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Pure Chess Developer: Wii U Is "Quite A Beast Of A Machine"

Posted by Damien McFerran

Bringing the game to the eShop was a "no brainer"

Chess is a game of incredible depth and tactics, and thankfully Wii U owners will be getting a digital version in the form of Pure Chess very soon.

Mark Williams of developer VooFoo has been chatting with Official Nintendo Magazine about the forthcoming release, and had some glowing words of praise for Nintendo's latest console:

Wii U really seemed to be an ideal platform to bring Pure Chess to – it’s quite a beast of a machine so is very capable of throwing around some pretty impressive visuals. Also, there was no chess game available on Wii U already, let alone one that looked quite as stunning as this. This, combined with Nintendo’s desire to get a chess game onto the platform, meant that it was really a no brainer.

Williams also explained that Nintendo was very supportive of idea of cross-platform play, which means that Wii U players can compete with iOS and Android owners. He also added that VooFoo is keen to support to the Wii U in the future and is already planning on bringing more of its titles to the eShop.

Pure Chess will launch before the end of the year, and is also coming to the 3DS eShop. You can read a bit more about it in our exclusive interview with Ripstone, the UK company which is publishing the game.


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DBMONK said:

Don't get me wrong, i LOVE my Wii U, but a "Beast of a machine"??
please, be serious, its barely at ps3 standards graphically.
hopefully we get some games that will eventually push what it can do, but i doubt chess will be the game to do that! O.o



Subie98 said:

It looks great, i'd buy it, i love chess. I used to play in chess tournaments.



SanderEvers said:

The Wii U beats the PS3 at every level, technically. However the games aren't really showing the best of the Wii U. Which is a shame. Same happened to the Wii.



MegaWatts said:

I have to say that I'm really looking forward to this one! It looks stunning!



DBMONK said:

@SanderEvers And that was my point.... it COULD look better than the PS3, but it does not even look as good 99% of the time. i mean even games that are on both consoles look worse on the Wii U. such a shame as this is one of the things that puts people off getting into the Wii U.



LztheQuack said:

@DBMONK There are other aspects in power than just graphics. Also, games are not going to take advantage of a console's power right off the bat anyway



hYdeks said:

the Wii U is a beast of a machine.....says the people who are bringing a freakin chess game to it ¬¬ sigh even when Nintendo gets praises, it still seems like a joke

you know whats better than buying a game to play chess? just buying a chess board and playing it that way



rambosdad said:

And the fly people in from all over the world to play with you, mmmmmmmm sounds expensive.



MAB said:

Yeah because all games should just be about shoot em/slice em bro... Try hooking your chess board up to the net for some online dude



DarkEdi said:

This graphics are even better than showed of PS4 or Xbox1. I want this game in Wii U.



dumedum said:

Looking forward to it... and yes, it's a beast. With a freakin' tablet too.



Sir_JBizzle said:

Ahhhhh can't wait for this one. I haven't played a virtual chess game since Chessmaster on the NES!



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Developer: Wii U is a beast of a machine!
Nintendo "fans": NO! YOU'RE WRONG!!!! PS4 IS BETTER!!!!

Did I miss something?



WiiLovePeace said:

I'm looking forward to this game on its features alone (asynchronous, cross-platform play & graphics) even though I have no interest in chess at all. I'm really hoping that the tutorials both teach me chess really well & get me interested in chess itself. I may pick it up on 3DS too but definitely on Wii U.



Zaphod_Beeblebrox said:

I don't have a Wii U but I think I'll "check" this out on the 3DS, "mate" (ho, ho, ho). I haven't played chess in centuries.



bezerker99 said:

This will be mine once it hits the eShop. I wouldn't mind getting it for both 3ds and Wii U.



Chris720 said:

Now would be a good time for unified accounts and cross-play... buy the game once, play a game on your 3DS coming home, finish the game on your Wii U.



element187 said:

@DBMONK considering the PS3 and x360 can't do dynamic lighting, yes, the Wii U is a beast of a machine.

Pikmin 3 already surpassed anything released on the subHD twins. Take your little captains and walk them up to any surface, and you get the lights bouncing off every surface... The PS3/x360 tried to fake dynamic lighting by prebaking it in cut scenes or hiding in very dark areas with use of a flashlight, and if you walk up on the walls in the dark in TLOU you see ps2 levels of textures and polygons.

HDR, displacement mapping, the upgraded bokeh effects only found in modern GPU's all show the system completely out of reach of the PS3/x360. I love my ps3, but lets not use rose tinted glasses here.... And the Wii U is doing all these effects that would choke the PS3 in full 720p, whereas on the subHD twins most games weren't even 720p.

MK8 is really about to show how aged the PS3 is.... here is what a kart racer looks like on the PS3:
30fps, subHD 720p... Not good enough? heres little big planet kart racer
another 30fps game.

MK8 will be using Dynamic lighting liberally like they did in PIkmin 3, the game will run at a full 60fps, in 2 player splitscreen WHILE rendering a second screen on the gamepad. The PS3 wouldn't even be able to run the game at 15fps let alone the 60fps the Wii U will be pushing.... can we stop with this nonsense the Wii U is on par with the PS3? there is several showcases where a developer put in the work and the game blows the doors off anything we have seen on the sub HD twins.



Interneto said:

@MrWalkieTalkie Yap, you are missing something...

