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More Evidence Emerges of a Wind Waker HD Wii U Bundle

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

32GB model with game to reportedly retail for $349.99

In July we reported the rumour that a Wind Waker HD hardware bundle was on the way, but treated it with plenty of salt due to its lack of any real evidence. More compelling proof has now emerged to back up those claims, along with those of red and blue 3DS XL bundles for Pokémon X & Y, which seem inevitable in any case.

Destructoid has reported that a source from major North American retailer Target has provided evidence, pictured below, from the store's inventory tracker system. That source has also suggested that the 32GB system bundle will retail at $349.99; what's not definitively clear is whether it'll feature both The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD and also a download code of Nintendo Land, like with the ZombiU bundle in North America — the equivalent ZombiU bundle in Europe didn't include the mini-game collection. In the likely absence of any formal Wii U price cut, bundling more in the core package could be a good way to provide better value, but we'll likely need to wait for formal details. This isn't 100% proof but is the most convincing evidence yet, however, and we'd also expect that additional bundles — perhaps with games such as Super Mario 3D World and Wii Fit U (assuming the latter still arrives this year) — could potentially appeal to different demographics.

On the 3DS front, this is also the second report, again with a picture of the Target system screen, of red and blue XL bundles accompanying the hotly anticipated game. This seems inevitable, in any case, though there's no firm evidence of which game will be bundled with which colour, though we can certainly guess based on the relevant creature's colours.

This does seem like firmer evidence of the Wind Waker HD Wii U bundle, so what do you think? Would this be a wise move, or is it the wrong choice for a hardware bundle?


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XFsWorld said:

That's Awesome! This would be a great move for Nintendo because I have a friend waiting for Wind Waker HD to come out to get a Wii U.



AyeHaley said:

It will hurt my wallet when its a limited edition Zelda Wii U...I am so gonna cry when that happens haha. Especially with 2 Pokemon XL's coming our way.



suburban_sensei said:

That'd be great to see, may push some of my friends towards buying one since they are looking forward to WWHD. For me, I don't regret not waiting, since I wanted to play Nintendo Land. Can't wait to get my hands on this game!



Prof_Elvin_Gadd said:

@AyeHaley I can't tell if it's a special Wii U or just WW HD thrown in with a Wii U Deluxe model. It looks more like the latter. If it was a green Wii U though, I'd double dip



DePapier said:

It's definitive, Moffitt was hinting at bundles himself; though I have no idea what the other three could possibly be.

Bring out the bundle flood, Nintendo! Time to give an identity to that console!



PokeTune said:

This sounds like a swell deal but seriously, $350? No thanks maybe if they drop it by like $50



Dreamcaster-X said:

This will help sell a few more systems, that's for sure. Honestly at this point, they should go all old school & include Mario Bros U as the pack in with every console sold.



rjejr said:

They might as well take Nintendo Land out of the bundle, otherwise why keep selling it separate?

Im a little bummed at not waiting but NL has been fun. Not the single player games, they're mostly crappy apps, but the multiplayer has kept us quite busy, which Windwaker wouldnt do.

They'll keep $349 w/ or w/o NL. This also means WWHD has to be $60 to make the bundle look like a good deal.



Ichiban said:

Make it a special edition console and im gonna snap!
Nintendo, you have been warned!



allav866 said:

WWHD is the reason I bought a Wii U in the first place, so I can imagine others interested in the game but don't have a Wii U yet will probably want the bundle.



DePapier said:

@ToadFan I'm more into taking out Nintendo Land and selling the 32GB U at 299.99. I love Nintendo Land but now the game represents a limited vision of the Wii U.



bahooney said:

@PokeTune Getting really tired of all these gamers insisting Nintendo should drop the Wii U's price. 350 with two included games is more than enough value. Heck, even with one included game. You shouldn't underestimate or de-value the longevity and fun of the Wii U, it rules. It's already the lowest price of the three consoles.



taffy said:

I think it'll likely be the regular black one as both the Zombiu and Monster Hunter bundles were like that. Although it could be a white 32GB model after they recalled all those ones back a while ago... just a thought.



