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John Carmack: Doom 3 BFG Edition Would Be Great On Wii U, But There's Not Enough Interest

Posted by Damien McFerran

Would love to develop for 3DS and Wii U, but it's "unlikely"

QuakeCon is currently taking place in Dallas, and id Software Technical Director John Carmack has already given a quote-laden presentation at the event.

Carmack covered a wide range of topics, including government snooping via games machines and the next-gen console race. He also touched upon the idea of Doom 3 BGF Edition coming to Nintendo's Wii U system, commenting that it would be a "great target" for the game.

Sadly, he feels that the "lack of interest" (read: low install base) is likely to prevent such a thing happening:

Carmack had previously stated that a Wii U port might be on the cards, but that finding time was an issue. It sounds like the console's dismal commercial fortunes have made his mind up on the matter.

Just to make us even more depressed, Carmack admitted that it's unlikely that he or id Software will be working on the 3DS or Wii U any time soon:

So, another name to add to the ever-increasing pile of titles that "could" come to Wii U, but won't.


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daveh30 said:

meh... been there, done that. we don't need ports of games that everyone who wants to play has played. When its time to talk about Doom 4, hopefully the U has a large enough install base to persuade him.



SilentHunter382 said:

It would be great but I would have rather Carmack say the Wii U had a low install base to justify not porting it to the Wii U then say there is not enough interest.

Still its better then him saying that the game won't run on the system like a certain company said about there games.




XFsWorld said:

Doom 3 would be great on Wii U & Vita, but I dont think the same for 3DS. In 2014 the Wii U should be in a really great spot and ready for 3rd parties to put games on it.



Tylr said:

Lack of interest? APPEAL to the gamers, Carmack, there's a thing called advertising.



Warruz said:

I hated doom 3.... this does not bother me. However it would make good for a Download only game as long as they offered it at a decent price point considering how old it is.



orravan85 said:

!!!! I want Doom BFG on my Wii U! Ugh. I was so tempted to buy this on Steam or PS3 when it came out. BUT restrained myself.. Now I read this and well... I think I will wait and hope that maybe it will come out next year.



mike_intv said:

This sounds like what someone says when they have no real interest in doing something but know if they tell the truth they will be harshly judged — so they fib and are likewise harshly judged.



readyletsgo said:

Doom 3 on the Wii U with an even bigger BFE version, I know so many people who have BFE on xbox/ps3 that would get this for a Wii U, make it happen!



t3g said:

Maybe he's still bummed out about sales of Orcs and Elves on the DS.



ACK said:

From what I understand, he was planning BFG for Vita and Wii U... But lack of publisher interest squashed that. In his words, they've become "sort of marginalized platforms."



Macarony64 said:

I would get... when it as actually released for other consoles right now we are getting the games when wanted from the beggining. Maybe a skyrim whit out the bugs and dlc will have better chances and a fallout collection.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I think John Carmack is actually right about this but if he was making a new Doom I might want it. I have a feeling nobody will want this game on any system other than PC with Oculus Rift.



Tim_Slim said:

So how many fake twitter profiles do I have to create and message him with, to make him think that enough people are interested?



Einherjar said:

You made so much freaking money with Doom 3, a WiiU / Vita version would be no gamble at all, its a port of a year old game.
What does it say about a mans ambition and believe, if HE says it would be an excellent idea but thinks, that so little others would think the same, that its not worth the effort. To be blunt: Such a statement sounds exactly like "Im a moron, i talk gibberish and nobody likes my ideas"
You know what mister ? Youll NEVER know how much interest there is, unless YOU MADE THE FLIPPIN GAME you idiot !
Take Minecraft. Notch didnt made it because "there was much interest in the interwebz", he made it because HE thought it would be a good idea, although he didnt had any financial backing from previous best sellers like..uhm...Doom for instance. And guess what ? Hes rich now, stinking rich. He became scrooge mc noth because he trusted his nose, his ambition and his ideas. A WiiU / Vita port may NEVER reach that kind of popularity, sure, but the game is already made, a port of the BFG Edition (iuncluding the whole trilogy) will not be that big of a challenge, it wont cost a fortune and will certainly attract enough costumers to make up for it.
But dont trust yourself, be my guest. Stand in line with all the other idiots who wont work for their money and just wait that people beg them to take it from them already...
Gosh that makes me mad...geeze.



