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Pikmin Keyrings Arrive as Club Nintendo Europe Rewards

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

If you lose your keys, just whistle

Club Nintendo rewards, in Europe particularly, aren't updated particularly regularly. When something new arrives, as a result, street parties are held, firework displays are common and gamers are merry.

Well, OK, that doesn't happen, but considering that some of the existing rewards in Europe are DSi kits and old-fashioned Nintendo Points cards, surprise at something new is understandable. And yet, pictured above, we have Pikmin keyrings, which may be the most adorable house key accessories we've ever seen. And even though the actual Pikmin are plastic, we like to think that a blow on a whistle will prompt the little creatures to carry our keys to us. That's how it'll work in our dreams.

In any case, they're nice new rewards, and can be picked up by Club Nintendo Europe members for 1700 stars each.


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RainbowGazelle said:

Awesome! I just got them both. It's great to see some non-Mario stuff at last. We need more of it.



Smitherenez said:

I spent my stars on that Mario statue and that 3DS game case last week. So I can't afford these sadly!



keynote said:

Still the catalogue is bogus
The supplied the catalogue with 4 categories and still only one is updated.
The animal crossing booklet is nice but still not worth my hard earned points. Looks like they update it when my points aren't usable any more (just like last time, remember everyone)



Undead_terror said:

Europe gets pikmin dolls and keychains while we in NA get nothing pikmin related...can't really hate sense we get elite rewards.



RupeeClock said:

I'll save my stars, I wasn't overly impressed with the pre-order bonus keyring with the flying pikmin, and these look about the same quality.



gurtifus said:

All I'm waiting for is 3DS eshop cards instead of old Nintendo Point cards !



SMW said:

Europe?! Atleast I got my Pikmin platinum reward poster ordered.



LAA said:

1700 points for little keyrings... No thanks. (As much as I like collecting keyrings). Decrease them to maybe 500 then we'll talk.
I'd much more recommend the 3DS game case for 1250 points (Got mine this morning), at least its beneficial to you for owning.



Jazzer94 said:

@LAA So the case is good quality then, because I want to order one waited to see how many stars Pikmin key-rings would be little to pricy for what they are.



PinkSpider said:

I got 16000 points time to use them I guess.
Was well annoyed my 2 year old melted my snes club Nintendo joypad the other day.
I was even more pissed when I went to order another one and they were all gone



ThumperUK said:

The catalogue is so out of date its not actually DSi kits but DS Lite ones! Just ordered both keyrings, have to agree with LAA that the game case is worth getting (as is the Mario et al statue if you have 7000 points to spend)



FritzFrapp said:

Better to buy them off eBay and save the points for something more substantial and exclusive.



Chomposaur said:

i have just ordered mine it will go well with the flying pikmin keychain that GAME offered with the order of Pikmin 3



C7_ said:

I want to know why NOA decided that Pikmin 3 was the game where they would be completely outdone by other regions when it came to release and promotion. Europe got the plushies, a discount, a wonderful 101 promotion, and got it over a week before USA. Normally it's the other way around, but I just want to know why NOA are putting so little effort into promoting this.



Shambo said:

I've put my Club Nintendo Pikmin pluche on display again since Pikmin 3, and just ordered these two. I had so many stars I 'bought' the G&W replica and G&W collection for DS. Still had plenty!
Thanks for telling us, since they update so rarely that I check like once every couple of months... These look GORGEOUS!



WingedSnagret said:

Ugh, NoA has really been failing in the extra rewards (for CN or otherwise) department lately.

I mean come on, the only Pikmin related item we've got is a tiny poster.



nathatruc said:

I just bought the 2 keyrings but I'm still waiting for the golden nunchuck for my wiimote skyward sword....



TimoteiWest said:

Ordered one of each. Time to argue with my other half over who gets the red and who gets yellow...



Mk_II said:

1700 stars is quite a lot.. i was hoping they'd be a bit cheaper so i could get both. Just 150 points short, so frustrating. And they weren't available as a pre-order bonus here like in the UK



ikki5 said:

A lot of the UK stuff is better than NoA's... I am also kind of annoyed that they get the figure from 2010 platinum status..... I was happy to be one of the people who qualified them and yet... everyone in the UK can get it. makes it seem like my little figure is no so special any more

also, the amount of new stuff for NOA is really seldom unless it is a "limited time offer"



Quickman said:

I had a balance of 2000 stars saved up for this very occasion, I just ordered the orange Pikmin keyring



Yellowgerbil said:

How often do we Europeans get stuff quicker than America and also how much stuff do we get from Club Nintendo, our service get 3-4 items every 2-3 months most of which are just game holders or screen savers.



DerpSandwich said:

I know you guys in Europe very often get the short end of the stick, but sometimes it seems like what little you get is THE ONLY STUFF I WANT. This is literally the only physical Club Nintendo reward I would actually want. And all the recent deals ("So Many Games," etc.) are the only deals I'm really interested in! What's the deal???



Quickman said:

I was in the process of selling uo my US 3DS for a UK XL, that is until I realised the trade off that i'd be making between the UK and US Club Nintendo benefits.. The difference is really quite alarming!



Undead_terror said:

@Katzii A week or two ago CN of Europe got 3 different pikmin dolls, red, yellow, blue, it's not there now because they must of sold out.



Player4 said:

"When something new arrives, as a result, street parties are held, firework displays are common and gamers are merry." This needs to happen.



WYLD-WOO said:

Just ordered them both. Thanks for the heads up Nintendo life. Don`t worry NoA mine will both be on ebay soon for you to buy.



NFeZ said:

@edcomics So painfully ignorant... You get Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Star Fox, F-Zero and Smash Bros as rewards, while the only game we Europeans have is a Game&Watch Collection for the DS and buying a Wii U only grants you a fifth of the required points. I'm not complaining about the European line-up, just ...please conduct some research next time before complaining about missing out on a keychain.



edcomics said:

@NFeZ That was unnecessarily aggressive. I'm talking about tangible rewards — specifically comparing this year's Elite Status gifts (a 3-poster set or a Majora's Mask OST) to this cute item that I could attach my car keys to and enjoy everywhere I go.

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