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Jump Trials Supreme Confirmed For A 3DS eShop Release

Posted by Andy Green

G-Style outlines what players can expect to see

Jump Trials has been a pretty successful series for G-Style and has seen two iterations on DSiWare in the past. The developer made its 3DS eShop debut not so long ago and has Chain Blaster, Undead Bowling and Crazy Construction residing in the digital store.

It seems the company is not done there and will now be following them up with another Jump Trials game called Jump Trials Supreme.

Speaking to BeefJack the game's director Shingo Miyazaki said the previous titles - Jump Trials and Jump Trials Extreme - were "very well received" and the company had plenty of requests from players to create a new edition.

He said the studio aims to build on what worked well in the previous two titles and "evolve each point to give the players a new experience".

Jump Trials Supreme will feature a worldwide online ranking system allowing you to compare stats and there will be themed downloadable content, including some based on the zombie shooter Undead Storm - which was published by Gamebridge outside Japan. There's also the promise of exclusive stages in the challenge mode.

The game will arrive in the Japanese eShop this November and although G-Style has yet to confirm it overseas, the worldwide online ranking system is a bit of a giveaway.

What are your thoughts on Jump Trials? Are you pleased the series is making the leap to the 3DS eShop? Let us know in the comment section below.


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accc said:

The first Jump Trials game was a terrible knock-off of 10 Second Run. No thank you.



WinterWarm said:


I never did agree with you on anything... :P

This company's got my support. Three demos. Three releases. They know what they're doin'.

Chain Blaster and Undead Bowling are addictive.



PixelRobin said:

JT extreme was amazing compared to the original (shudder). Lets hope this one is even better



Klimbatize said:

Jump Trials Extreme was actually pretty good for $2. I preferred it to 10 second Run because there were more levels and gaming modes. Online leaderboards are nice, too. If this is priced similarly, I'll get it.

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