me of early GBA and GB micro, but I'm biased as those are the only recent Nintendo handhelds I've owned.

I've held out on Nintendo handhelds because I dislike the clam shell design. It will be nice to finally play some DS games.



3DSAllDay said:

The weird but I am glad to see the WiiU get a price cut! I hope someone does not make a 2DSAllDay....



DerpSandwich said:

I don't understand how people think the fifty dollar cut wasn't quite enough. It's now $300, but it comes with a full-priced game, making it essentially $250 (which is what the Wii launched at). I think that's perfectly reasonable.



GuSolarFlare said:

@startropics3 my complaint was more about the fact L/R buttons are so far from the screen. my favorite 3DS game uses the touchscreen with the L/R buttons and I'd like more not-so-addicted people playing it online(I think it's pretty easy to guess what game I'm talking about)



startropics3 said:

Monster Hunter? I haven't kept up with DS games.

I think I see what you mean. The shoulder buttons are probably adjusted more than any other buttons from the original 3DS positions. I also just noticed how much the 2DS resembles the Wii U gamepad in button arrangement. Smart!



ACK said:

The Wii U price drop is a clear indicator that they've acknowledged they won't have the horses in time to carry the load. They surely realized that while Pikmin 3 and W101 are the kind of great games any Nintendo platform requires, those 2 titles will not substantially alter the Wii U's foreseeable prospects.

In the case of Pikmin 3, it should be clear that it simply had to release in the launch window to have a chance at reaching it's sales potential. Will this price drop cause hand-wringing over the delay?

I could see a scenario where Nintendo's outlook is permanently affected by this sequence of events. Will they continue to believe that their products transcend traditional development timelines? That their branding coupled with their peerless creativity and diligence will always buoy their results?



MeWario said:

Wow I just woke up and saw the news! I thought this was an April 1st joke at first =P Honestly I like it and I kind of want one! I love the 3D feature of the 3DS though and always play with it on, so I hope future handhelds by Nintendo stick with 3D.

Man, this was so out of the blue. Nintendo still knows how to surprise!



Royalblues said:

After months of persistence form people everywhere, Nintendo finally makes the smart move of slashing the price of the Wii U a bit, and they gave us a nice new edition of the 3DS. I wonder. If the 2DS sells like hotcakes, will that force developers to make games that don't rely heavily on 3D like SMB 3D Land? Because there are games out there in which depth does matter.



jrob23 said:

LOL at Darren saying the Wii U is 'last gen' technology. Please go write on a Sony/Microsoft site and leave us Nintendo fans to our own devices.



MeWario said:

O, and as for the Wii-U price cut? I think it's a smart move as it further distances it from the PS4/XB1 price point. As an early adapter though, it kinda sucks.



Haywired said:

I like how it's supposedly (as everyone, including Reggie seems to be saying) for under 7s, yet on the box the minimum age (PEGI) is still... 7!

Personally I don't think I would buy a console for an under 7 anyway. But parents can do what they like I suppose... And in any case, I don't really think that's the entire point of this product.



NintyMan said:

The 2DS is clearly aimed for small kids whose parents are too concerned about the 3D for them. It's not meant to really appeal to us older players on NL. At least the 2DS makes more sense than the Wii Mini.

The price cut is a very smart move, though, and should further help Wii U against XBox One and PS4.



SanderEvers said:

Must resist buying the 2DS.. Not gonna work. I must and shall buy any console Nintendo releases.

Also I think the 2DS looks "cute".

(Small note, I did not buy a Wii Mini)



theblackdragon said:

@jrob23: Come on now, people have been going back and forth for quite a while now over whether or not the Wii U is truly a current-gen console. No need to get personal over it :3



MeWario said:

@jrob23 What Darren is saying (and I thought the " " made it clear), is that the Wii-U is perceived as being 'last gen' and therefore the price being so close to the PS4's is an issue. Which it is. I don't think he is saying Wii-U is last gen at all.



MathRaph said:

@DerpSandwich Well, I don't know. 300 with a game is surely reasonable to me, but you can't compare Wii and Wii U. The hype around the Wii U is nowhere near the hype around the Wii back then. 200 less than the Xbox one is just perfect, but right now it's all about ps4, which hardware wise has a very much aggressive price than Wii U... and I fear holiday season is going to be very tough, even with the price cut.
Everyone knows that the answer is (at least one) kick donkey game, and I feel like they hope it's going to be the next zelda. Everyone loves this franchise, and they seem very ambitious about the next installment.



ikuwill said:

I hope the 2ds is available by christmas. I never wanted to use the 3d feature and have still yet to purchase a 3ds. This looks like the perfect solution.



DerpSandwich said:

@MathRaph That's true, there's very little hype for the system, and without hype even a reasonable price might not cut it. I also feel like this season isn't going to be as good as everyone thinks it's going to be. I can hope, but I'm not getting my hopes up.



ScorpionMG said:

i got my wii like 4 years ago for 300 euros with 2 wii motes and nunchucks,
I got my wii u 1 week after lunch for 300 euros instead of 400 because my mother won a 100 euro coupon for that store so i guess i got it on a reasonable price as well



WoottWinds said:

I think the 2DS is a PERFECT cheap option for people looking to get a console to play import games. Seriously, I can finally play all the EU One Piece games now



Kirk said:

I said this in another thread but I think it's worthwhile saying it here too (You never know who's reading these articles).

If Nintendo is going with a digital version of the game included in this new cheaper Deluxe Set then I think they should actually offer a version where the game isn't predetermined and the consumer actually gets to pick whatever game they want to download for free with their system.

If there's some kind of reason it would be difficult to let people choose third party games then I think Nintendo should at least do this with all their first party games.

