Chess in its purest form

Chess is a game of incredible depth and tactics, and thankfully Wii U owners will be getting a digital version in the form of Pure Chess very soon.

Mark Williams of developer VooFoo has been chatting with Official Nintendo Magazine about the forthcoming release, and had some glowing words of praise for Nintendo's latest console:

Wii U really seemed to be an ideal platform to bring Pure Chess to – it’s quite a beast of a machine so is very capable of throwing around some pretty impressive visuals. Also, there was no chess game available on Wii U already, let alone one that looked quite as stunning as this. This, combined with Nintendo’s desire to get a chess game onto the platform, meant that it was really a no brainer.

Williams also explained that Nintendo was very supportive of idea of cross-platform play, which means that Wii U players can compete with iOS and Android owners. He also added that VooFoo is keen to support to the Wii U in the future and is already planning on bringing more of its titles to the eShop.

Pure Chess will launch before the end of the year, and is also coming to the 3DS eShop. You can read a bit more about it in our exclusive interview with Ripstone, the UK company which is publishing the game.