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Monochroma Hits Funding Target to Confirm Multi-Platform Release, Including Wii U

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Put May 2014 in the diary

Love it or loath it, Kickstarter has brought us some promising projects to date, with Shovel Knight the next in line that originated on the platform and is due in the coming months on the Wii U and 3DS eShop stores. Another game full of potential is Monochroma, which came to the crowdfunding platform with a lot of its content ready — including a PC demo — and sought funds to complete remaining chapters, polish the game and bring it to additional platforms.

We previously told you about this game in late July, and since then it's had a tough grind to its $80,000 target. The good news is that, with around a day remaining, that target has finally been hit to secure the necessary funding. The title will hit PC, Mac and Linux first in December this year, while there are estimated releases dates (though the platforms are confirmed) of March 2014 for PS4 and, pleasingly, May 2014 for Wii U.

Developer Nowhere studios has noted a great deal of support from within the gaming industry and other developers to reach its goal, and it's easy to see why they want the project to progress. With striking visuals and four distinct, 90 minute chapters, we certainly hope to see more in the coming weeks.

The pitch video is below, once again, so is this one that you're interested in?

Thanks to Luis Levy for the tip.


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Shambo said:

Definitely something I may enjoy greatly. Looking forward to see more, and of course play it for myself on Wii U.
edit after watching the video again, twice: I love it when a game tells an exciting story with music and the actual gameplay, without overusing cutscenes or using text. Limbo is a fantastic example. And the music, visuals, 2-brothers-against-the-world theme and the believable environments give a very strong vibe already.



ricklongo said:

Great news. I hope the gameplay lives up to the awesomeness that are the graphics and music in this trailer.



Emblem said:

If there are no decent 1st or 3rd party games coming out at that time i may pick it up, but who knows what games will be out by then.



Play-Doh_25 said:

This is going to be really fun. I played their demo on PC and I really liked it. So when it comes out, I'll definitely buy it.



ScorpionMG said:

man this game is awesome! I tried out the demo and it would fit well on wii u alongside with Trine 2



Gameday said:

Some Things I Seen Do Look Similar To Limbo, But Still This Game Is Inviting & Visually Stunning !
I Wished Limbo Was A Bit Longer , Wonder How Long This One Is Going To Run.



Dpullam said:

I tried out the PC demo of this game and I can say that I genuinely liked it. I would prefer to be playing the full version on the Wii U though since my computer is too old to run this game perfectly.



Truelovetat said:

This is a Limbo inspired game and I'm really looking forward to this one. I thought Limbo was a sick game. This shall be a great game on the Wii U.



ljb88 said:

looks excellent, as long as there's off-tv play i'll certainly buy it.

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