There have been lots of limited edition 3DS systems to date, including a good number that have only graced Japan. More are expected, of course, but the blue model pictured is possibly going to be the rarest of them all; only five will be produced and distributed in Taiwan.

These models will be part of a promotion for the release of Doraemon: Nobita’s Number Adventure in the country, with the regional Nintendo team preparing the systems for five lucky winners that pick up the game. It's part of a concerted effort in recent times to promote the 3DS in the region, with this model certainly attractive to fans of the mathematics-based game.

We've had limited edition Mario 3DS models available to win in the past, of course, but there were 3000 of those systems. If you own one of these Doraemon 3DS portables, you will genuinely have one of the rarest editions of the 3DS, perhaps only rivaled by early prototypes or original designs buried in the Nintendo vaults.

While on the subject, which limited edition 3DS system do you crave the most? There have certainly been plenty.