Imagine if when you bought your Deluxe Wii U for $300 you got to choose from any and all of the first party titles (and ideally the third party titles too) as your free download [bundle] game...

Now that would be cool.



jrob23 said:

@theblackdragon nobody but Sony fans are saying the Wii U is current gen. The definition of 'next gen' alone warrants its designation. The fact it is more powerful by a lot further justifies it.



jrob23 said:

@MeWario I didn't get that at all. He clearly states that the Wii being 'last gen' technology needed a price drop in order to compete with PS4 and Xbox One. If he was saying it ironically he would have made it more clear. I get enough of that b.s. on IGN, I don't need to hear it on here as well



theblackdragon said:

@jrob23: And there are others who would argue the opposite. Please, all I'm asking is that you keep the discussion in here civil and not go out of your way to pick a fight with members of our staff. If you disagree on one point or another, we welcome honest discussion, but not demands that someone leave. :3



ricklongo said:

"Is it therefore designed for younger gamers (under 7)? or maybe for older gamers? I'm not sure."

They have already flat-out said that it's meant for children younger than 7.



Drobotic said:

Good.Now I can buy a DS with all the fun 3DS games for my little cousins who are below 7.



MathRaph said:

@DerpSandwich (oh, so I guess I can't say kick a*s here, funny.)
That's interesting. Do you feel like people have high hopes sales wise for this season? I mean, everyone knows it's important for the future, but let's face it guys, the Wii U is gonna be crushed by competitors. And I love my Wii U, I think it's a great system that is now takin' off software wise. It offers the kind of experiences I'm looking for. But am I, are we, is nintendo in touch with what the market wants? I really feel like most gamers just want perfect deathmatch, bigger explosions and better graphics.
I'm sure I'm gonna enjoy the hell out of Mario 3d World and DK Tropical Freeze, but for now, there's nothing really "sexy" about those games. No fuzz, it's all about the gameplay. That makes me happy, but that never drove hardware sales.



WinterWarm said:


They did away with the clamshell. How you could possibly argue otherwise is beyond me. True, 3DS and 3DS XL have the clamshell design, but what @ThomasBW84 was saying is that, since the 2DS managed ( amazingly) to be both newer and somewhat older than the 3DS family, Nintendo might continue to make new handhelds in a 'bar' form, like PS Vita. Therefore the next step in evolution is to do away with the second screen. It'll be interesting to see if they combine them.



Crimzonlogic said:

So I already bought a Wii U months ago. Do I get any sort of Ambassador-type benefits? 'cause I'm upset that I got a darn 8g console, when I could have waited and gotten a better console for the same price. No fair.



thanos316 said:

a 2ds. at first when i heard this news i thought that it was an april fools joke. but i see that we are almost in september. this is a dumb move for nintendo. u have a 3ds. y not put more effort into securing its spot on the top. i love using the 3d on my 3ds, it stays on. well this will be a failure in my opinion



sleepinglion said:

Some nice news today. The 2DS should be a hit with small kids but I imagine a great deal of consumer confusion. Watching adults try to buy the right system in the gaming aisle can be a hoot and I often step in to tell them the difference between the units while I'm browsing.
The price cut is a good idea and I hope it works. Buying the system early doesn't feel like a punishment as the deluxe digital promotion is aleady paying for itself.



feelthesarcasm said:

@WinterWarm What are you even talking about?

They never said it's superior to the 3ds. They said it's the SAME as having a 3ds. And for a child, something that is $129 has no 3d effect and doesn't allow them to possibly break the hinges off is a steal. It's the same exact system without the 3d effect. I don't understand how that's not obvious?

5-7 year olds wouldn't even be playing that game as it's rated T for teen and they probably can't even read, much less understand it, so your argument is silly.



R_Champ said:


And people keep saying "it's barely under PS4!"...when it's now literally $100 under, and PS4 comes with no games, no digital deluxe promotion, you have to pay for online, and pay for therapy after playing with Neogaffers on PSN...expensive stuff. LOL, not to say PS4 isn't necessarily worth it, but I think the Neogaf indoctrination is working far too well. Even if you only bought one game for PS4 you'd be dropping a Grand on it because of having to pay for online services throughout its lifespan. TBH, I don't know why people aren't flocking to PC in protest of the pay-to-play model.



feelthesarcasm said:


The 2ds is essentially the 3ds without 3d. They play and will make the same exact games. It's not REPLACING the 3ds. It's a cheaper option for people who don't care about the 3d effect or hinges.



Dazza said:

@jrob23 I'm a massive fan of the Wii U myself, it's a fun gaming experience and I think it can stand apart offering something different to what Microsoft and Sony are offering. I put " " around my last-gen statement for he simple reason that this is how many will perceive the console. I think it's a great investment personally, but on a technical level there is no question it is nowhere near as powerful as the Xbox One and PS4.



feelthesarcasm said:

Why are people acting like this is something totally different?

It's basically what the playstation vita did by having a WIFI vs 3G option. They're simply removing one of the effects (and the hinges). It's the same size screens as a 3ds, same functionality as a 3ds. I never put my 3ds in my pocket and you can buy a little case for it. If my nephew didn't already have a 3ds, I would have bought him a 2ds for the price cut alone.

What would have prefer them to say? GET A NINTENDO 3DS, now available without the 3d? That would confuse people even more. People get getting caught up in the trivial 2/3. Saying some people will get confused by that is silly. People still get confused by the DS, DSi, DSlite, 3DS. And if you think people are really that confused then Xbox is in some serious trouble for going to ONE after 360....



