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Platinum Teases "Special Announcement" After Today's Wonderful 101 Direct

Posted by Damien McFerran

"Don’t turn off the Internet just yet"

Today we'll be gifted with a special Wonderful 101 Nintendo Direct, packed with information relating to Platinum's upcoming action title.

On the W101 Blog, Platinum has revealed that it has "something extra" to announce "shortly after" the broadcast ends:

After the Nintendo Direct is over though, don’t turn off the Internet just yet, because we’ll have a little something extra to announce shortly after!

The post has led many to suspect the news will be delivered during the broadcast itself, but Platinum has since clarified the comments on Twitter:

What could this special announcement possibly be? A new mode in the game, or something entirely unrelated to The Wonderful 101? Be sure to let us know what you think by posting a comment below.


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Shambo said:

Can't wait for this ND, the announcement and of course this game. It's a great -but expensive- month. Rayman, w101, Splinter Cell, and for ps3 Killer is Dead.

Also, my girlfriends birthday.



MeWario said:

Def won't be Wonderful 101 related... Man, I wonder what it is! Exciting!!!



nik1470 said:

W101 Demo saved game - transfers into the full retail (assuming the demo with be part of the ND news).



Emblem said:

New game or Bayonetta release date would be cool. But im sure ill be happy even if its a joke lol.



Judgedean said:

Wishful thinking but either a release date for Bayonetta 2 or No More Heroes 3



Peach64 said:

My initial thought was a W101 character in Smash, but surely they'd include that in the Direct?

Hopefully it's a new game now they're finished with 101. Brand new IP.



seronja said:

wonder red in smash bros. would be fantastic, also a demo of W101 after the direct would be nice too



MrGawain said:

I'd say Bayonetta 1 for the eShop as well. I'd buy it!- which would be the first time I'd break my rule about downloading games!



MrGawain said:


Or they aren't putting anything in the direct about Bayonetta because it would put an 18/adult certificate on the trailer, which would harm 101.



Nintenjoe64 said:

@MrGawain similar reasoning but maybe just maybe, they'll announce that they've finished porting GTA5 for Wii U in time for the PS360 version launch...



Shambo said:

Interesting speculations... NMH3, Bayonetta on eShop, new IP, W101 demo... (although a demo would probably be 'available right after this presentation'). Any of these, I'd pick 'em all up.



deusy said:

So where will it show up. One the direct site, or on their Twitter?



cornishlee said:

Excellent speculation already. I'll back those saying this is unrelated to W101 - no reason not to have it in the Direct otherwise.



LeVideoGamer said:

Hopefully it won't be related to The Wonderful 101. Maybe the original Bayonetta will be released on the Wii U? A release date for Bayonetta 2? Maybe a new game altogether?

@Judgedean Didn't Suda 51 create No More Heroes?



Marshi said:

Bayonneta 1 available to download from e shop please please please please!



Judgedean said:

Bayonetta 1 would be great!! Makes sense in a way - get people excited for the squeal and fills in the gap while waiting for B2. Don't think there would be too much effort porting the x360 version over to the WiiU.



Peach64 said:

At first I thought I'd want Platinum to grab the rights to Viewtiful Joe or Okami and do a sequel, but part of the reason I love those games is the freshness. So if it is a new game, please be a new IP!



Rief said:

Bayonetta 1 for eShop would be amazing!
Maybe an entirely new game?



MrGawain said:


I would find seeing Bayonetta stark naked whilst her hair slaps the Ice Climbers around VERY disturbing and inappropriate.



penfold007 said:

@Dambuster I'm pretty sure Platinum have already said that W101 & Bayonetta won't go multi as Nintendo are financing their development.



Diogozaca said:

It must be related to Bayonetta franchise, or the W101 since they really need attention to be payed on this early to release titles.



rjejr said:

Has to be Bayonetta related. If it had to do w/ W101 it would be IN the ND, not a separate announcement after.



ricklongo said:

Since it's not part of the direct, do we even know if it's Nintendo-related? I sure hope it is, preferrably another brand new game. But the last part is probably wishful thinking.



SphericalCrusher said:

Sweet! I'm hoping for Red in Smash Bros as well, or some online-multiplayer game mode, etc. Can't wait. LOVE Nintendo Directs — wish we could get more of them, haha. Also can't wait for this title... even though I don't need to be looking at other games until I clear off my current list I'm playing. Shin Megami Tensei 4, Persona 4, Pikmin 3, and Tales of Xillia are all taking up a lot of time... then there's MH3U, Animal Crossing, so on.



QBertFarnsworth said:

I'm thinking (hoping) that it's announcing a North American deal like Europe and Australia received: 30% discount on W101 if you download this and Pikmin - which would suck if you lived in an area already receiving the discount, but it's good for the U.S. and Canada



Platypus101 said:

On a serious note, I would like to see a sequel to MadWorld, or at least another game set in the world.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Guesses! Take yer pick!
-Starfox U
-Bayonetta 1 come to Wii U
-Wonderful 101 Demo
-Bayonetta 2 Demo will be on Wonderful 101 disc
-Wonder Red joins Smash Bros.



Shambo said:

@MrWalkieTalkie Come to think of it... How about Viewtiful Joe being in the game? Perfect fit, and I doubt there's a licence issue since it's a Clover Studios /Platinum Games IP...



WebHead said:

My 3 guesses:

1. 101 demo
2. Bayonetta 2 release date
3. Bayonetta 1 eShop release today.



sinalefa said:


If I am not mistaken, the Clover IPs are Capcom's now. That is why Viewtiful Joe appears in their fighting games and Okamiden was made by a Capcom team.




If it's Bayonetta on eShop I'll die from a heart attack. If it's Star Fox my eyes will fall out of my head and my skin will melt off.



Judgedean said:

was the demo the special announcement? will pass also as don't want to spoil playing it for the first time.



element187 said:

I'd be pretty stoked with a demo of W101... I haven't had a chance to play it yet, and everyone who has, has been raving about it.



Darel18 said:

@Judgedean But was the demo info on the Direct? Because they said the "special" announcement would be AFTER the direct ... Just saying



Marshi said:

That twitter coment says "shortly after not at the end" so the demo isnt the special what could it be?!HYYYYPE!



ljb88 said:

where can we find the announcement?! I'm starting to regret not switching off my internet.



Shambo said:

@LUIGITORNADO in that case, I have good news for you.

@sinalefa you're probably right, otherwise they might've played a bit more safe and made this "The Viewtiful 101". Still, sounds Wonderful.



rennelf said:

If you watch the Nintendo Direct video on Nintendo's youtube channel, there is no mention of the demo. So I'm guessing that perhaps the demo announcement was not considered officially part of the Direct broadcast, and is in fact the "special announcement"?

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