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Metroid Fan Film Seeks Crowdfunding For Completion

Posted by Thomas Jones

See Samus in full Hollywood glory

If you're a fan of Metroid and have some spare cash lying around, you may be excited to know that a new Kickstarter project has been opened to fund Metroid: Enemies Within, a ten minute live-action fan film.

"Fan film" might be a slight understatement, as the project is being helmed by Christian Cardona, an Emmy nominated VFX supervisor whose television and film credits include the likes of Bones, Lost, 24 and Hollywood hits like Captain America and Black Swan. Credentials that don't seem too shabby.

The storyline of the proposed short sees Samus finding herself hostage aboard the alien ship of a rival bounty hunter, going by the name of Sylux. Samus learns of his plot to destroy the Federation whilst framing her in the process; therefore, the duty falls on our heroine to free herself from Sylux's clutches and save the Federation from the threat.

The Kickstarter runs until the 8th of September and completion of it's $90,000 USD goal will see the 10 minute flick come to life. If you're desperate to see the film come to fruition you can pledge, of course, and if you feel like donating the hefty sum of $10,000, you can claim your very own Power Suit. Great for all you cosplayers.


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WiiLovePeace said:

I hope Nintendo shut this down quickly. No reason for others to be profiting off Nintendo's IP. Seems dumb they would even try.

Edit: I don't understand how the kickstarter page claims this is a "not-for-profit" project. Someone's making money off this film somewhere...



Macarony64 said:

@unrandomsam the producers actually approached Nintendo and Nintendo acepted with this they are just trying to cash in with the metroid name unlike wreck it Ralph wich still is awesome with or without bowser.



DrkBndr said:

@WiiLovePeace They aren't profiting off the film. They are going to release it for free online, so how can they make money off it...

Like they said: "There will be no profit made on this film. Metroid: Enemies Within is a labor of love for fans from fans. We think Kickstarter provides the perfect pathway for this film to get made since fans have the power to actualize what they want to see."
It's self-explanatory, you really should read before making false acquisitions...

They did the same with their previous film "Y: The Last Man Rising", which you can see, FOR FREE, on youtube.
That doesn't mean they can't still give out Digital Downloads, since there isn't an 'official' way to download youtube videos...

@willobee Really?!

So you're saying that Let's Players can't make videos of Nintendo games, or fans can't make cartoon, game or films to express their love to a certain IP?!

Please enlighten me in why you think that...



Macarony64 said:

@WiiLovePeace they did but the free aspect was not so free. If bowser was put in a position Nintendo did not Pike they will remove it.
Edit :like*



WiiLovePeace said:

@DrkBndr so people at the $25 tier get a "digital download" of the film & everyone below does not despite it being a "free" film, why? Also it doesn't stop them making profit out of the kickstarter which is entirely wrong. If this was true 'not-for-profit' they wouldn't have put it on kickstarter in the first place.



manu0 said:

You could just watch the Alien films if you want a Metroid film...



DreamOn said:

Movie makers will seriously ape every good fan-loved franchise. Ridiculous if I can't play it. Metroid is an awesome video game, I need buttons not pretty cinematics with no game to play after! For Pete's sake.

Away with your Tron rip-off Metroid title too. lol



CaviarMeths said:

Seems rather pointless, unless there were plans for a new Metroid game. I mean, what's the audience? Are there really people out there who sit down and watch 10-minute movies in their spare time for entertainment?

But if the purpose of this is for Mr. Cardona to try and promote himself to Nintendo for handling cinematics in a new Metroid game, I see no problem. Just, you know, gameplay first, Ninty. Worry about cinematics later.



ToniK said:

I think if this would get a decent audience, it could encourage Nintendo and they could deliver a new Metroid game. Maybe even a proper one and not an abomination like... well, you know.



blackknight77 said:

with the excellent track record of how video game movie adapations have turned out who would not want to spend their hard earned money to support this?



AMPD96 said:

I think people are forgetting that there's still production costs in making a movie. They need to pay for each outfits, all of the props, and all of the special effects. With the quality of this mini movie, this isn't surprising. I wouldn't mind helping out this goal even if I haven't really played any metroid game yet. But my money's being saved up for a new 3DS.