DerpSandwich said:

@R_Champ I do think we'll start to see a huge rise in PC gaming this next generation. I'm sort of just waiting for it to happen. Once I can get a really nice PC for hecka cheap then all I'll need is my PC and my Nintendo system!



DerpSandwich said:

@MathRaph I've heard countless people saying that it's really going to blow up this season. And I really wish I could believe them. I'm with you, Nintendo offers what I want, but most people just don't want that. It's sad.



jrob23 said:

@Dazza I guess I was wrong. It sounded like you were bashing the Wii U but like another poster said, you were simply pointing out how many erroneously perceive it. I am a little sensitive because I feel like I have to constantly defend the Wii U on other sites and didn't want to do it here lol. Thanks for taking the time to clarify



WoottWinds said:

@MathRaph Not sure honestly, I haven't seen it announced there yet. But for EU/US gamers who want to import English language games, definitely a cheap win!



feelthesarcasm said:

As I said earlier, people need to think like a consumer that doesn't have a 3ds yet.

Same system, option of 3d and hinges. $40 difference. What if you're someone venturing over from the PSP market or you skipped out on the DS series all together? Kids just becoming old enough to play games who missed the DS generation. There are people like that and for them, hinges mean nothing. The XL version probably won't be available until next year and that's honestly the only reason I'm getting the Pink/White 3DS XL and not the Red/White 2DS. I don't want to wait for it.

This thing will sell a fortune because it's the perfect christmas present for a child's first gaming device for the right place. Child "Tablets" are in the range of $149 and to me, parents would go for the nintendo where they know what kind of games are made and if their children can play them (Pokemon, Mario, Sonic) versus trying to search amazon, google, apple stores for suitable games their kids can play. And I think the fact that it DOESN'T look identical to the 3ds and DS will make kids want it even more. When their parents bringing home their new XboxOne's and PS4's, the kids will feel like they are in on it too with something "new".



jrob23 said:

I wonder with them doing away with the white version and replacing it with the black 32gb version, if down the road they are setting it up so they can offer a version with more HDD for $350. That in a Mario 3d bundle or Wii U Party (w/wii motion controller bundle) would be a system seller



Dazza said:

@jrob23 no worries, no need to defend the Wii U to me. I love it, I just hope Nintendo can get the marketing message and price point right so that others might experience it too.



OdnetninAges said:

I might get one just for the hell of it someday, but my main priority is getting a Wii U and 3DS XL (to replace my current 3DS).



Oniinside said:

I hope the cut will raise homeconsole sales... Nintendo really need it in this moment



MathRaph said:

@WoottWinds Sure. I'll maybe pick one US one down the road if some games I'm really into are just released overseas. A japanese one to play some quirky games would be quite tempting though



element187 said:

As a business major, every single one of these moves makes sense.

My nephew loves my 3ds but my brother doesn't like him turning on the 3D... So maybe me and grandpa will throw in on a 2DS.

The Wii U needed the price cut. We all knew it would happen sometime before the launch of the ps4.... I didn't predict September. But good move for Nintendo, they need to start communicating value for the second half of the year.

Also, one thing not mentioned is all these high profile releases for Wii U will be brought down to $50. That's huge when Sony/Microsoft games cost $60.... Parents will see the wall displays and conclude Nintendo products are the better value.... Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Wii Play U, and Wind Waker for $50 is a steal.. Any confirmation on SM3DW? Will it be $60 or $50 ? It could be a megaton if the latter..... Nintendo needs to do whatever it can to make the system attractive, and dropping your game prices to 49.99 sure does look tempting next to all of those 59.99 sticker prices.



SCAR said:

I still think that the perception that it's "no where near as powerful" isn't giving it enough credit.
The way I look at the Wii U vs. the Xbox One is Dreamcast vs. PS2. The GCN and Xbox were far above the PS2, and especially the Dreamcast, but the PS2 and Dreamcast were technically in the same league.



Xcape_DuCkMAN_X said:

So, any mentionings of an ambassadors program for early adopters of the system? I'm also not feeling the 2DS, but considering that my 6 year old daughter has started picking up gaming (sniff proud poppa over here!!). This may have to get picked up for her come Christmas time!



StricknitDex said:

The Nintendo 2DS is another 3ds like the how the dsi was. I don't plan buy one
The Wii U price cut will help like how the 3ds one did, but I hope nintendo releases a gamecube ambassador program for the ones that already bought one
The Zelda Wind Waker bundles look amazing! I would like to get one now!



SCAR said:

It's possible they could give away a free GCN game or 2 as the AP, but I kinda doubt it. The GBA games still aren't on the VC, but I'll bet that changes once the Wii U supports GBA.



element187 said:

@Ralizah just jump in, the water is fine, I promise.... Look at the lineup for this year and next, tell me you don't want to play the first multiplayer 3d Mario.



element187 said:

@ACK I think a lot of gamers have this silly notion that a console has to sell gangbusters in its first year to be successful... I think that's a misnomer.

It looks like Nintendo is thinking long term... By getting their one year advance, they are getting their production costs down quickly in time for the launch of their competitors. Nintendo probably didn't anticipate the system to sell this poorly. But we are in month 10 of the systems life, and production costs drop every few months, it probably has dropped enough to allow them to cut the price..... Otherwise their shareholders are going to have a heart attack.

We all knew it had to come eventually.... The long term health of the console will be fine.... 2014 will be a big year for the Wii U with some massive games.



MathRaph said:

@Xcape_DuCkMAN_X Nice. What does she enjoy playing? I plan on getting one for my 5 yo nephew for christmas (he'll be 6 at that time), but as for games I'm not sure where to start. I think I'll go for some New Super Mario (the first one on DS maybe). I just want to blow his mind



element187 said:

@MathRaph why are you assuming that the "core" gamer is a big market? It's not.

