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Pokémon X & Y Japanese Pre-Orders Pass a Quarter of a Million in Two Days

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Bonuses and figurines sure help

Pokémon X & Y is likely to be a major sales success in the West, judging by the series' history and the hype for the title, but it's in Japan where excitement for the franchise is quite simply on another level. Pre-orders have launched in the region and, as well as hardware bundles selling out on Amazon, it seems the software itself is on course for substantial results.

Based on figures from Media Create and as reported by Siliconera, 260,000 copies of the two versions were reportedly pre-ordered in just two days; that's impressive by any marker. Pokémon Black and White 2 reached 1.16 million sales a week before it hit stores, but with nearly two months until launch this new-generation entry could surpass that total.

Sales have probably been helped along by pre-order bonuses from The Pokémon Center, which include clear file folders and the figurines pictured above. Those that are super-keen and order both versions will also received a A4-sized “World Art” book packed with features, and a 3-track CD.

We expect various promotions to emerge in the West in the coming weeks, and those figurines would probably go down a storm.


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aaallenbrah said:

That is completely amazing,wow. I hope the preorder bonuses head to the west, me needs the xerneas figure!



WingedSnagret said:

Too bad Pokemon doesn't have the same overselling power in the home console division.

Regardless, nice to see this doing so well months before launch.



Shambo said:

I want the figures too! My girlfriend gets X, I'll get Y.
I skipped b&w v2 because I just got black after deciding not to. I found the black edition dsi (with the game, obviously) brand new, way cheaper than a regular dsi on the very same shelf in a toy store (where I went to get possibly the last brand new Zelda 3ds system publicly available at a normal price, but I'm losing focus here). So I got it. But I really wanted a Pkmn for 3ds. And the version 2's weren't, and I still had the first black to finish.

But now, my body is ready. And so are my balls. Yes, the Poké ones.



sinalefa said:

Those figurines are sooo sweet. I am definitely getting the game, but I would preorder right away if they announce these figurines in the West, available from any retailer.



rjejr said:

My kids each have 1 of those $1 pre-order cards from Target that come w/ a $5 GC at time of game purchase. I wonder if the US gets anything like this if those cards will still work?

Anyway, I never saw pre-order cards for Pikmin 3 or W101 or Windwaker HD, and we'll probably never see them for DKC:TF or SM3DW either. Iwata needs to get with the times. Pre-orders help sell games, w/ or without extras. It's called marketing.



Dexter2015 said:

@snoox you got a X in your username so get the X one. They are the same game just some Pokemon not are in one and you got Pokemon that are not in the other!



zeldagaymer93 said:

@rjejr I agree with you. I love Nintendo and their games so much. But if they don't get their marketing right then it's really going to screw them over (like it already has been). The marketing for Wii U has been a disaster and that's part of the reason why it's not doing so well.

Side note, when I pre-ordered Pokemon X at GaemStop last week I received a poster for the game there and then!



Phle said:

Those figurines! I want one! And one of those world art books too! Please come to Europe (Ö_Ö)



ricklongo said:

Man, those are crazy numbers. I intendo to get my copy of Pokémon X at launch, so let's hope my local stores don't sell out immediately.



ShadowFox254 said:

That's the power of Pokémon alright. The only franchise that can go up against Pokémon is Monster Hunter.



zoroarkrules25 said:

@ricklongo: if stores like gamestop don't have games like mario and luigi dream team at launch, then you probably won't be able to get either at launch. So i suggest reserving one.



ricklongo said:

@zoroarkrules25 Well, Dream Team is significantly more niche than Pokémon, truth be told. The last time I tried to buy a 3DS game day 1 (DKCR3D), I managed to find copies in the largest retailers in my region. That said, with the crazy popularity this game will probably get, it may indeed be smart to reserve a copy, as much as I loath pre-buying stuff.



DarkKirby said:

It'd be nice if I knew more about what the differences of the games actually were before making a preorder.



flummerfelt said:

I'd love a pre-order bonus here in the states, especially a figurine or a poster. I'm still waiting for the version exclusive list though anyway.



FilmerNgameR said:

It will be awsome if X and Y has a battle frontier like in Platinum. The music from that place was fantastic!



Obito_Sigma said:

Japan gets figures, bundles, exclusive Pokemon app, everything. It's no wonder why Japan has more hype than the west. They get nearly every game months earlier than us, at least we get to be the same level as them, so we don't have to face shiny level 100's on wi-fi battles the week after the game gets released everywhere else in the world. We finally get a chance.



crobatman said:

I still don't know which version to get :S
I wish that the rest of the world would get these pre-order bonuses, all I can get right now is a pokeball cartridge holder :/



chucknorrmis said:

-Japan gets good pre order stuff (typical)
-Europe gets a cool pokeball gamecard holder (or was it UK only?)
-US gets a double sided poster which I've picked up already...
seriously, what the hell? Why is Europe getting better stuff than the US now, we're the bigger market and it's been US before Europe for years!



ajcismo said:

This might be a dumb question... but why again isn't there a Pokemon RPG for the Wii U? Even making any of the generations available on the VC, doing trades/battles via Miiverse, might move a system or 2.
My mind is blown by the missed opportunity Nintendo has with the cash printing machine that is Pokemon... and how none of its past games are on either Virtual Console.



chucknorrmis said:

@ajcismo because pokemon was, and always is, meant to be played practically anywhere. Playing it on the handheld almost embodies the spirit of a real-deal pokemon trainer because you can battle, trade, and hang out with trainers everywhere you go. No offense to you but I have always hated that question.



IceClimbers said:

Thats Pokemon for you. X/Y are gonna break all the records. Lets see why:

1. Its Pokemon
2. Its the first Pokemon games of the 6th Generation
3. Its the first fully 3D Pokemon game, something people have been waiting for a long time.
4. Its the first main series Pokemon game on new hardware in 7 years
5. Its the first time that Pokemon will receive a worldwide release on the same day.
6. Fairy types.
7. The new designs have been more well received than the last two generations
8. Mega Evolutions

Yeah, these are gonna be record breaking.



ajcismo said:

Last I checked, the Wii U needed a sales boost & Nintendo likes to make money. Outdated concepts of a nearly 20 year old franchise don't hold water to me with the likes of Miiverse and cross-platform gaming between the 3DS and the U. Not adjusting to the current times and tech has kept Big N the laughing stock for years now in the industry. Don't really care if you don't like the question, its been asked quite a bit over the years and it should continue to be asked as the tech goes beyond just being on a handheld.



IceClimbers said:

Both Game Freak and Nintendo are well aware that a main series Pokemon game on Wii U would make the system fly off shelves. However, the day they start making the main series games for consoles is the day they can kiss their handhelds goodbye. Pokemon is short for Pocket Monsters. Its supposed to be on handhelds, regardless of tech.



ajcismo said:

I'm starting to sound like a guy named Pachter, lol. I get the concept of the series, I have since the first time I linked my old Gameboy with another one via that clunky black cable. Maybe its frustration out of a lack of the series on either eShop combined with daily doom & gloom articles?

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