On 7th August Nintendo announced that it was opening legal proceedings against HackYourConsole.com, a subject that unsurprisingly caused plenty of debate and disagreement within the Nintendo Life community. The site had sold R4 cards and offered mods to Nintendo hardware for a good amount of time, but reading between the lines of Nintendo's press release on the subject it seemed that the 3DS Gateway product, which aims to allow illegal ROMS to be playable on the latest handheld, may have prompted Nintendo to formalise its opposition to the website.

The operator of HackYourConsole.com has developed a global business focused on selling unauthorized copies of Nintendo games and game-copying devices (such as the R4 device) used to circumvent the technological protection measures contained in the Nintendo DS family of hand-held systems. The website operator, for a fee, also provides services to hack and modify the Wii console and allow the play of illegal software.

HackYourConsole.com also claims to be an authorized distributor for the yet-to–be-released 3DS Gateway cards. The Gateway device is promoted as operating similar to the R4 game copier for the Nintendo DS, which facilitates the play of illegally downloaded games. Game copying devices, such as the R4, severely undermine the sales of video games created by thousands of developers.

Of course, the arguments are made that some mods have supported homebrew, but whether in that category or direct piracy it's considered illegal by Nintendo; in the case of Gateway, it's a format targeting straight-up ROM copies and piracy. With the legal proceeding presumably ongoing, HackYourConsole.com has now been taken down, with the following message on its front page.

Out of Service: The site is out of service. At this time all Pre-orders have been cancelled.

No new orders will be accepted.

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