Metaknight_3Raw said:

Why do Nintendo fans always have to prove their interest? Not just in this situation but it's an excuse I've noticed a lot.



RantingThespian said:

Meh, I never cared for the Doom series.

What I want is a remake/reboot of Quake 1!

Where are my Shamblers, Scrags, Chthon's, Vores, Shub-Niggurath (the black goat of the woods with a thousand young), and other Cthulhu Mythos creatures? I've been waiting since the original was released, to pull out my nail gun, and step back into that Gothic/Cthulhu world and kick some inter-dimensional butt!



aj_fowl said:

Why not the 3DS? I mean, it's selling like crazy. Revelations sold pretty well, and it came out when the 3DS wasn't doing to great.



Captain_Toad said:

These guys aren't going to work on the 3ds/vita? NOOO.
WiiU also wont be ge---- eh this happens all the time.
[sub]but still[sub]



seronja said:

what does he mean not enough interest? people would buy anything for wii u & vita just so they could play SOMETHING... well i have the game for ps3 but would gladly sell it for the wii u version



MAB said:

Back in the good old days games sold steadily over time not 5 million in their first month



turnmebackwards said:

Already got the game on the PS3 the Wii U does not need another port or remade game roll on the new games.



Matthew94 said:

@Einherjar >Such a statement sounds exactly like "Im a moron, i talk gibberish and nobody likes my ideas"

You do realise who you are talking about, right?



nocode said:

There was little interest in the bfg edition for Xbox and playstation, but that didn't stop em then.



sinalefa said:

Well, he says not enough interest, he does not say from whom. It could be from him or from the bankers who would greenlight the project. Or maybe, in a distant third (as usual) he could be referring to the gamers.

Again, less third party games on Wii U, more of my money that goes to Nintendo.



Emblem said:

He is right, you can get this game for under £5 on steam right now, who is going to spend £20+ on a Wii U port?

Give us a new game not a HD update for a decade+ old game.



BillyCupid said:

This is just the go-to excuse for any third party developer at the moment... It's a chicken and the egg scenario - if new games were developed for the Wii U, there would be more interest in the Wii U, which would result in more games being developed for the Wii U.

We need a couple of brave third parties to buck the trend and bring their games to our console, but I'm afraid that the games industry is more about the bottom line than ever before (hence the continuous churning out of generic shooter games) and no one is interested in taking that risk.



Caryslan said:

@nocode To be fair, they thought the audience was there given the popularity of FPS games on the Xbox 360 and PS3. As it turns out though, they were trying to sell Doom 3 BFG to the COD and Battlefield players who could not give two flips about the game. Not to mention, it came out at a very crowded time of the year. Something like this should have come out in the summer, when there were fewer major titles to take attention away from it. It was an HD port of a 8-year old game, and it's not a shock it got steamrolled by the major titles that came out during that time period.

Which is a shame since Doom 3 BFG is a very good port of Doom 3 that fixes many of the complaints people had. And I never played the original game on the PC, the lighting did no bother me since there were still a good number of areas that were very dark and had be on the edge of my seat.

Let me put it this way, I still think Doom 3 is better at the horror elements then many of the recent Resident Evil games.

But yeah, Doom 3: BFG just came out at a bad time of the year. Which is a shame, but it was a really good deal since you got Doom 3, the expansions, a new episode, Doom, and Doom II in one package.

I really wish it had done better.



RedRocBoy said:

Always thought this would've been a great addition to the eShop. Hope it still happens with some additional content.



AcesHigh said:

@orravan85 Have you seen the monster sale they have on Steam right now? Pretty much every ID game made for $89. I'm having trouble fighting my right index finger off from clicking the "Buy" button. D3BFG is part of it.



Kifa said:

I don't understand really why would anyone want Doom 3 on Wii U when it can be purchased cheaply for PC and runs on virtually anything more modern than a refridgerator by now... Seriously, why? I am a Wii U owner and I understand the platform support thing, but unless something special was added to the game I wouldn't buy it for the second time. Heck, I'm not even considering BFG because it really does not give me anything worth the price over the standard version...