Samurai_Goroh said:

Zombi U bundle in the US includes a digital copy of Nintendo Land? Two games? Blimey, if the currencies conversion wasn't enough, EU got ripped off even further. Did it include also the Pro controller?
As for the Wind Waker bundle, it's a very likely possibility. I'm sure Nintendo will find a way to rip off Europeans again.



ScorpionMG said:

@Samurai_Goroh im in europe, my friend got zombiu bundle and only the game with pro controller came with it. Well he got it like 40 euros less because there was a sale for 3 days



Samurai_Goroh said:

@ScorpionMG My cousin got the bundle at launch here in Portugal with ZombiU and the Pro Controller for €380.
I've checked, Wii U ZombiU bundle US includes ZombiU, digital download of Nintendo Land and Pro Controller for $410. That's like €305!
I've changed my mind. Wii U needs a price cut only in Europe. US has it cheap already.



RedYoshi999 said:

I hope it's not a special edition, I can't just swap my Wii U like I swapped my 3DS for an XL if they don't even have a system transfer option!



marck13 said:

Well that's a great price already with or without Nintendoland! Cheaper than in Europe (not sure of UK though, they had some rediculusly good offers).

For Nintendoland I would love to see an update for online-play! That would be awesome! Hope Nintendo makes it happen!



Burning_Spear said:

Forget about a price drop. They're already losing money on every console sold — they're not going to make it worse by increasing their loss while negating a sale of Wind Waker. It's just going to replace Nintendoland in the current deluxe offering.



KingofSaiyans said:

Good move on Nintendo if this turns out to be true. People talk about how the Wii U needs a price drop in order to survive. Psh! Love outta here! If price was the issue, preorders wouldn't be selling out for PS4 and Xbone. Good games will justify the $350 price tag. Wii U will repeat the 3DS's success...just watch.
Please watch the profanity --TBD



Spoony_Tech said:

I may have to break down and get a Wii U if this is true now. So many games to play on my 3ds though. Now what to do?!



FMillman said:

@PokeTune Are you joking? The Wii U is cheaper than the PS4 and the Xbox One... Definitely NOT a drop needed, especially since we had a price drop in the UK and there was no difference, it is the issue of software and marketing.



Spoony_Tech said:

@KingofSaiyans The thing that will take it over the top for me will be if Nintendo Land is still included with it! Can't beat 2 games and the system really for that price.



ikki5 said:

I hope it is not a limited edition Wii U...... I bought my Wii U pretty much at launch.



VeeFlamesNL said:

That's nice. But they should do more bundles for other games, such as MK8, SM3DW, DKRTF for the holidays, maybe put 3 games in one for the same price! That'll sell systems!



Relias said:

@Samurai_Goroh and yet US will tell you we need a price cut... and that there is no value because we only have one good game worth purchasing.. and a bunch of remakes.. and updates.. that you can live without.. (They even look down upon MH3U.. which is one of the best games on the system) and Zombie U did not impress anyone here.. (Or very few) that it made little impact.. and exclusives such as Tank Tank Tank,.. (Should be called Ouch Ouch Ouch even though I like it..) is not helping.. they also talk about how much better the PS4 is looking (Graphics wise) and how they will have a killer line up by early 2014.. (Noting not exclusives so much.. but third party titles that are going to be the superior version) In the end.. I don't agree with that assessment at all.. (I actually thought most of the games on PS4 looked last gen.. or like they could easily been done on Wii U) There just was not that much of an upgrade.. by all rights and purposes..



Spoony_Tech said:

@MERG How am I suppose to save when there is still like 5 3ds games I want till years end?! I think this one needs to be a Christmas present or something like that. Plus I still want to get my son a 3ds as well. Might as well look into the pokemon one!



ultraraichu said:

That would be nice value if it turns out to be real. Two free games with a new system. Target will get some good business compare to other retail stores.



