QuakeCon is currently taking place in Dallas, and id Software Technical Director John Carmack has already given a quote-laden presentation at the event.

Carmack covered a wide range of topics, including government snooping via games machines and the next-gen console race. He also touched upon the idea of Doom 3 BGF Edition coming to Nintendo's Wii U system, commenting that it would be a "great target" for the game.

Sadly, he feels that the "lack of interest" (read: low install base) is likely to prevent such a thing happening:


Carmack had previously stated that a Wii U port might be on the cards, but that finding time was an issue. It sounds like the console's dismal commercial fortunes have made his mind up on the matter.

Just to make us even more depressed, Carmack admitted that it's unlikely that he or id Software will be working on the 3DS or Wii U any time soon:


So, another name to add to the ever-increasing pile of titles that "could" come to Wii U, but won't.

[via gonintendo.com]