TromboneGamer said:

Ya know I really wonder how they go about determining the interest for the game on a given platform. Install base? Demographic? Yeah because it's obvious that those are the only things that determine interest...



Swiket said:

Doom 4 should go back to basics. Just give me a gun and let me shoot dudes. Serious Sam 3 is an excellent example of creating one of those shooters in modern times.



HugoSmits said:

I think you guys are a bit harsh towards John Carmack. Please remember John is just a programmer (A very good one) at Id Software. He co-founded the company, but they sold it to Bethesda.

So John has no saying in releasing it for WiiU. He might offer the project to Bethesda, but if their focus/marketing group shoots it down, that's it. he cannot do anything about it!

John has made it pretty clear in interviews over the years the Nintendo consoles are his favorite, and he loves to play on them with his little sons. In fact, it's the only machine he uses these days for gaming!



rmeyer said:

Me and my brother were talking about how they should make a controller complete game that you move around to go left and right and only use the thumb pad to walk forward and back. Doom would be a great way to introduce this type of gameplay. I'm really surprised Nintendo hasn't done this yet.



Pichuka97 said:

I never played Doom 3 on my original Xbox so I always wanted to give this version a go. If it came to WiiU, I would so go for it.



taffy said:

Still have the original I bought for the PC back when it first came out in 2004, one of my favourite fps (along with half life 2). Wasn't a traditional Doom game but still a lot of fun. I dare anyone to play this game in the dark with headphones and not scream like a little girl!



Nictendo64 said:

I'm so sick of these "If there's enough interest" or "there's not enough interest" excuses. If you go up to most Wii U owners and ask if they would like DOOM 3 on their system. They will all say yes.



grenworthshero said:

Eh, whatever. We don't need ANOTHER remake of a remake on the WiiU. That's the practically the ONLY thing it has so far.



micronean said:

I think it's more like there's not enough interest in i.d. (Or Carmack) to actually TRY to make a game for Wii U.

besides, i.d. software is known for DOOM, Quake, and other PC-based games. They couldn't care less about Nintendo anyway..



DefHalan said:

I would love to see any and all I'd Software titles on the Wii U. Maybe a GOTY version of Rage with the DLC included and the extra GamePad features. Sadly I got BFG edition on Steam when it was on sale but would be tempted to get it for Wii U if it ever happened



Shambo said:

First off, I gotta ask: is this the new method of free media attention, in the form of petitions? Playing it safe by 'measuring' interest?

Second: I'd get it any day on 3ds, no interest is a made-up excuse since 3ds could use a tense shooting game. Forget second analog, ds had great shooters with pixel perfect touch screen aiming.

On Wii U, ANY good game is welcome. I'd love to tear through demons attacking out of nowhere with a bad-donkey shotgun off-tv, or replay doom 1 & 2 that way. I have it on ps3 but I personally hate that controller.

Throw in that extra violent mod as an official exclusive bonus for the first time, and we have a deal, I'll buy it again and so would just about any real hardcore shooter fan who owns a Wii U or is in doubt of getting one already.



jayclayx said:

despite this is another port the wii U needs more than that, anyway N fanboys are more interesting on lego games for example LOL.



Neram said:

Damn it! I would buy BFG Edition on Wii U in a heartbeat! The Wii U not having an install base is really having a bad effect on the system's fortune, and us customers. I want this game on Wii U, I have it on Steam, but I really want it on Wii U, and that won't happen just because the Wii U isn't selling good? That just sucks.



TruenoGT said:

While I would love Doom 3 (with pointer controls!!) on the Wii U, it would be awesome if they just did the original Doom o n the eShop or something. It would so cool to play on the gamepad, or two player on the gamepad versus the tv...



Wheels2050 said:

@Damien @Tylr @mike_intv @Tim_Slim @Einherjar:

If you actually watch the video (I did!) the quote is: "I always thought Wii U and the Vita would be great targets for Doom BFG. We should be able to bring that over directly, but it's not something that's generating enough interest on the publishing side of things because, it's just, they're somewhat marginalised platforms..."

