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Gaze Upon One of the Rarest 3DS Systems

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Just five to be produced in Taiwan

There have been lots of limited edition 3DS systems to date, including a good number that have only graced Japan. More are expected, of course, but the blue model pictured is possibly going to be the rarest of them all; only five will be produced and distributed in Taiwan.

These models will be part of a promotion for the release of Doraemon: Nobita’s Number Adventure in the country, with the regional Nintendo team preparing the systems for five lucky winners that pick up the game. It's part of a concerted effort in recent times to promote the 3DS in the region, with this model certainly attractive to fans of the mathematics-based game.

We've had limited edition Mario 3DS models available to win in the past, of course, but there were 3000 of those systems. If you own one of these Doraemon 3DS portables, you will genuinely have one of the rarest editions of the 3DS, perhaps only rivaled by early prototypes or original designs buried in the Nintendo vaults.

While on the subject, which limited edition 3DS system do you crave the most? There have certainly been plenty.


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IxnayontheCK said:

Gold jacket, green jacket, who gives dogg!epoople. Haha i don't care what lil design is on mine as long as it performs well! =)



AlexSora89 said:

I have no plans to change my 3DS, as long as my Ambassador games are in it. They're on my handheld and they're there to stay.



EarthboundBenjy said:

They could have made the outline thing look a little bit more like Doraemon. For such a rare system, it just looks like it has white scribbles on it.



ajcismo said:

I should have picked up the Zelda one when I had the chance. If nothing more than just for display on my guy stuff shelf.



unrandomsam said:

If is locked to the Korean region it wouldn't be that much use to me. Dunno what region lock is on this.
(I see the point in certain things being more valuable due to them being scarce but not when the other versions are functionally identical).



wicked636 said:

i wish the u.s. got the smt 4 3ds.also as someone else said wish i would have got the zelda one.



tchaten said:

I'd love to have a boxed up Ocarina of Time one - I just got my first LE one in from Japan - the Year of Luigi 3DS was something I couldn't miss - and it is a wonderful looking box and system.



King47 said:

If they make totoro one I will be very happy.
But I have the fire emblem one.



Shambo said:

@ajcismo I found one by walking into a toystore with many stores across my country, and asking if they had one anywhere. They did, so I asked to call and reserve it for me. Again, they did. Normal price, brand new. Once in the right store, I also found the Pkmn black edition dsi brand new, with the game, cheaper than a regular dsi without a game. It was a lovely day in a collector's life.



ToniK said:

I would've wanted the Zelda one, but I'm completely happy with my basic red one. Still don't have a scratch on it. Yes, that's how I roll. Keep my stuff clean and stuff.



Samurai_Goroh said:

Oh my golly, this is the new Holy Grail of collectors! Can't imagine how much this would be worth in an auction. Anyone wants to throw a number?



WiiLovePeace said:

I would've loved the MGS: Snake Eater 3DS but in XL form. I'm still amazingly happy with my blue 3DS XL though



KilluaZoldyck said:

So far im only interested in xl special editions. I wish they still had pikachu when I got an xl.



WinterWarm said:

Picked up the Fire Emblem Bundle last week! Sold my other 3DS and copy of the game to a unsuspecting online newbie, made profit!

I love the special edition Fire Emblem 3DS. Best one hands down.



Morpheel said:

Lol at the guys who imply that they would use this if they somehow got it.



Yoshi3DS said:

i would defenitely buy a zelda 3dsxl if they made one, my brother has the zelda 3ds but i've got a white xl



jjforsone said:

You know what?
We, in NA and EU, have 'region-locked' 3DS/3DS XL. However, 3DS in Asia are 'country-locked': Japan, Korea, and Taiwan/Hong Kong. That is, this Doraemon version of 3DS only can play 3DS games released in Taiwan & Hong Kong ONLY. Really 'limited' edition in many ways.



Big_Boy_Chubs said:

ummm....what's "Doraemon"....
anyway's, i love the color. If i got one of these, i wonder how much it'd be worth in 20 years?



Flowerlark said:

I have my yellow pikachu XL and a Zelda 3DS, so I'm content with my lot. Those XY 3DSs look pretty, but no way am I buying another 3DS unless my pikachu breaks.



BabyLogey said:

I have a Zelda 25th anniversary edition one that doesn't work anymore, and has also been chewed up here and there by a puppy, but I have a blue 3DS XL (yes, I know this one's not a limited edition) that works perfectly.



WYLD-WOO said:

I would be quite angry if someone put that on my 3DS. I`ll draw you one on them for free...

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