And @CaviarMeths there are many people who watch LP'ers on YouTube, and their videos are at least two times as long as this movie would be. Surely fans would watch a 10 min movie. But handling cinematics for the next Metroid game would be pretty sweet



manpretty said:

@unrandomsam Disney and Nintendo also have a business relationship in place. A lot of Disney games (including Wreck It Ralph) are exclusive to Nintendo consoles. So the use of Bowser was just an example of the "you scratch my back, I scratch yours" relationship they have in place.



unrandomsam said:

@manpretty The best one is not coming to Nintendo though. (Castle of Illusion). I don't mind things like this - don't like the kickstarters that are games that could just be ported with the profits if they succeed. (Even worse is people making a very successful game via kickstarter then doing another kickstarter straight away). The ones that just say we are going to make it like x y z (And then copy the worst parts of x y z) are bad as well.

Stuff like the occulus rift and the treadmill like thing that goes with it though is a great thing that wouldn't have happened without kickstarter.



SkywardLink98 said:

@WiiLovePeace Kickstarter doesn't always give profit, it gives funding which are two very different things. Odds are since this is non profit, that the $90,000 will go into actually making the movie.



WiiLovePeace said:

@SkywardLink98 "Odds are" isn't a very convincing statement, is it? Also the kickstarter isn't going to suddenly stop at $90,000.... (unless the funds don't keep rolling in, obviously)



Arminillo said:


So you are saying you'd be ok with it as long as noone involved with the movie gets any money at all.

Well, good news, they said it's not for profit.



Usagi-san said:

Make it an animated short and you won't have to ask people for large sums of money to physically build a set.



willobee said:

Hope this gets shutdown. I have no idea how someone can think they are allowed to use Nintendos property without permission, for profit or not. Pathetic.



LeVideoGamer said:

I don't see how they can ask people to fund a movie when it's not their own IP. If they haven't approached Nintendo and got their approval for this, which they obviously haven't as that makes too much sense, I doubt it'll happen. Even though they're nowhere near it now, if they get the $90000 they want, that cease and desist will be in their hands immediately, whether it's for profit or not.



Play-Doh_25 said:

Nintendo might let them make it since they arent going to charge money to see it. If they do I definitely would want to see it. (But if they want to make this they are probably going to have to talk to nintendo about permissions)



triforcepower73 said:

Seems like because the first few comments were just people bashing this and saying that it's going to be bad, everybody else is afraid of getting ridiculed by saying something nice about it. So I'm just going to say this. I think this could be really good and show Hollywood that a lot of games have very good story material and they're not just there to cash in off all the fans.

My main point is don't hate until you've seen it. This project seems different than all the other crap video game movie adaptions. They actually seem to want to make something good.



HawkeyeWii said:

I would absolutely love a Metroid movie! But I think it would do a lot better as a CGI movie (ala Resident Evil Degeneration). That's my take on it anyway.



WiiLovePeace said:

@Suicune I'd be happy with it if kickstarter wasn't involved. Or if Nintendo endorsed it (though I don't think they should). Or if it was still on kickstarter but it used their own IP. Basically I don't believe it's not-for-profit like they say, or else they wouldn't have gone to kickstarter, but whatever, I'm over talking about this.



SkywardLink98 said:

@WiiLovePeace Ok, I'll change that to "Since it is non-profit".Someone will of course make money, but it won't be any of the fans working for the project. It'll go to the people who sell them the equipment.



Grayjedi13 said:

God, what's with all the hate for this? If it turns out bad, who cares it's a ten minute fan film. If it turns out good, maybe someone would want to do a longer Metroid film, which would actually be pretty cool if done right.

And you all know that "non for profit" doesn't mean that no one makes any money, right? It means that they aren't selling the movie and trying to get rich off it! However, if you want to make a professional looking film, you need paid actors, camera men, designers, equipment, ect. Now since it's non for profit that does mean that they are all getting paid less they normaly might, but all those people still can't do this for free! Even though it's a 10 min film it will likely take a week or two to film, and then there is all the post production work, which they say will take 6-8 months! That would be a hell of a lot of time for people to work for free.

