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Harvest Moon: A New Beginning Finally Sowing Its Seed In Europe This September

Posted by Damien McFerran

Better late than never, right?

Remember Harvest Moon: A New Beginning? The first game in the franchise to be built for the 3DS from the ground up, it launched in Japan and North America back in 2012 and was slated for a Q3 release in Europe.

It has now been confirmed by MAQL Europe that the game will be hitting European shores on September 20th.

Promoted as the most customisable entry in the long-running farming series, Harvest Moon: A New Beginning was awarded a respectable 8/10 in our review. Will you be picking up a copy, European players?

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Great_Gonzalez said:

Can't wait! Although I'm very disappointed in the pre-order bonus at GAME though, we get a bag of beads or something?? BUT in America they get a super awesome super cute cow teddy!!! Oh well it's better than nothing



Frostfyr said:

Hopefully this version fixes all the horrendous localization errors that the North American one had.



ledreppe said:

Aahhh, I was lead to believe from the site I preordered this from that it was releasing September 13th. Oh well, I've waited over a year for this, what's another week?!



SphericalCrusher said:

Amazing game! Bought it around launch and have been playing it a lot lately. One of the best Harvest Moon games since HM64 and Back to Nature IMO.



Victoria said:

They should have brought it out here a year ago when I was desperately waiting for Animal Crossing. Now that I'm wrapped up playing AC, can anyone convince me that I need to play this?



eza said:

@Victoria I was going to ask the same! I would have imported it when it came out in NA if 3DS wasn't region locked

What would be great is if they ported the Gamecube Harvest Moon to 3DS - that was my favourite one of the series...



Freelance said:

I live in NA, but I still haven't gotten ANB yet. I dunno if I really need to, as I have ToTT and that seems good enough for my HM needs. I also have Farming Simulator on the Vita for more on-the-go farming.

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