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Nintendo Has Been Fantastic To Work With, Says Oddworld Developer

Posted by Damien McFerran

Nintendo's Dan Adelman asked specifically for Stranger’s Wrath on Wii U

Just Add Water CEO and Oddworld Inhabitants development director Stewart Gilray has been siging Nintendo's praises in a recent interview, and states that the company is "fantastic" to work with.

Speaking to Nintendo Everything, Gilray also revealed that NoA indie supremo Dan Adelman asked for Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD on Wii U. Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty! is also coming to Nintendo's console.

Gilray added that in the past Nintendo's hardware and digital presence threw up roadblocks when it came to developing with the Japanese firm, but those issues no longer exist:

Their developer relations man is a fan of the franchise so reached out to us to ask for that title specifically, that’s where the discussions started. In terms of what are they like to work with, they’re fantastic. I’ve NEVER had a problem with working with Nintendo in respect of their people and teams, it’s been a case of a problem in terms of the hardware and indeed the lack of a competent digital outlet, until now.

Are you pumped for these Oddworld titles on Wii U? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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User Comments (35)



defrb said:

will support oddworld, loved the ps1 abe's oddesy, day one purchase for me ^^



TwilightV said:

I'm glad things are working out between them. I'll pick up the game as soon as possible.



Sanqet said:

loved all oddworld games to date i be will downloading them on day one



SCAR said:

These are probably going to be the next non-retail eShop games I download. I liked this game when I was younger, but never owned it.



Marshi said:

I bought strangers wrath for the original those who dont know its one of the best third person adventures ever made,and in terms of atmoshere and worlds at least stands with the zelda titles. I then bought it on psn and love it still.And because of the enthusiasm and suport oddworld inhabitants have shown wiiu and nintend I will be purchasing strangers wrath and new n tasty day for the wiiu too. Anyone know when strangers wrath is going to be released?



seronja said:

i will get oddworld new n' tasty for wii u, but i can get strangers wrath HD for my ps3 & ps vita for just 17€ so i will pass this one on wii u



Pachterkid said:

That's what the Wii U needs - a port of an original Xbox game. That'll sell some systems.



AlexSora89 said:

Funny how this happens after just about every Oddworld title has given Nintendo consoles the cold shoulder, without counting the GB/GBC/GBA titles obviously.



ACK said:

Day one, no minute one, actually second one. I'm getting these.



Dpishere said:

I have always wanted to play Stranger's Wrath ever since it originally came out! Looks like my chance to do so may finally arrive!



PattonFiend said:

For sure. I will buy anything OddWorld. I am loving the eShop so far! Have a ton of games already. 12 on disc, 5 VC and 5 Indies!



Mqblank said:

Never got into the series but played the first game briefly and enjoyed it. Wanted to play Strangers but never got the chance so these will be purchases



sinalefa said:

Getting Stranger's Wrath whenever it arrives. Glad to hear that Nintendo is actually looking for games for the eShop by going to the developers directly. So many successful kickstarter campaigns seem to prove there is a lot of interest and support from gamers towards indie games.



Gamer83 said:

On here and at PushSquare I'm always reading about how developers, particularly smaller studios, love working with Nintendo and Sony respectively. I never see this kind of news on Xbox-based websites. MS needs to get its head out of its rearend.


Stranger's Wrath is definitely worth a purchase, it's an awesome game. Personally my favorite in the series.



Sean_Aaron said:

Absolutely. Loved the original Oddworld and am ready to check out anything new from the developers.



gspro15198 said:

I really hope they bring out Munch's Odyssey as well. I loved that game. (and I hope they come to the 3DS as well)

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