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New Footage For Medabots: DUAL Blasts into View

Posted by Andy Green

Still no news on a Western release

Natsume's Medabots series has quite the following around the world but the games rarely make it outside of Japan, which is a shame.

Earlier this year, Medabots: DUAL was announced for 3DS and this adaptation will feature online play and team battles. The developer Rocket Company has now released some in-game footage and it looks set to be an action packed battle-RPG. It's set to be released later this year in Japan and you can see the Medabots in action in the video below.

The latest game in the franchise was Medabots 7, which is definitely not coming to the West. However, when Natsume revealed this sad news it did say the next one may make the trip overseas.

There's been no confirmation yet and the fact there are two versions of the game will make things more difficult, but we have our fingers firmly crossed nonetheless.

What are your thoughts on Medabots: DUAL, or indeed the series itself? Do you want to see more in the West? Let us know in the comment section.

Thanks to Retro_on_theGo for the tip!

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FriedSquid said:

The gameplay reminds me of ground battles in KI:U. And to be honest I think the graphics look a little sloppy, but I'm sure Medabots fans ought to enjoy this.



BakaKnight said:

Medabots and 3D arena battles?!?! O.O

I know for experience that not-RPG medabots' games tend to be bad, but... I don't care! Give me a release date Natsume!!!
Give back Medabots to Europe!!! >O<



Bryon15 said:

I'd definitely buy this. I love medabots. They really should bring this over. And while they're at it, bring back the digimon games too!



siavm said:

I watched the anime for this and played the gba game for this but I thought the franchise had gone away. Nice to know it still has some kick but seeing what looks like the same robots from over ten years ago does not make me think they are adding much to it. So even if this some how came here I would past on it.

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