Carmack is all for bringing it over. Your beef lies with the publishers, not him. (Actually, I think your beef should lie with Nintendo for not doing more to sell more consoles)

@TromboneGamer: What they mean is that they expect that not enough people who own the Wii U will buy the game in order to generate a profit. It's straightforward really. Interest = {Number of Wii U Owners} x {Fraction of those owners who would buy Doom BFG}. Multiply that by the publisher's share of the sale price, subtract the cost of porting and publishing the game and if you end up with a positive number then go ahead. If it's negative, forget it.



letsplay said:

Ahh Doom. Played so many hours. Hearing that Pink Demon made the hair on my neck stand up.



ramstrong said:

Not enough interest? Can you prove it? Stick it up on Kickstart, and if that fails, then that's proof. Otherwise, it's good, right?



Gamer83 said:

Lame excuse. I doubt PS3 and especially Xbox 360 owners were asking for anymore FPS and certainly not one that is nearly a decade old. I own both those consoles and while I thought this game was fun when I played it years ago on the original Xbox, it's certainly not a timeless classic that I would re-buy.



Sinister said:

Well Doom 3 was a poopiedoodledoodoopoop game. No idea if the BFG edition changed that.
Based on my experience with Doom 3 i am not even touching the BFG edition tho.



Einherjar said:

@Wheels2050 Putting it that way, i actually might misinterpreted something there, im sorry if that was the case. But it doesnt change my core statement, in that this whole "want to bring it, but there is no demand" (and i dont mean this example here specificly) talk is absolute bullpoopiedoodoohugglebunnies and if you think about it, makes no sense.
Again, sorry if i mixed up something here: If he has no powe to bring it over (have a say in something like that) its the devs fault and im sorry for blaming him.



ajcismo said:

Last Doom game I had an interest in was Doom 64... Then I purchased and played it. Haven't thought much of Doom since.



Relias said:

Low Install Base does not = Lack of Interest... please understand this sir... and just say the Wii U has suckulent sales... we can handle the truth.. well some of us can anyway... honest.. but then again for all you know releasing this as a DL only game at about 15 bucks or less.. you might have a Million seller on your hands..



Korudo13 said:

@Tylr Yeah seriously. Ever since Capcom said, "We wanted to bring out Mega Man Legends 3, but there wasn't enough interest.", it's somehow become an acceptable excuse for developers these days. Advertise, give us a reason to buy. We don't appeal to you! You appeal to us! Or you don't get paid. I'm so tired of this double standard. You'd never hear this crap for PS4 or Xbox One.



Ruthven said:

I’d by Doom 3 BFG Edition for Wii U.
If it also included off screen play of Doom & Doom II (plus maybe Doom 64), that would be the icing on the top.



MrCanzine said:

@ACK Regarding publisher interest, that would actually make sense to give his comments credibility. When I first read the quote about not enough interest, I assumed he just meant that he assumes there isn't enough interest in the community for it, but it would make sense that publishers have balked at the idea. If there isn't enough publisher interest, then there is not enough interest. At least I would hope that's it. I'd definitely like a DOOM3 BFG edition on the WiiU, though I'd hope they'd update it a little with new things so it's not just a port of a previously released game available for $39.99 on other systems that gets released on WiiU for $59.99. Those really annoy me and I feel like someone's laughing at me when I purchase them, like some sort of WiiU tax.



MrCanzine said:

@pcruthven I think Doom 3 BFG Edition already comes with Doom and Doom II, part of what makes it the BFG edition. At least my copy on PC did. Also came with the 2 bonus packs.
What would be cool too, in my opinion anyway which doesn't count, would be if more games came with extra bonus features like making of's and such, especially when it comes to these older type games and compilations of games. Like Command & Conquer the first Decade, came with the bonus disc that had all of the interviews and making of and such. Not needed by many people, but when putting together a compilation of old games with a new one, ala Doom3 BFG, it'd be neat to have interviews and stuff with people like John Carmack talking about the history of Doom and stuff.



Ruthven said:

@MrCanzine Yeah I know DOOM 3 BFG Edition has DOOM, DOOM II, DOOM 3, and DOOM 3: Resurrection of Evil, and The Lost Mission... But wouldn’t it be nice to replay DOOM 64 and have off Screen play on all included DOOM games, would that be a sweet extra for Nintendo and DOOM fans like myself



Araknie said:

If you previously say that you would never develop on a Nintendo console as the entire publisher and all his studios how we are supposed to be interested in something you produce console wise?

Really stupid.

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