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Level-5 Announces Wonder Flick, A New RPG Coming To The Wii U In Japan Next Year

Posted by Orla Madden

Flick 'em up

During Level-5's Vision event today in Japan, the company behind the popular Professor Layton series announced it has a new game in development: Wonder Flick. The title will be a touch-centred RPG and is set for release on the Wii U in Japan in 2014. It will also release on other platforms such as PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, iOS and Android, though the touch mechanics will incorporate smartphones and tablets with the system in the case of the Sony and Microsoft platforms.

There's quite the talented bunch behind Level-5's upcoming adventure; CEO of the company Akihiro Hino is directing the game, Nobuo Uematsu is the mastermind behind the music, character designs are done by Nao Ikeda, while boss character designs are led by Takuzō Nagano.

A featured system called 'UniPlay' will be available, which will allow cross-platform saving.

Check out the game's trailer below, and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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Metaknight_3Raw said:

It's coming to everything but 3DS I wonder why. Still looks quite interesting might get it on WIi U or Vita.



retro_player_22 said:

Aw... this game seems interesting, until this sentence had to ruin it:

"It will also release on other platforms such as PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One, iOS and Android, though the touch mechanics will incorporate smartphones and tablets with the system in the case of the Sony and Microsoft platforms."



MathRaph said:

@kasplat I agree.
Not very interested in the game for now, but I'm curious to see what it will work on home consoles, as this seems very much designed for iOS from the ground up.



ricklongo said:

This looks interesting, although I'm not so sure about the "touch-based" part.

Bummer that it isn't an exclusive, but it looks like it will play much better on the Wii U anyway. Hopefully this comes to the West.



Peach64 said:

That looked great... until the gameplay I'll keep an eye out for it, but don't have high hopes.



retro_player_22 said:

True but it being released on other platforms means there's no point in getting this for any of them if you already had an android iOS or PS3. Chances are more people will probably be getting this for iOS because of it being cheaper. Would had being something special if it's a console exclusive.



PinkSpider said:

If the beginning of that video is in game graphics and not cut scenes i will be happy. Pikmin 3 has proved that its possible



Shambo said:

Bring it to Europe and I'll check it out. On Wii U, of course. It does look somewhat like Dragon Quest, but it also reminds me of Little King's story. You know, that gem on Wii, not the Vita version with added 'teenage coolness'. Or was it 'all charm removed'? Anyway, I never understood how a charming Cing (R.) I.P. could get a PS Vita exclusive sequel... And such a bleh looking one...



WiiLovePeace said:

The music sounded really amazing (of course) but I'm not too sure about the gameplay, it certainly has potential though & I've never played a bad Level-5 game (but I haven't played that many either ) so I think I'll give this a shot... After reviews of the game for Wii U of course haha



LztheQuack said:

@Metalslime Funny you should ask. Level 5 made Dragon Quest VIII and IX

Also, it's coming to the Xbox One and Vita but not the 3DS? Wut?!



AVahne said:

Hm, play the game on my Wii U at home, and then continue the adventure on Android with the UniPlay system? Seems pretty cool. I'm hoping it takes advantage of 2013's high end chipsets like Tegra 4 and Snapdragon 800 and 2014's like Tegra 5.



AVahne said:

Home consoles will probably have those graphics in-game, while mobile devices will vary. Vita and high-end 2013 smart devices should get close to that, and 2014 high-end smart devices should look the same as the PS3 version.



Jaz007 said:

I lost all intrest once the gameplay started. It's completley unappealing to me.



Sjoerd said:

Comparing the size of that dragon's head and the shield, I'm surpised the little guy survived.



Dreamcaster-X said:

I was excited til I saw it was basically a touch screen RPG. I'll pass. Great music from Uematsu though!!



Marshi said:

Looks amazing,but theres just no point getting excited for it. Theres almost no chance of the west seeing this



Aerona said:

An RPG with music from Uematsu coming to Wii U? That alone is enough to get this on my radar!



Polaris said:

Ah yes, that caption. 'Flick em' up!' Okay makes offensive gesture is that what the game's about?



3Daniel said:

pricing will determine whether or not I get it. I despise gaming on my android as I have yet to see it as a viable option when it comes to control and overall quality, but for a game that's essentially built around mobile/tablet and the high cost of developing for a console, with no eshop release on the 3ds?????, most likely bringing a higher price... no thanks. cute idea tho.



nf_2 said:

It looks interesting but I'm not sure I see a lot of depth here. It looks like it'd be better served on a smartphone, seeing as that's what is shown in the trailer.



T1m1 said:

It looks interesting, But i wonder if theres gonna be any real gameplay differences between the mobile devices and the consoles. If not, Then thats fine too. The battle system looks pretty good too.



SKTTR said:

Wow, a new Uematsu soundtrack!
And the touchscreen controlled RPG gameplay is something new and looks kinda fun, at least on Wii U and other touch devices.

But the graphics aren't that great (are the shots from the tablet version?), the standard anime style bores me a little. Layton and Inazuma had fantastic character art. Am I expecting too much from Level5 designers?
It's probably too early to tell, but if this turns out to be good I consider getting the Wii U version.



Henmii said:

I was excited...until I saw that it's just a mobile phone game brought to Wii u! It looks still interesting though, like Dragon quest for the Wii but with more depht!



Araknie said:

Nope, really i am the only one having a problem with the art style?

Dragon Quest and Ni No Kuni look mature compared to this, sigh.
Thank goodness there's Xenoblade, i've put 300 hours in the first one that was limited because of the Wii cabilities so really i won't need a JRPG for long after X is out.

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