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Monster Hunter Frontier Online Coming to Wii U in Japan

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Based on the trailer, it looks like a lot of fun

It may be an oddity in the series, but for game-starved Monster Hunter fans in the West, the MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) Monster Hunter Frontier Online has likely been a source of interest and envy. Considering that so much of the fun in Monster Hunter Tri and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate has been through online play, the idea of an online-only game in the series certainly has its appeal.

It's only been available in Japan, naturally, and was released on PC way back in 2007, before being ported to the Xbox 360 three years later. It's getting rather long in the tooth, as a result, but with MMORPGs that's not necessarily a big issue; if it's fun and there's an active community, rough visuals don't matter a huge amount. Showing that it's not ready to retire this subscription-based title yet, Capcom has confirmed that it'll be coming to Wii U (and PS3) later in the year, and Director Tatsumi Kimoto has stated the company is working on — but not promising — some special features for the GamePad and potentially some 3DS functionality; we'll see what comes of that.

It hits Wii U in Japan on 11th December 2013, and perhaps fans of the main-series games will be tempted to try this spin-off on Nintendo's system. We're unlikely to ever see it in the West, unfortunately, so perhaps gamers outside of Capcom's homeland will be restricted to gazing longingly at the announcement trailer, below.

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Yrreiht said:

Yay! Another game that only Japan will get and every other country will be jealous of! Sigh...



Quickman said:

@jrwchil Pretty much every person know and have spoke to online and also filled in online reviews bought their Wii U for MH3U, did it really do that poorly on Wii U in the UK?



TromboneGamer said:

That's pretty cool. There might be some hope for a western release of the game yet, but seeing as this is a japan announcement I'm probably just getting my hopes up for nothing.



jrwchil said:

@The_inquisitor I think it sold well in the UK for a wii u game, the wii u has had poor sales here. It wont be help wii u sales in the UK by games like this not being released here.



Sir_Deadly said:

Havent played MH3U yet, still have bought it. Would be nice to have this localized and be a free to play! It would be kinda stupid for the developers NOT make it for other countries to play!



Quickman said:

@jrwchil I have to admit that I bought the Wii U just for the MH3U pack itself, I can't think of many other games released around that time that would have tempted me to Wii U..



element187 said:

I wish Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate was more like a MMORPG... While fun, I lost interest in MH3U roughtly around the 200 hour mark of play.... If it was a MMORPG even half as addictive as WoW I'm sure I could get years of enjoyment out of it.

Come on Capcom, release this puppy in the west (North America)



startropics3 said:

"It's getting rather long in the tooth, as a result, but with MMORPGs that's not necessarily a big issue; if it's fun and there's an active community, rough visuals don't matter a huge amount."

Am I of the minority that thinks this doesn't look dated? Running for my life didn't leave me time to admire the monsters in MH3, though I did enjoy the detail of their expressive faces. I have friends that still play Everquest, so I agree with Tom's statement, but I guess I have low standards for visuals. The pinnacle for me was Rogue Squadron 2 on the GameCube; improvements in graphics after the GameCube just seemed superfluous. Do most gamers even pause long enough to admire little HD details?



SphericalCrusher said:

The intro music... I thought was about to be Superman. lol. But it looks awesome. Maybe we'll get it eventually, but doubtful. Oh well — can't wait for Monster Hunter 4!



element187 said:

@The_Inquisitor MH3U did 80k on Wii U and 130k on 3DS in Europe.

in the North America looked similar with 90k on Wii U and 140k on 3DS.

I can't imagine Capcom not profiting off of that.



jrwchil said:

@The_Inquisitor I got my Wii U for this game too i loved MH freedom on the psp, I just wish publishers would think globally, the worlds becoming more connected so it makes no sense to think only Japan would like this game.



Quickman said:

@element187 Thanks for the numbers, interesting that MH3U was basically a HD upgrade as well. It would be really interesting to see how MH4 would do as there is a MH install base already there..



AceTrainerBean said:

Words cannot express how much I need this game. PLEASE LOCALIZE IT! That right there is how you sell a Wii U.



Shambo said:

MMOnster Hunter is what I need, Capcom, wake up and realise the worldwide potential of this game! Nintendo, how about you finance the localisation, that way you could get exclusivity, and witness third party games sell systems, and third parties gain interest. They'll have to stop talking trash about Nintendo then, in order to get their own games on the Wii U. Do this little step by step plan, and win this generation before it's truely begun.



MAN1AC said:

I've seen online footage of this game and not only is MH3U superior, but a Monster Hunter MMO does not work well.



SeaCocumber said:

@MAN1AC Judging by the trailer footage, this looks superior than MH3U (except the graphics), like monster and player attacks and such.



FritzFrapp said:

Frontier can stay in Japan. I'd a zillion times over prefer an online-enabled up-port of Freedom Unite on Wii U.



ShadJV said:

I'm so hooked on MH3U, I wish this one would be announced stateside. Though I'd be even happier with MH4, come on Capcom!



Relias said:

Monster Hunter Style.. heeeeeeyyyyy ugly monster.. we're here to slay ya... (Oh and bring us some love in the US.. pwease.. )



Kaze_Memaryu said:

Because MHFO is entirely an MMO, there's no offline mode - which makes it rather obvious that this game would be one hell of a loss in US and EU.
The problem lies within paid subscription. It's absolutely common for japanese players to spend monthly fees for playing Monster Hunter games online, and this one wouldn't be surviving well without it in the west, simply because EVERY gamer who would get it would be online the entire time they play. But I'm pretty sure most western fans wouldn't oay for every month. For that, MH lacks the kind of appeal more successful MMO's like WoW create.



defrb said:

ive played mh3u 1200 hour+ in like 2 months gaming.
I'm looking for a new monster hunter experience wich keep me busy for another 1200+ hour.



JayceJa said:

monster hunter frontier is on the older game engine than 3u, and doesnt even look as nice as 3u does

frontier has very dated visuals, but is still a brilliant game that i WISH would be released in the west, but i doubt it ever will



Metal_Slugger said:

i'd rather have "4" but I would take this in a heartbeat as well. Hope they polish it up a little though first looks like something from the early 2000's. I stopped playing MH it consumed my life. I will wait till the colder season to have it again.



Henmii said:

Wooow, look at them graphics!!!

Seriously, when does the Wii u get some REALLY impressive looking games?! So far the strongest looking game is the upcoming Mariokart 8!!

This Monster hunter looks a lot weaker then Monster hunter 3 (on the Wii)! No wonder people scoff at the Wii u!!



Henmii said:

I know it's a port! But they could at least have spruced up the graphics A LOT!!



coren said:

@Henmii yup, that's exactly why people scoff at the wiiu.

Because of a port of a game from 2007. Capcom is doing this to make money, they aren't doing well and this is a cheap way for them to make money in Japan.

As for visuals, the wiiu is capable, look at shadow of the eternals and yeah, Mario kart 8 does look awesome.....thanks for pointing that out.



Shock_Tart said:

i got super excited, then i scroll down a bit more and i see the words "in japan" and i instantly become sad :[



Henmii said:

"the wiiu is capable, look at shadow of the eternals"

Sorry to rain on your parade, but as far as I know only the PC version has been shown! And it's anybody's guess if it ever will appear on Wii u, or anywhere at all!

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