In fact if the industry would only rely on just the core gamer, it would collapse... It needs people who don't buy into the dudebro games.... Call them casuals or say they only play for fun, but they are the vast majority of the market.... Nintendo is well positioned to hit the other, bigger demographic that Sony and Microsoft ignore.



WarioPower said:

I'm still wondering what to think of the 2ds. When I first heard of it, I swore that it was a joke or prank. However, it does seem like it would be good for kids. The Wii U price cut is awesome also..



ThreadShadow said:

This is Nintendo's second step towards a full tablet. Gamepad was the first, now the 2DS. Nintendo's next generation portable will be a full tablet with multi-touch and traditional controls-or maybe official separate Bluetooth controllers. Imagine a range of wireless Classic style controllers available from Nintendo.



SetupDisk said:

I am glad that I got my Wii U at launch since I have gotten lots of use of it since then. I don't see how someone be upset about the price cut unless they bought it just before this news was released.



Doge said:

2DS = Untitled

Wish i got my wii U deluxe when there was price cut. Maybe this is good, though. Wii U Ambassador program?



Xcape_DuCkMAN_X said:

She a fan of watching me play COD BO2 on PS3, I let her play the same game with me on Wii U. She actually decent in SSBB !! She loves her some Mario, Yoshi, n Peach. It'd only a matter of time before we're catching Pokemon with me! New SMB & New SMB 2, and Mario Kart 7 are great ways to start your nephew off! My lil duckling is always asking for to play these games on my 3DS after homework time. IIf she keeps the grades up she might get her own Wii U!



MathRaph said:

@element187 You're right about core. For the rest I'm not sure I completely agree.
Well, I can speak for what I see around me. Here in france, and I'm sure it's the similar elsewhere, I see 14yo buying like 4 games a year, including Call of Duty and Fifa, some guys into playstation first party games (which is a very strong brand here)... and the vast majority playing on smartphones. Everywhere, all the time. I'm not judging, and if I wasn't as much in videogames as I am, I would do the same. A device they already own, 1€ games... Why shouldn't they? It's just good enough. So of course nintendo has a better shot than the others for this market. But at least for now, Apple owns it.
People still want to play games, and that's great. But for now on, it will be very hard to convince them to buy yet another device when they can have fun with what they have.
Local multiplayer could be the answer, I don't know.



feelthesarcasm said:

@MathRaph my nephew was 6 1/2 when we got his 3ds. Mario Kart 7 is a must have for all kids. One game my nephew loved was Lego Batman 2. He still plays it even though he finished it. It's pretty simple because it's in level format and not open world in the 3ds. It's voice acted so there's hardly any reading involved and once you show them once, they get the hang of it pretty easy.

Other games he's got is De Blob 2 (DS), Super Mario 3d land, Donkey Kong 3D and Sonic Generations. He doesn't really understand the regular Pokemon RPG games so I got him Pokemon Rumble Blast which he enjoys. It's really just battling and collecting toy figurine versions of the pokemon. There's also a new Ninja Turtles and Spongebob game coming out this fall if he's into either of those Nickelodeon shows.



KilluaZoldyck said:

I know that the 2ds will do well. Personally im trying to find a reason that i should buy one. I think the design looks quirky and for some reason Im really feeling it. Sadly my xl outclasses it in every way. I will probably try getting one if it has a decent battery Life of over 10 hours.



rjejr said:

"As for the Wii U price cut, I'd actually gone from assuming it would happen to thinking it wouldn't in the past few weeks, so that was a surprise. "

So it is TWs fault I bought a Wii U 2 1/2 weeks ago. My fault, as I knew this was coming, just glad it was only $50 and bundled with a 10 yr old game and not SM3DW.

My 8 yr old son who has had a 3DS for a year and a DS a yr before that thinks the buttons are to high on the 2DS. My wife just thinks the whole thing is stupid. Im going to ignore it like the Wii Mini and PSPgo.



KilluaZoldyck said:

wait i found my excuse to get a 2ds... its going to be my cheap import 3ds. Im going to get bravely default ff early.



feelthesarcasm said:

@WinterWarm if you've seen the comments that were in the original announcement of the 2ds, you'd realize how hard it is to tell the difference between real outrage and sarcasm. I apologize for not reading through it.



MathRaph said:

@Xcape_DuCkMAN_X @feelthesarcasm Thanks guys! Appreciate it! So yeah, New Super Mario, Mario Kart 7, and if I can find it cheap, a lego game (which could actually be a nice starter since you can't really die). I think I'm gonna hold off the pokémon mayhem until he can read properly. Oh, and obviously, a kirby game, to share my obsessions



archlord said:

Always wanted a 3DS, but buying one with all these games coming out will put me over the edge. I'm buying a 2DS. It's got all the same games, functions along with that price tag. Portable enough to fit in my messenger back which I take everywhere.



drumsandperc92 said:

haven't bought a wii u yet, and i'm sitting on a PS4 preorder.
I agree with Tom Whitehead that the Wii U won't make it as a premium product, but rather an additional system for PS4/One owners in order to play those amazing Nintendo games. AKA it will be what the Wii was for everyone i know - a secondary console just for Nintendo and the occasional unique 3rd party game.
That being said to see Nintendo finally budge on pricing gives me hope that we will see it drop to $249 eventually, even if not another year or two.
When it does eventually drop another $50, I'm sure many of the games I want to play will be out and I'll finally pick up the system.
To early Deluxe adopters - I think they should offer a massive discount for the eShop download of Wind Waker HD. At least 50% off. I can't see them giving the game away for free, that's way too many copies, but I do think that they should reconcile "early adopters" just like they did with the 3DS. If they are giving early digital downloads of Wind Waker HD who buy the bundle, give that same early download option to deluxe owners, plus some sort of discount. Or at least some free VC/eShop games.