Being a fan doesn't mean that we are unable to understand what's better or worse than what we admire (e.g. Wii U). Nevertheless, it's still a "beast of a machine".



unrandomsam said:

From that interview looks like they know nothing about internet chess.

FICS or ICS both support timeseal which is used so if there is lag then you don't lose your time.

They also have systems so they can detect if someone is just using a computer program and putting the moves in.

Playing something like 3 minutes no increment stops that as well.

No reason to have a proprietary system when there is both a free and a paid one that has the difficult stuff already sorted out.

For single player you need an engine that is fun to play.

(The one Nintendo licensed for Wii Chess was quite good).

If they write their own it will suck. If they use a freely available one it will likely be strong but not fun to play.

Chess doesn't need graphical power.

(Even the default xboard look is fine.)



Alienfish said:

Yep, people forget the WiiU does two screens, both at 60fps, one at 720p and the other at just higher than SD while PS3/Xbox 360 usually sacrifice 30fps and usually some of that 720p resolution just to put a little more into the game environment. Nintendo's always been about the framerate, and quite honestly I like it that way.



TheRealThanos said:


" ...and the other at just higher than SD... "

That's 480p for all you tech heads out there... (no offence meant, just had to add that to your comment)
@element187 Thanks for putting that out there, getting pretty sick and tired of the 'below or on par with current gen' comments, and that makes me loathe to keep posting comments that proof otherwise, so nice to see someone else have the same common sense, it isn't rocket science...



TheRealThanos said:

@element187 I do have to add (also to stay ahead of PS3 Musketeers coming to the rescue) that you did select a VERY ugly clip from Mod Nation Racers. The guy in the video apparently made it himself and it looks very barren and simple. Mod Nation Racers is capable of producing better tracks and the standard ones also hardly look that ugly, which doesn't take away anything from the point you made, so I still agree with you and I can understand you wanting to underline your point by making the contrast even bigger than it already is.



capitalism said:


Yep you're missing the fact that PS4 and Xbox people love to come to Nintendo sites when they see an article saying that the "Wii U is a beast of a machine" and proclaim that's not the case because their machines are soooo much better. It's also multi-console owners that love to justify spending thousands of dollars on multiple systems because they believe owning a Nintendo console alone is not hardcore enough.


Damn right, couldn't have said it better myself. And I love it when someone proves that the Wii U is indeed a next gen machine that has some power behind it when people try to use the same little line "OMG Wii U is so underpowered and barely matches up to 360/ps3" bullpoopiedoodoodingdongdoodiepoops that we have to hear all the time when those claims have no evidence to back them up.



StarDust4Ever said:

Who cares about graphics, the Wii-U quad core processor will wipe the floor compared to PS3 and 360. Chess is all about strategy.



Alienfish said:

@lex0plex It is fully capable of doing so, but the best performance is attained at the 720p level for the more complex games and that's why I chose to single out that resolution. Think about it, 1080p contains more than twice as many pixels as 720p, therefore it makes sense to give the GPU other tasks than just rendering a higher resolution. 720 is still pretty good, and since the Wii U doesn't have any anti-aliasing for 1080, it makes sense to use the lower resolution. Some games, like Toki Tori 2 and I think Scribblenaughts Unlimited, use the full resolution, but they aren't very taxing games from a technical standpoint, but for games like Pikmin 3 and basically any of the upcoming 3D rendered games, the effects in the environment are going to need more of the GPU to render at 60 frames. As far as Xbox One and PS4 are concerned, having to render in 1080p all the time is going to make the graphics comparison between them and Wii U that much closer.



element187 said:

@Alienfish PS4/xBone might have more games at 1080p, but I can guarantee you the Wii U will have far more games running 60fps.

I prefer a higher framerate to a higher resolution anyday of the week. Gameplay is much improved.



element187 said:

@TheRealThanos The neogaf sony circle jerk propaganda has done a number on the Wii U's reputation. Even Nintendo fans are starting to belive the BS of it only being on par.

The reason why you didn't see dynamic lighting out in the open on every scene on the sub HD twins out of the entire 7 year generation is because the performance impact on the machine was so massive... just like we never saw tesselation on the sub-HD twins because the performance hit would make any game unplayable... The Wii U is running dynamic lighting all over the place, and Shin'en is claiming they are getting the Wii U to do tesselations on one of their new games and its still hitting its 60fps framerate target.

I guess if people just take ports and compare it, they will assume the system is on par, but thats a business decision by third parties... why put all this effort into taking advantage of all of the goodies in a modern GPU if its only going to sell 100k copies or so...... It has absolutely nothing to do with the strength of the system. Criterion proved the system is completely out of reach of the PS3/x360....and we will continue to see more examples of it (Pikmin 3, X, MK8, Smash)... Smash is actually doing 1080p and 60fps, come on, whats the last fighting game on the PS3/x360 that can do 1080p AND 60fps and look that sharp. And no, Injustice is rendered in 720p and upscaled to 1080p, not the same as rendered in native 1080p.



JohninMotion said:

This game looks sick! I will definitely be buying this when it is released! Does anyone know of a release date?



TheRealThanos said:

@element187 Okay, clear on the YouTube clips then. Your second message kind of comes across as if I am against Wii U or like I'm not in agreement with what you said, while I completely am, so it's sort of a case of preaching to the choir here.
If you weren't then consider this message null and void.

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