MERG said:

@Spoony_Tech really better start saving...5 more games this year and getting your son a 3DS...phew, that's a lot o' money!

FYI...I'm now in the Ueno region in SMT IV.



MrKenta said:

It's probably just the black one, but fingers crossed for a green Wii U.
Wind Waker HD + a green Wii U would be the final push for me to get one.



One-Winged-Pit said:

I am just going to get this instead of waiting for a price drop, probably my best bet for a while. Do not really care what colour it is but special edition would be cool. I am glad to finally get a Wii U though! I hope NintendoLand comes with it.



ricklongo said:

Is it a wise move? Why, it's the wisest!

Don't hold your breath for a price drop, but bundles? Hell yes.



Windy said:

Getting a game I already played in HD or not isn't enough for me to purchase a Wii-U....special edition or not. Now if we were talkin Dragon Quest X bundle I couldn't get a Wii-U Fast enough. Maybe when the Xenoblade sequel comes out. It's going to take alot more for me to be convinced on Wii-U than HD re-releases. For first time players it will be great Windwaker was great



Spoony_Tech said:

@MERG How are you liking it so far? I'm pretty far but not sure quite how far. Splitting my time between 3 games is really hurting my time with this. I sometimes don't play it but every 3 days!



Doge said:

got the old Nintendo land bundle, but thats ok, cause i doubt this new bundle will have both for the same price.

Edit: If it is i will be so pissed.



MERG said:

@Spoony_Tech...I am really enjoying it but sadly seem to be in a gaming funk lately. I didn't game much on vacation but did crosswords and read Nat Geo.

I will continue on though as SMT is good. Hard, but good. Dang demons taking my stuff and leaving without joining me!

What else are you playing?



Spoony_Tech said:

@MERG I'm still playing Animal Crossing of which every time I stop something draws me back in. Also Mario And Luigi's Dream Team!



GamerZack87 said:

It'd make sense for the Pokémon X bundle to have a Blue+White console, since it matches the game better than Blue+Black. In any case, I'd pick the Pokémon X bundle over Pokémon Y. I just hope that both bundles, as well as the Wii U Wind Waker bundle (preferably in white), make it Down Under.



rmeyer said:

Nintendo should sell that bundle at 299 then they'll sell like madness



Monkeh said:

$350 is probably going to be €350 in Europe, so €50 cheaper than a PS4.. a piece of hardware that's waaay more powerful. Yeah.. still to expensive, even with that tablet included.



SanderEvers said:

Lol I got my GameCube (Silver edition) with the original game. Seems so long ago now. But I already have a black Wii U, and am not trading it.



Lionhart said:

Interesting indeed. I'm still hoping for a Zelda: A Link To The Past 3DS XL bundle!



Icefreak45 said:

Can. Not. Freaking. Wait! SOOO excited I'll be able to get a Wii U and play WW for the first time this holiday! Good move Nintendo ^^.



R_Champ said:

If you're interested in WW HD and don't have a WII U this is actually a pretty good deal. It's like getting a Deluxe Bundle for $290. Not a price cut, but definitely a price-cut price if you want WW HD.



HawkeyeWii said:

So, if this is true, do you think that it will be a Zelda themed Wii U or just a bundle of the games?



sinalefa said:

So people want a Wii U Deluxe, with Nintendo Land AND Wind Waker HD, and they still want a price drop? Don't they want a 3DSXL inside the box too?

Just a Deluxe set with WW is a great value, as the game provides dozens of hours of gameplay. By the time that arrives, people can also get Pikmin 3, Sonic Lost World, The Wonderful 101 and DK and Mario will be just around the corner.



tabris95 said:

Am I the only one that feels that a better way to add more value to the WiiU would be to offer a model with more memory? In this day and age, 32GB is kind of a joke, especially while they're trying to push indie games and digital downloads. I'd much rather not be forced to buy an external hard drive than be given an HD remake of a game I already own and have beaten.