JaxonH said:

I bought Wii U day one, and I don't feel I, or anyone else, deserves a free handout for buying early. We bought early because we wanted it early, and we've gotten to enjoy the system for 10 months in exchange for that extra $50. I could understand if Nintendo dropped the price in say, January, but it's almost been a year. Prices drop. Doesn't mean we're entitled to free stuff.

Ambassador program was the worst decision Nintendo ever made (even though I qualified), because now consumers will forever feel entitled to free stuff anytime a price is lowered. Give an inch and they take a mile. I've never in my life seen a company so kind to its fans as to award free merch to consumers who paid more for a system. But because the precedent has been set, people want it every time. Even though it was never something they HAD to do, and besides, 3DS was lowered $80, a whopping 1/3 of its price, only a month or 2 after release. Wii U is being lowered just $50, only 1/7 of its price, and it's been out nearly a year.



3Daniel said:

@sillygostly there wont be a 2ds circle pad pro seeing as younger gamers more then likely wouldn't know how to play the more complex games that come with the add on such as resident evil and monster hunter.



Emaan said:

The system itself is fine, but the name 2DS is going to do nothing but create further branding issues and confusions at retail. I really hope Nintendo comes up with better names next generation for their hardware. And people thought the 3DS and Wii U names were confusing.



V8_Ninja said:

I won't be buying a 2DS but it does make sense; It's cheaper, opens up a wider market, and is landing on the same day as Pokemon X/Y. It's not as portable, but it can still be played on a bus or in any other vehicle.

While I absolutely loved the Wii U price cut and the Wind Waker HD bundle, I'm unsure whether or not it will light up the market that Nintendo needs to be more than a distant third place in the long run. Assuming the interest in the PS4/Xbone don't immediately die after the launch of those consoles, the Wii U doesn't seem like it will be in developers graces or stay in the publics interest. Having two consoles in a row that fail to garner a decent stream of content and have a large community is not held in high regard.



MasterChordles said:

I got a Wii U for Christmas, so price cut doesn't really do anything to me. I do think it was a brilliant move though.



Jared1984 said:

Called that price cut. Nintendo would've gotten slaughtered this holiday season with a $350 Wii U. Get the price down to $250 and give me at least 250gb hard drive and I'll buy one. 2ds is pretty bizarre though.



SCAR said:

If people can tell the difference between the 100s of phones, computers, and tablets available at retail or online marketplaces, I'm pretty sure 2DS won't be an issue of understanding.
All people have to know is that it plays 3DS and DS games and that it plays in 2D, then people choose from there right in-store.
It's not that hard. Even the whole Wii and Wii U confusion is basically impossible to comprehend. I thought people were making that up, but I've read stories, so I'm somewhat convinced.



JaxonH said:

Step backwards from what exactly? Nintendo's goal is to make money, increase install base, and penetrate as much of the market as possible, raising an entire new generation of Nintendo fans in the process. How do they do this? Offer a more basic model of the best selling gaming device in the world. Get the price down to just over $100. Seems to be a pretty big step TOWARD those goals if you ask me.



JaxonH said:

We'll probably never see a hard drive larger than 32gb, but that's not an issue seeing as you can connect ANY hard drive up to 2 terabytes large, as well as any other manner of usb drives and flash memory. The $250 price, not for a few years. But it did just get a $50 price cut from a $350 price they were already losing money on.

I bought a Wii U day one, and tbh after owning it for half a year, I'm convinced I would have paid ANY price for this system- it's just that good. It's shaping up to have THE best must-have library of any Nintendo console in history. Just this fall's lineup alone puts the PS4 and Xbox One to shame. Wii U is so much better than people seem to give it credit for.



Ispheria said:

My thoughts on the 2DS:
1. Does this mean that the 3DS will never get a price cut? They can't make it cheeper than the 2DS after all, or else the 2DS won't sell.
2. They really should have added a 2nd Circle Pad this they have to make another ugly and expensive Circle Pad Pro for it.
3. The timing is actually pretty good. I already have my 3DS, but i know a few kids that will beg their parents for the 2DS just because it's "newer". idk, maybe it'll be a hit among young children.



zeldagaymer93 said:

The price cut is a good thing and I can see why people want an ambassadors program but really the price cut is already helping us Wii U owners out. If this leads to an increase in Wii U hardware sales then more 3rd party developers will hop on board with the Wii U. So the price cut really does help every body.

However, I am salty about the special Wind Waker bundle. I collect Zelda items but I can't afford this. At least they added the Ganondorf figure to the physical release.



LetsGoRetro said:

I don't have time right now to read through 120 comments, but I'm guessing this has already been said:

Nintendo is already taking a loss on hardware. You guys suggesting a 100 dollar price drop are asking too much from them. So, every system they sell is 110-120 loss for them If they cut it to 250.

What does each piece Of software net them in pure profit, 20 bucks or so? So they have to sell 5-6 games per console to break even? I'm pretty sure the average games to console ratio is much lower than that for them. I know last gen they were lower than Microsoft and Sony. And keep in mind that this bundle comes WITH a game. One of the only potentially system selling pieces of software they even have right now. How the heck could they make that up?

If they dropped it to 250 with a 60 dollar game included... You're saying this console is only worth 190 bucks? Come on...



