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Rayman Legends is Still a Wii U Exclusive in Japan, Apparently

Posted by Thomas Whitehead


Rayman Legends is out now in Europe, with the North America release on 3rd September, and we think it's wonderful. The concensus around the web to date has generally been that this is a top-notch experience that's unmissable, yet for some Nintendo fans it's still a sore point that it's taken this long to arrive, and that it's also nestling on the shelves for PS3, Xbox 360 and eventually the Vita.

There is one region where this is still a Wii U exclusive, however, and that's in Nintendo's homeland of Japan. In fact, Nintendo is reportedly publishing the game in the region, clearly showing a renewal of cordiality with Ubisoft. There was a spell — after Ubisoft's multiplatform announcement — when Rayman Legends was off the promotional menu at Nintendo, or was at least a lot less prominent in Nintendo Direct broadcasts and other marketing efforts. That's rather notably changed as the Western launch approached, and there were even Mario and Luigi outfits unveiled for use in game; perhaps this publishing deal in Japan helped to smooth over the relationship.

Whatever the case, this title will only be available on the Wii U in Japan. Is Rayman a popular franchise in the region? If Nintendo shows off what the game is all about, the identity of the mascot shouldn't actually be an issue; it arrives in Japan on 17th October.


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Aerona said:

Eh... well that's good news for Nintendo, but at this point I guess we'd be celebrating the fact that less people get to play it. After all, the Japanese had to wait longer just like everyone else, without the benefit of the game being more widely available.



Marshi said:

Ah delay shmeemay! The game is amazing. Best platformer ive played since donkey kong country returns!



Ignatius_Cheese said:

What is Nintendo's policy on including Club Nintendo PINs with games? I thought it was only First Party published titles? I was therefore surprised to find one in the Rayman Legends case.



AlexSora89 said:

That's it, I'm moving to Japan.

Seriously though, what about keeping it as an exclusive here? I mean, Japan is a single state, while the U.S. and Europe are, well, entire continents. I just don't get where the good news are.



sinalefa said:

@mch @Araknie

He did not word it correctly, but after all, any game that hits NA goes to the US, Canada, and Latin America, so in that respect it works as a continent.



marck13 said:

The game seems to be very very good so that is great news and hopefully some more consoles get sold in Japan because of it.
After Ubisoft´s dirty play they produce for nicely for the Wii U and to me that´s all now in the past. I am looking forward to "watch_that_dog" know



element187 said:

@AlexSora89 The Canadians don't like to be talked "aboot" like that. and our Mexican amigos to the South don't like to be left out.... Our carribean friends work tree jobs 'mon, they can afford Wii U's too 'mon.

I believe I hit on all the stereotypes in North America.



Godstrike said:

@element187 actually you forgot the canaidians eh at the end of every sentence even though it slips out most time I know I am a canaidian



element187 said:

@Godstrike I always think they say 'A' after every sentence... my parents family is from Northern Michigan, they sound like Canadians to me, and yes they use 'eh' alot as well... I think they are referred to as Yoopers.



Quickman said:

Well if you think about it, there would be no point releasing it for the 360 over there..



TechnoEA said:

Makes sense that would happen.

Love the Box Art for Japan.

I'm glad it's Multi-plat here, as I'm not shelling out money for Wii U just for 2 games.. at the moment (Wind Waker and This).



Dyltheman said:

well, its good to see ubisoft and nintendo still have a good relationship. looks like my hopes of rayman in smash aren't shattered!



Sharkspawn said:

Such a flip flop Ubisoft, they should have just left this an exclusive Nintendo title, it would have been so much easier and with the sales being a lot better on Wii U anyways it wouldn't have made a difference.

In my opinion it would have been smarter to release this 7 months ago when they announced it as a Wii U only title, then re-release this on other platforms... They would have had a way better outcome then.

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