HaNks said:

been said already but really needs a price cut. the post-launch flop was highly predictable, you didn't have to wait long at all for big price drops at retail. but how it's gonna perform this holiday season, not so easy to foresee. i don't think it's going to do great, but it could come in anywhere from terrible to reasonably good, depending on quite a few factors. ps4 being only $50 more certainly won't help, software bundles or not.



Pachterkid said:

I really hope this game does well and helps to bump Wii U sales. God knows that something needs to help it along. Nintendo is going to be in some mess once this, DK, and 3D World come and go... besides that new Zelda what more do they have planned for the system?



Ichiban said:

Even if this Wind Waker bundle doesnt turn out to be official, i can see a few retailers putting WW in their own wii u bundles anyhow. Eb games and JB Hi-Fi here in Australia often bundle new release games with their consoles, and im sure its the same everywhere else.



JaxonH said:

In my humble opinion, the Wii U is more than worth every last cent of $350. Personally, I'd have paid twice that if I had to. When I bought my Wii U, I was excited to get it and I anticipated having a lot of fun, but I had no idea just how utterly amazing the console really is. It took owning it for a month for it to really sink in.

It's the little things, like browsing Netflix on the gamepad while watching it on the TV (and also being able to swipe your finger on the pad to bring the movie onto the gamepad screen, and visa versa). Things like Miiverse, which is a troll-free community for fellow Wii U owners to discuss current and upcoming games. Things like controlling my TV from the gamepad, even while the Wii U is powered off. I touch the "TV" button and the gamepad lights up. From here I can power the TV on and off, change the TV inputs (which is such a pain with TV remote controls), change the channel, the volume, and even access "Guide" for cable. It also has a digital bubble that says "Play Wii U"- when you press it, the Wii U turns on (of course this can also be done by the physical power-on buttons on the console or gamepad).

It's also the games. Wii U is cranking out some masterpieces right now, and that's really what it's all about. My first time playing New Super Mario Bros U I was more than impressed. Mario in HD is every bit as good as it sounds, and Nintendoland has quite a few gems that utilize the system in unique ways, such as the Zelda and Metroid mini-games. NSMBU, Nintendoland, ZombiU, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Lego City Undercover were all great exclusives, but it was only after I played Pikmin 3 that I TRULY understood what the Wii U was offering this generation- Nintendo has upped it's game, and the exclusives in the coming release schedule show it. Consistent releases of absolutely INCREDIBLE games.

Wii U has easily become my favorite console of all time. SNES and Gamecube have long stood as Nintendo's finest consoles with the most impressive lineups. But I think the Wii U will have both of them beat by the time this gen is over...



DarkNinja9 said:

yeah this will sell but it would sell more if the wii u itself would come in a different color though =/ so missed opportunity

@sinalefa i agree ppl these days just surprise me -_-



Paperluigi said:

Nintendo: Put me out of my misery, this has to come soon, I just cant wait for a Wii U any longer!



BestBuck15 said:

I agree with you that Wii U needs a price cut, I reckon the price for a 32gb Wii U with Windwaker is €220 and don't think it won't happen because it will. I bought my Wii U on amazon for £149 so I don't know where some people get of saying 'there was a price cut in the UK and it didn't make any difference', because it did and I for one wouldn't have bought one otherwise.
Wii U is well overpriced and the only people who don't want a price cut are people who paid full price and know they will be sick to see it at a better price point than the rip off price they paid. There is no other reason.



twistedbee said:

People are seriously complaining about a $349 price tag?
If 349$ is too much for you then you probably shouldn't look at PS4 and XB1... You might have a heart attack.
It's a great system and worth the money, stop being ignorant. If you don't want it then don't buy it. Don't complain just because you can, that makes you look stupid.



twistedbee said:

@JaxonH thank you! Clearly you are a person who has actually played the console and have witnessed just how good it is. It's had a strong, not large but strong, line up this far and 2014 is going to be a fantastic year for the console... And people like you, I and others who have ACTUALLY PLAYED WiiU will be able to enjoy it because we know first hand the quality of the WiiU experience

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