TheAdza said:

2DS. Do not like. I feel like I am having a nonsense dream. Longest kneejerk reaction to the 3D issue on younger eyes ever. If this is really aimed at the younger crowd, why not just engineer a more durable clamshell design in the first place? Wow. What a stupid and ugly and pointless piece of trash, which will only hurt them with marketing and brand confusion even further.

"SOME GAME out now on Nintendo 3DS and 2DS, but not the DS that is 2D, or the DSi or DSiXL, no it's for the new 3DS and 3DSXL which are 3D and also the 2DS which plays 3DS games in 2D only"

Seriously. Just when you though the rest of the gaming community couldn't laugh at Nintendo anymore than they already do, they go and do something like this. Wake me please. This has to be a dream.



MeWario said:

@jrob23 I do get sick of defending the Wii U on IGN too. It's such a great console, it really is. Wish people would give it a go. It's too soon to say but I honestly think that it's well on its way to being my favourite Nintendo console of them all. And I've owned them all!



capitalism said:


I disagree with you, it's already been proven that Wii U is next gen caliber and the new engines that are coming to the system prove that.

COD: GHOSTS WII U - Uses the new next gen engine
New CryEngine — Coming to Wii U
Watch Dogs Wii U — Using the new next gen engine
Assassins Creed 4 Wii U — using the new next gen engine

What was that about Wii U having last gen tech again??
Watch the insults please, your points stand just fine without that initial jab — TBD



Squiggle55 said:

I would really appreciate it if Nintendo would throw early adopters a bone again, no matter how small.



Aqueous said:

@Thomas - I didn't take you as one to stutter. "the the One"
Great article guys and really nice timing going for the day of the information coming out.



JayMiller1988 said:

2DS looks alright, but I've owned a 3DS since before any price cuts.

The Wii U now looks appetizing to me as a system. I'm not getting WWHD, no matter how many tweaks they make, it's still basically the same game.

The Virtual Console has tons of good games for it, but not exactly how I want to exclusively use a system until a new Zelda, Metroid, or Shinobi (please, I want a new Shinobi console game!)

As for the Wii U "last gen-old gen" argument, seeing as most of the engines are scalable, it's a moot point. But I consider Wii U new generation, just really light on how new they went spec-wise.



coolvw93 said:

To me, the 2DS is an interesting machine, i wont be purchasing it but i do see how it would make sense for younger kids. I sorta like the design though, i dont mind it being open like that all the time. I would consider getting it if it was in 3d though
The wiiu price cut, a good idea, but im still not in the right time to get one, though a new system is not really top prioriety for me. I will consider it but I doubt i will even be looking for one at christmas. Im really into my 3DS right now and finishing up some of my wii games so a new system isnt in it for me, even with a decent price cut.



Gold_Ranger said:

I would consider getting the 2DS if the screens were the XL size, but they aren't, so, it's a no-go for me.



Jared1984 said:

@JaxonH You can use external hard drives on the ps3 and x box 360 but they still offer large internal hard drives. I have no idea why Nintendo gets a pass for that bs. 32gb was a joke back in 2006 and it's a sick joke now. I guarantee you there will be a much larger hd model coming. Another guarantee just for fun, they'll improve the game pad within the next two years. Longer battery life and larger screen. Maybe a multi touch screen, although that's much less likely.



WaxxyOne said:

I honestly checked my calendar while watching the start of the 2DS announcement. I thought Nintendo had jumped back to April 1st for a minute. As the video kept playing with no sign of a punch line, the truth settled in... Nintendo has gone off the deep end.

Seriously though, it looks goofy and uncomfortable. I appreciate that it's not for me and that the lower price point will probably move systems, but couldn't they have at least attempted to make it look less like something a toddler would have fun with?



DarkLloyd said:

i may pick one of these up someday for collection purposes etc etc, still need to get a 3dsxl so my launch edition 3ds will do for now



Subie98 said:

@Kaine_Morrison I was thinking this too. I dont have a 3ds though and is 50 bucks cheaper, I might get it. I couldn't care less about the 3D thing. It'd be nice if the screens we're the xl size, but for the price, id rock it.



Electricmastro said:

I wouldn't have facepalmed as much as I did had the trailer present that it was specifically intended for little kids, it came off to me as a step back. Also, there's no clamshell design since little kids could break off the hinges. It's really about safety, longevity, and money.



Senario said:

@Jared1984 Well yes and no to 32 GB is a joke. Yes in that it seems like a joke because of how huge install space is for some games. It is frankly ridiculous. No because the Wii U games don't need install space and the hard drive is a Solid State drive which is much more durable/longer lasting than a HDD. It also runs more efficiently.

As for the 2DS, good for kids so they don't break it. I'm fine with it, since when has more options been a bad thing?

And Wii U price drop I felt didn't need to happen but I suspect that is why it is only in the America region, if it works out for them it might expand to others. Although forgive me if I am a bit cynical, I always had a feeling that those people who say they would have bought the wii U if Nintendo dropped the price would have never bought the console and would have never been satisfied until they were given the console for free.

I'm actually pretty tired of people giving bad publicity to the Wii U for no other reason than they are full of hatred and have nothing else to do with their time. Most of today's news was fairly nice and good but people still complain.

EDIT: I feel that I should mention that a price drop is a bit saddening for me/early adopters, same with the WWHD bundle. But whether or not we get an ambassador program probably doesn't matter at this point. I did have fun with the games that are out currently, the most time spent being Monster Hunter (that game is addicting and well worth it's widespread play in Japan because it is so fun.). As long as games keep coming out, DK Tropical freeze I heard is $50 so that is pretty good, I would be more willing to pick up more games with that kind of price point even if it is only $10 since it adds up.