Do you have any theaters in your city? Unless you live in New York most of them are non for profit too, even professional theaters.

They are trying to make art, not lots of cash.



Grayjedi13 said:

And also since it is non for profit, that means they might actually care about what the film looks like, and not put something out quickly in order to make money like other video game to film adaptions that are made all the time.



CAM290 said:

The title seems cheesey. Nintendo will shut this down halfway through production. Rediculous to even try to make a movie of a franchise without the mother company's consent.



DrkBndr said:

@willobee Really?!

So you're saying that Let's Players can't make videos of Nintendo games, or fans can't make cartoon, game or films to express their love to a certain IP?! Even this site reports news from Nintendo and uses screenshots of their games, so that is wrong too

Please enlighten me in why you think that...



Chris720 said:

@unrandomsam Well there was no reason for Nintendo to say no, Bowser only appeared for what, 2-3 minutes? No point charging Disney to show their character for such a short amount of time.

As for this, it sounds interesting... but I think Nintendo will be shutting this down as soon as they catch sniff of this.



KingGanny said:

A lot of you all here seem pretty harsh towards this. I think I would like to see what it looks like first before judging it so. Also it is to ten minutes. So you aren't willing to let this TEN MINUTE Metroid short film happen to see what it is like? It isn't official. It is by fans. So it logically shouldn't reflect onto the series poorly if it does in fact suck. As it is fanmade. If every series was looked down on for every poorly made or poorly written piece of fan work then most everything would be thought of as being terrible.

As for whether or not it gets shut down...we will see.



DreamOn said:

It's one thing to make a fan film, it's another thing to lure a large fanbase of IP that isn't your own in order to get your film funded because others in similar fashion have successfully done it.

The guy knows making his own sci-fi wouldn't get any notice and attention and therefore the free money machine that is kick starter would not be available to him as easily as flashing some pretty models and calling it good. The earnestness just didn't shine through for me is all.



DreamOn said:

Fan fiction (especially unapproved) looking for handouts is cheap next to worthless. Kickstarter was made for better purposes.



kyuubikid213 said:

@ToniK Other M wasn't a bad game. If anything, Metroid Prime Hunters is the worst... It nails the First Person Shooter controls on the DS, but it's not exactly a Metroid game. The focus is on shooting rather than adventure and puzzles.

Other M has it's focus more on story, but it isn't bad.



mamp said:

@KingGanny I agree with the points you made. Personally I don't care if this gets made, metroid I think is my favorite Nintendo IP but the way I see it; the movie is a 10 minute film (10 minutes people come on) and who knows it could be amazing and if it's not, well a 10 minute piece of **** is better than a 90 minute piece of ****. Also you don't really have to watch it if you don't want to (just like any other movie that's out there). Plus fan films are usually way better than Hollywood films since you know the guy/girl creating said film is actually a fan who sticks to the source material instead of Hollywood-izing a film.



devilwaffle said:

Why are people wanting this to get shut down? If you don't like it, and don't want it to happen, then don't support it, don't watch it, and let the people who would actually like to see a Metroid Movie watch it. So it uses someone's IP, who cares? They aren't charging you to watch it. They just have an ambition to make something out of respect for what they love, and are asking for support. And by the way, asking for support is not a bad thing.



Kaze_Memaryu said:

While I like the idea of a Metroid movie (though I'd prefer 3D animated), it really is bugging that they ask for money to do 10 minutes. Judging from what they showed in that video, they're going way overboard with the effort, so of course it's gonna be expensive.
Somehow, this seems like an application towards Nintendo to make a full Metroid movie, but this might be difficult. Sakamoto is very picky about Metroid and the way it's presented, so he would be the deciding factor in wether this attempt gets shot down or not...

But really, I'm curious as to how this project would turn out.



Ren said:

Good luck to them, those are big boots to fill.
We know how nintendo hates to pay for advertising and this is as free as it gets. win-win. (and it's an online film, if it's good someone will make a better long version, if it's cheesy it'll disappear - Metriod canon intact) I can't see how this hurts anyone.



