Jam with the Band Banner

Some European DS owners may be fans of Jam With the Band, a colourful music game published by Nintendo that incorporates performing and composing in some rather fun ways; it was never released in North America, unfortunately.

Nintendo has now uploaded a teaser site for a new title in the franchise; it's coming to the 3DS, is being developed by Intelligent Systems (known recently for Fire Emblem: Awakening, in particular) and will feature Vocaloid, synthesizer software that can be used to manipulate the sound of the singing voice. Called Band Bros. P — the original was Daigasso Band Bros. in Japan — it'll reportedly allow you to take a picture with the 3DS inward camera, record singing on the system's mic and then use Vocaloid to play with the results.

At this stage the teaser site is only in Japanese, though it does list a 2013 release. Would you be interested in seeing this one in the West?

[via siliconera.com]