HaastMK7 said:

Nintendo sucks at presentation unless it is a digital presentation for a game such as Monster Hunter or what eves. The 3DS looks like a game boy. HELL NO



FineLerv said:

The hard-drive argument... hasn't anyone ever custom built a PC?

I spent a generation managing the installs on my 360 because the included hard-drive was big enough to fit a FEW games but not big enough to store an entire library. I didn't bother upgrading it because I already had a moderately sized hard-drive, so why waste the extra money?

The Wii U came with barely a hard-drive, so I bought a 2 terabyte one. The choice was mine and that will last me the entire generation. No added cost of the console and I chose how much extra I want to spend on the storage. That should be the model that every console follows. It's the PC way and it's the best way.



bluecat said:

The 2DS looks like it was made to compete with other kid friendly gaming devices like LeapPad/LeapFrog.

Kinda mad about the price cut since they were so adamant before there wouldn't be one any time soon so I went ahead and got a Wii U awhile back. But if it helps rise the popularity of the Wii U and brings even more users to it then fine.



remlapgamer said:

I believe this might be the first Wii U price cut and if sales momentum does not increase enough between now and the holidays, then they might have one more just before the launches of the other new consoles. Imagine, they caused alot of noise today with the price cut coming. If they had another one the news would be massive and everybody would be talking about it and really considering it. But I'm crazy, realistically it will be a long time before we see another cut. I bought my son one on launch day and we all love it. As far as an Ambassador program, I see it like we have had our fun for almost a year and I feel like the console is actually worth more than what they were selling it for. I won't have any hard feelings.



RantingThespian said:

2DS - I guess I somewhat see the point. However, it's not for me. I would never buy one.

Wii U Price Cut - I am a bit disappointed that Nintendo didn't stick to their guns on this one, and instead seemed to cave in under pressure. But, if this is what is needed to sell more Wii Us, I can live with it.



Alucard83 said:

Never get a console on day one! A lesson for some people! And don't complain about the pricecut. You should've been smarter yourself! nuff said



SanderEvers said:

@Alucard83 It's the risk of being an early adopter. But you shouldn't be angry about it, as it is to increase Wii U sales. We all benefit from that.

And you purchased the Wii U at the time you thought the price was right for it, or you shouldn't have.



ACK said:

@element187 Those are certainly the major factors in this decision; however, I can't ignore the significance of the announcement coming not long after they were able to assess Pikmin 3's impact.

Coupled with the indisputable fact that both Pikmin 3 and Rayman Legends being delayed cast a pall over the launch period. It's not hard to imagine some second-guessing (to put it mildly) over the delay.

Ultimately, I don't believe in the long run Pikmin 3's sales were greatly affected by the delay, yet the Wii U's could've been.



BATRA said:

is the 2ds coming with pokemon y and x what happen with 3DS xl y and x bundle?



CargoSushiimira said:

Just saw the video on Youtube, I was hoping it was fake....
But my friend would be happy since he plays mine in 2D, it's not just for kids but for people who don't like 3D but like the 3DS's games. GG Nintendo



ultrakatie64 said:

I really thought a 3DS without the 3D would be a bad idea, but considering who they are going for with this it actually makes a lot of sense and doesn't look too bad. I love the clamshell design though. Certainly, this will remove any uncertainty in people who didn't want the 3DS in the 3DS.

I'm not the least bit hurt by the Wii U price cut and don't see any valid reason to be. I've had it since March and it has gotten plenty of play time, so I've gotten my money's worth and have no complaints. I'd be more upset if they canned the Wii U out of lack of sales instead of doing everything they could to keep it going.

All that matters to me is that Nintendo continues making great hardware and great games that justify the cost of purchasing their products.



RegisteredNinja said:

I was pretty happy that they came up with the 2DS. I've really wanted to buy the 3DS just for the titles. However, I don't want to pay 169 dollars if I am not going to use its 3D function (really didn't like the 3D function as it hurts my eyes and is useless on the games that I like). The price is just about right. What i don't like though is the tablet-ish design... It doesn't look too portable and the buttons kinda look too faraway from each other. But nonetheless, will definitely get one.



DangerousDreams said:

I see a bigger brighter better future for the wiiu.
And the 2ds makes for nintendo reach for a wider audience. And the name is really clever



DarkCoolEdge said:

It's really disheartening seeing how much has changed for the worse the NLife community.

I knew I was going to buy a WiiU, probably for christmas or in january-february but with the price cut I might get it much sooner. I've been tempted with 290€ for the premium model, will I find it now for only 240-250€? A man can dream...

About the 2DS. I don't see any problem beyond marketing it (people still think the 3DS is just a DS with 3D. Others don't even know about the glasses-free 3D...) which might be even more difficult than WiiU's. The hardware itself is okay. A 3D-free 3DS aimed at kids with a very interesting price tag.

Internet has, again, overreacted.



zionich said:

Ill be getting each of my kids one. There is nothing more frustrating than watching my little open and close her brotherds 3ds. Right now my daughter plays with a leap pad 2 so this design has everything working for it for my kids.



banacheck said:

I think Nintendo have got it bang on with the 2Ds, right before Xmas at a cheaper price point hardly sacrificing anything, as a whole its a good time to be a gamer no matter what systems you own.



LAA said:

I can see why making a 2DS makes sense, however...its really ugly in my opinion and there wasn't really an outcry or need for such thing. What annoys me about this, is they're spending money on this, a thing not really needed, and they've admitted they havent done the things we've wanted them to do, and they're easily nearly 10year old problems. Account based system, achievements, region free, better integrated messaging system to name a few.
I'm not going with Nintendo next gen if they can't prove they listen to what their fans want. I can only take being ignored so much.

