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PlatinumGames Discusses the Expanded Target Audience of The Wonderful 101

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

"This is a chance for people who usually don't play Platinum titles"

The Wonderful 101 arrives in Europe this week and on 15th September in North America, and of all the major Wii U retail releases this year is arguably the most unique. Creative, high-octane action titles are somewhat expected of its developer, PlatinumGames, but nevertheless this is a new IP quite unlike what's come from the studio before, something of which its team is more than aware.

Speaking to Famitsu magazine and translated by Polygon, director Hideki Kamiya explained that producing a new IP has its risks, but believes that gamers who dive in will appreciate stepping into the franchise in its beginning stages.

I always like to be in the trenches of game development, so my biggest worry right now is how many people are going to try it out. To be honest, I think that working on a new IP requires a sort of bravery that you don't need with a franchise. At the same time, I think it's a vital part of the experience that you play the game right at the time that it's born. I wanted this game to be a good thing for people to run into, and I think that if you try it out, you'll definitely be satisfied.

What's also notable about this game is that, despite its bombastic set-pieces and high levels of action, the violence is suitable for younger audiences, with an absence of gore in particular; it has a fantastical, Pixar-movie approach in that respect. Both Kamiya-san and producer Atsushi Inaba reflected on this approach and the hope of reaching a wide audience.

Inaba: Along those lines, we definitely were aiming to make a 'game with no blood,' similar to Viewtiful Joe and Okami. The Wonderful 101 has really fresh, invigorating visuals, and I think the visuals are really approachable to all walks of gamer. The hero-like look adds a nice balance to things, and you can enjoy the look for what it is and also for what lies under it.

Kamiya: Hero-oriented stories like this one don't have blood. I think it's important instead to depict how people are really bashing their souls against each other in the story, not just shedding blood but sending literal sparks and flames flying all over the place. That's why we put that sort of focus on the game content.

Inaba: This is the first action game we've made at Platinum with a CERO B rating [ages 12 and up], so I'm hoping that we can expand the userbase here. I feel like this is a chance for people who usually don't play Platinum titles to come up to us, and I think the quality is up to snuff to make that happen. It'll be fun to see what new gamers think of it.

Let us know what you think of these comments, and also whether this game's approach appeals to you. It's not long before gamers around the world will be able to experience it for themselves.


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Shworange said:

I was going to buy pikmin 3, but decided to hold off and get this first. I have to support these guys!



Judgedean said:

Will be downloading it after finishing Earthbound, Runner 2 and Splinter Cell. Just need to make sure I don't miss the 30% discount cut off date.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I will get this after I've done a couple of speed-runs of Pikmin 3. I wonder what CeX are giving in store credit for Pikmin.....



BakaKnight said:

Damn! Just thought that afterall I could wait for buy this game and here a news remembering me how awesome it is! >.<
Not sure I'll be able to resist the hype at this rate @.@;



Freakazoid said:

I will get it tomorrow ( but only if my payment arrives....) and im suuuper excited esspecially after this great review



rjejr said:

Very honest interview and I feel bad for the guy as seemingly everything is against him - new IP, on a console w/ a relatively small install base, and the people who own that console tend to not buy a lot of non-Nintendo games. I actually think this game would have sold really well on the PS3, much better than PSASBR anyway.
On the bright side Nintendo is doing the right thing w/ the Nintendo Direct and the DL demo - should be in store kiosks but maybe they are waiting for the release date - and the 4 page Gameinformer ad. And this releases a full month after Pikmin 3 w/o any real competition, unless Rumble takes off.
And Rumble U worries me b/c its a good looking game thats only $18. When W101 was first shown I thought it was a $15 eShop game due to the artwork. I've since been convinced otherwise but there must still be others who feel the same way.
So I definitely feel for those guys, they can't be getting much sleep.



The-Chosen-one said:

What the WiiU really needs is a tsunami of advertising, and really showing what the Controller is capable of, and show some games with awesome graphics, like watchdogs, and maybe a trailer from the New Epic zelda, nintendo cant afford to hold back now, this is the time to go all-out. the WiiU is capable of so many things, they can bring many Strategy fans to the console, to bring those game on the WiiU, they can bring first person shooter fans to the WiiU, if they have an awesome unique FP-Shooter, if they can do something with Sega to bring a new Virtua fighter to the Console (which is in my opinion) the best fighter ever still.
or maybe a remake of Shenmue 1&2 to also fund a part 3. they will have ALOT of WiiU consoles being sold worldwide.
But Nintendo has to do something, right now they are to slow with things.

And with Smashbros, they have to convince both partys, like; they who want cutscenes and they who dont want it, the WiiU disc has 25Gig discspace, so they can bring Classic Adventure (like melee) and Adventure Story mode with Cutscenes, to please both party's.

Nintendo will have a comeback what it needs now are Games (EPIC games) that blow everyone away.



alLabouTandroiD said:

I gave the demo some fair chances on all the different difficulty settings but didn't find it very fun. The first two difficulty levels were way too easy while the Normal one was punishing me just a bit too much. Having the group of people around also never felt that compelling to me. And since i don't care about 'em it became a huge chore to gather 'em back up after being hit by a villain.
So since i've got huge doubts i'll ever really enjoy the main gameplay i'd mainly get it for the refreshing scenario. I'll probably do that once i can find it for a good price.



JaxonH said:

This game will go down in history as one of the finest exclusives on the Wii U- I can see it now. After the 8th gen is over, I think people will speak of this game with the same level of respect and admiration as Okami. The game is just flat-out spectacular. The demo hooked me so bad I played it 3 times straight from beginning to end! Any game that can do that to me, a guy who will rarely even play a demo through once, is a keeper for sure.

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