DreamOn said:

It hurts no one and they shouldn't be denied support and I'm confident they will attract it with IP like Metroid here in America



LexKitteh said:

I was a fan of the Metroid: Other M live action commercial, and have been wondering how an actual film would turn out. I'm hoping this project can at least match that level of quality.

For those who haven't seen it, here's the Metroid: Other M TV Commercial.



WaxxyOne said:

Wow, why so much hate? I know nothing about the legality of them making this or using Kickstarter to gather the required funds. However, if they can make a fun and entertaining Metroid film, I say why not? At worst it shows Nintendo that fans are still interested in the franchise, encouraging them to sink resources into making another gameNOTBYTEAMNINJAOHFORTHELOVEOFGODPLEASENINTENDONO!! ... Uh, sorry about that. Ahem, where was I?

Right. I've always said Metroid would make for a good movie series and while it'd be better to hear about a full-length film blessed by Nintendo, I'm not going to shun some fans for trying to make it a reality. It's not like them making this is somehow going to take the place of a game, seriously...



Bizzyb said:

People make crappy fan films all the time yet when someone wants to make a decent fan film people want it shut down?? wow...I love Metroid and the more love and exposure this franchise gets the better. Boo to all you haters!



I-U said:

I hope a Metroid game has a strong focus on shooting or the gameplay's going to suffer. Most of the gameplay in every Metroid game revolves around the idea of shooting. Heck, shooting is a means of progression and how well you're able to shoot in these games determines your success and your pace. Metroid Prime Hunters' focus on shooting is for the better.

As for Metroid Enemies Within, I hope to support the project on my next paycheck.



kyuubikid213 said:

@I-U It's not that a focus on shooting is BAD. It's that the game seemed to be more about shooting and how it worked on the DS rather than bringing Metroid Prime to the DS.

Playing both Metroid Prime on the GameCube and Metroid Prime Hunters, it just felt as though Metroid Prime had more of a focus on learning your environment and planning out how to traverse it best with shooting only coming to the forefront in battles and even more so with the boss fights. The rest of the game had more to do with the adventure and absorbing you into Tallon IV.

Metroid Prime Hunters was basically Nintendo getting the FPS controls down and slapping Metroid on the end result. It may just be me, but I was not absorbed into the four planets you explore. I didn't feel like I was there. And the adventure wasn't really there because every few rooms, I would have to cease adventuring to shoot about ten enemies and a mini-boss or a Hunter that just appeared. I don't know... It just didn't feel as good as Metroid Prime.



Link-Hero said:

Unless Nintendo doesn't want this to happen, then what gives us the right to say they can't make a Metroid movie? Because it might suck? So what? People make bad videos about Metroid (or based on any video game for that matter) all the time. Unless it's like those legendarily bad/its so bad its good kind of films, most people will probably forget about this movie. I mean, does anyone remember that Sonic movie with Jaleel White in it that came out awhile ago?

If they want to make a movie and not make a profit from it, then let them.



Edlicious said:

Man Why is it every time someone wants to make a fan made something of anything Nintendo everyone on this website starts crying and damning that persons name? Like who cares? They have their own vision of the thing they love, and obviously they love Metroid because the movie is non-profit? So all the hours and days they are going to spend filming, and making costumes and sets and editing the movie is completely for the movie and no one else? This happened with the CG zelda short they showed too? I was impressed and applauded them for their great efforts but instead everyone on this website got all hurt about it and made it sound like they fan CG ruined zelda forever? If this metroid fan flim sucks then who cares? They put effort and time to it and thats all that matters. Not to mention Nintendo has billions of dollars, I dont think the 90K donation they are making is gonna harm Nintendo.



Senate_Guard said:

I'd like to see how this turns out. Besides the actress they chose for Samus, this both looks and sounds pretty interesting. Metroid is in a bit of a quiet state right now, so maybe a fan film will help the series get out of the rut its been in since... that other game.



mikeyman64 said:

What would be cool is if all profit went to a charity. Would be hard for Nintendo to down that, methinks.

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