As for the Wii U price drop, good news for sure, but I don't think its a good enough drop. At least, I got a Wii U Premium for £260 in January and that did include NintendoLand. Its £100 less than a PS4, which is better than it was officially at least, however I think it needs a little more of a price drop. I think it if can drop £50 more, its in a better position to exist outside of PS4/X1.

Also awesome news about Windwaker getting released 2 weeks early digitally, which sounds awesome! However, even though for me its usually whichever method is cheaper I'll go with, it feels... a little weird to not get a Zelda gamebox..

There certainly was a Nintendo News Explosion though yesterday, no idea where that came from.



Quickman said:

The 2DS is a cheap option for the kids to play Pokemon on, they are even being released on the same day. I don't know why people are having such a hard time with this?



Yoshis_VGM said:

I'm a little upset with the Wii U price cut because I'm an early adopter. If they do an ambassador's program like they did with the 3DS and release some good games from maybe the N64 or (dare I say) the GameCube for free, then I'll be fine.



datamonkey said:

@hwrose379 - While I'd like an Ambassador program too, something tells me we aren't gonna get one as I'm sure it would have been announced with the price drop already.

I'd be more surprised if we did than if we didn't.



opeter said:

Wii U still expensive. If it would be about 200 € (199,00 €) with VAT, than I would buy one, but so ... no way.

And the prices of the retail games? Pha ... a joke.



GamerJunkie said:

Nintendo is going backwards..... More things for children.

Any adult would just buy a tablet nowadays. This device is huge, thick, clunky, ugly and aimed at small children.



Chabbox said:

The 2DS is pretty much solely for little children who have the great potential of snapping an ordinary 3DS. Although i'm happy to see a 'new' handheld, I hope this doesn't replace the potential of a next gen handheld from Nintendo.



FantasiaWHT said:

Nintendo also has a huge problem with branding - people not understanding the Wii U is a wholly new console and not a new gamepad controller for the Wii. "2DS" is confusing. Will *3*DS games work on a *2*DS? Counterintuitive.



A1234 said:

that 2DS design just looks awful. it is not going to do well.
price cuts are always good.



eza said:

regarding internal storage space, 32GB is more than enough for the 'casual' owner - the people who bought a wii with wii sports, and then got just dance 2 for it a year or two later.

just like a previous commenter, I bought a 2TB external drive (was £80) for my wii u and I know that will last me for the lifetime of the system.

regarding 'last gen'/'next gen': I've always had a Nintendo console for the unique games, and a super PC for the graphics. been doing it since the gamecube.
any xbone/ps4 claims of technical superiority are just laughed at by the PC.
with a PC and a wii u then you have the best of both worlds.
with the other consoles you sort of have a mediocre experience: graphics aren't up to PC quality, and gameplay's not up to Nintendo quality
(winking smiley means that comment was said tongue in cheek, i'm obviously acutely aware that all systems have good and bad games, those games can have good or bad graphics, and that graphics does not equal gameplay!)

the wii u looks great: PC gaming friends of mine tell me how amazing the graphics in pikmin 3 look, for instance.

2DS - just bring it out in Japan so I can import it!



element187 said:

@ACK you are correct, the delay might not have hurt Pikmin, but every game not out at launch hurt the Wii U sales, including Rayman.... if all the games that were slated as launch and launch window arrived on time the Wii U would be in a much stronger position, although probably much much lower than OG Wii.



element187 said:

@VolcanoFlames Thanks, I can't help but to look at the business side of things when Nintendo announces something... I think gamers only like to imagine what is good for them personally, and forget that Nintendo is first and foremost a business and need to do what they need to to rake in that cash.

You don't build up a 12 billion USD war chest from listening to the customer 100% of the time.



samstreet101 said:

Tom, I wouldn't be too surprised if your £220 estimate for a Wii U deluxe is almost spot on. Amazon are currently selling the deluxe model for £247 and I understand the price cut is going to equate to approx. £30 in the UK meaning that amazon (if they follow the recommendation anyway) could potentially sell it for £217



World said:

As someone who can't play with 3D (I get eyestrain headaches even at the lowest setting), I would have appreciated this option if I didn't already have a 3DS. However, I wouldn't buy this because I really like the clamshell design! Instantly making a frustrating game go poof! by slamming the lid shut is very gratifying, like slamming shut a terrible book.
But, if it's as small as it looks, it is cute.



LeonChamp said:

If this console is in 2d, as opposed to 3d, then WHY HAS IT GOT TWO CAMERAS AT THE BACK???????



Shambo said:

I'll get 2ds for my collection, and the price cut -while not necessary, if you ask me- is a great move. I already said it many times, but Wii U premium packs have plenty of value for less money than the 'cheapest' 'rival' with just a system for more money.



technotreegrass said:

I hope that Nintendo does something for the early adopters of the Wii U like they did for the early 3DS adopters. I'm waiting for the next Mario Kart for a Wii U, and I bet a lot of other people are doing the same thing. The price cut does sweeten the deal for my wallet and hopefully others as well.



Jajayal said:

From working in a game shop I know there has been a lot of confusion about the 3ds and the WiiU. Most parents buying the 3ds think its a DS that does 3d. When they do know about the 3ds they want to know if they can turn off the 3d as there is a young kid playing it. This in conjunction with Pokemon X/Y will do very well.



LeonChamp said:

@technotreegrass yeah I understand that, but my point was , why has it got (two cameras on the back) as this implies it takes 3d pictures/video, which is pointless on a 2d console!! Not unless I missing something!! I would of thought it would of bad one at the front & one at the back like the DSi!!

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