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Prepare to Unite for The Wonderful 101's Nintendo Direct on 9th August

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Expect some craziness

After today's Nintendo Direct broadcasts told us about some upcoming games and dished up the occasional surprise, there's the happy news that we have less than two days to wait for our next presentation. At the close of both the European and North American presentations it was confirmed that a special Nintendo Direct for The Wonderful 101 is on the way.

Of course, PlatinumGames has been using its blog to gradually reveal details and characters, but this Nintendo Direct broadcast is sure to feature a lot of footage along with details on game modes and characters. Having seen plenty of the game in recent times ahead of our review, we can only say that you can expect some frantic, eyeball popping and frenzied action to be on show.

This Nintendo Direct will take place on Friday 9th August at 7am Pacific / 10am Eastern / 3pm UK / 4pm European time. Perhaps the popular and self professed "Twitter Master" Hideki Kamiya, the game's Director, will also enliven proceedings; the game arrives in Europe on 23rd August and North America on 15th September.

As always you'll be able to watch the broadcast right here at Nintendo Life, and we'll deliver our usual live texting and post-broadcast coverage. Will you be tuning in?

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NImH said:

Man! This game looks epic. Nintendo's just starting with the end-of-year hits. I'm gonna be so broke.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

It feels like NOW the Wii U is truly releasing! Like this whole time it's just been some beta test. But now games are coming out finally!



Ryno said:

Not sold on it personally but cool for those are interested in it. Good to see Nintendo getting more of a presence out in the wild.



DePapier said:

@MrWalkieTalkie It truly has been a beta test from launch until Pikmin 3: at least that how I see as a launch day Wii U owner. But hey: now the good games are rollin'!!



seronja said:

PlatinumGames inc. baby, cant wait to see what's the direct about =) i also hope that one of the characters shows up in the next SSB game too =P



LeVideoGamer said:

Looks alright but I can't see myself buying it day 1. Certainly not excited enough to want one of the characters in SSB4.



Warruz said:

Demo! Demo! Demo! Demo!

I honestly have no idea whats going on this game, a demo would go a long distance.



zoroarkrules25 said:

I'm betting right now the direct ends with a trailer for one of the characters joining smash bros. There was a rumor from a usually realiable source stating there would be a character from the game in smash bros. That will be my only reason for watching this even though the game seems interesting.



BATRA said:

i have a feeling that we may see a wonderful character in super smash bros as a playable character in the game



DiscoGentleman said:

I don't need to be convinced to buy it, I've been sold on it a long time ago. But, this is great for those who aren't sure yet. HOPEFULLY this will reach to a wider audience than just Nintendo fans, though.



raith said:

Without a doubt, W101 is my most anticipated game for this year. From everything that I've seen, I know I'm in for a blast. Thank you, PG and Nintendo.



C-Olimar said:

Wasn't a fan of this at comicon tbh but I'm sure it's better in the right environment, which is why I'm downloading it for only £28!



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

I really hope this sells well, but judging by the amount of comments on here the excitement is kind of... ikd o_0. I'll be buying it for sure.



SkywardCrowbar said:

My question is, are we still going to get those unannounced games this holiday? It's almost August 10th. They need to announce them soon if they are at all.

Also, where is that system update?



WiiLovePeace said:

No point in me watching the Nintendo Direct on the Wonderful 101 since I'm buying it anyway. Hope it helps spread the W101 awesomeness across the internets though



PanurgeJr said:

This is easily the game I'm most excited about this fall, and I intend that as a compliment to Platinum and Kamiya, considering how much I'm looking forward to what Vanillaware and Suda have in store this month. The early screenshots and descriptions didn't do justice to what gameplay videos have shown. I'll be getting this day one (well, week one; I just now got around to Ni No Kuni, and I do have Dragon's Crown and Killer Is Dead from the aforementioned Vanillaware and Suda), and while I understand that Wii U doesn't have the install base yet (and ranting on it is for another time), I hope the attachment rate is solid. In fact, I'm going to suggest something to Nintendo fans who are putting off buying a Wii U until Mario Kart, or Zelda, or X, or whatever: it will be worth it to get the system now to play this game. You'll still have your Wii U when Kart, or Zelda, or Smash, I forgot Smash, is released, and you'll be able to play them as well.



Funky_Gamer said:

Nintendo gives flipnote no love...Flipnote is like the equivalent to Mega loved, no respect



ToniK said:

I'm gonna check this out for sure. I too am still quite clueless what's going on in this game. I've seen the footage and all but am still eager to see more. I could love this.
To my own surprise one of my favorite Wii games was Little King's Story, a true hidden gem. That taught me the important lesson of giving chances to games you don't "feel" instantly.



DrSlump said:

From Pikmin3 to Wonderfull 101 in one month... nintendo is really rocking



Marshi said:

Its interesting how much bad press wiiu gets,yet if you stack up allthe aaa games being released now in comparison to,say the ps4 lineup the wiiu comes out on top.
Im super excited for ps4,but me and a mate sat down and discussed the games for it,and we both realised theres little we actualy want! And thats the way gamers work nowadays,they get so hyped for something without knowing why they are hyped aside from the fact everyone else is. And they will hate on a console they havnt even played simply because everyone else is hating on it.

So heres the facts: this year wiiu has Pikmin 3,W101,splintercell blacklist, ww hd, rayman legends, mario 3d world, donkey kong tropical freeze, deus ex wiiu. Assassins creed 4, watchdogs

Ps4 has infamous second the rest arent out till next year.oh wait scratch that,infamous second son isnt out till feb 2014!

So I dont care about sales figures this and sales figures that,i just know that this year il be loving my wiiu more than any other console



banacheck said:

Looking forwards to playing this, PG makes some excellent games..

All of the PS4 games have not been announced yet, and there some excellent games already for the PS4. & for the PS3 come fall, looking forwards to Kingdom of Hearts 1.5 HD Remix, GTA5 myself.

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