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Former EA VP Named New President of n-Space

Posted by Tim Latshaw

Takes place at head of longtime developer

Dan Tudge, a former vice-president and executive producer at Electronic Arts, has ranked up in title to become President of Orlando, Fla.-based independent developer n-Space.

According to GamesIndustry International, the former president of n-Space, co-founder Dan O’Leary, is now the company’s CEO.

Tudge brings well over a decade of industry experience with him, including founding World Series Baseball 2K developer Exile Interactive in 2000 and directing Dragon Age: Origins for BioWare.

O’Leary told GamesIndustry that Tudge’s presence is another sign of the developer’s continued recovery following past concerns regarding its ability to stay afloat:

This move marks an important inflection point in n-Space's 18+ year history. Like many independent developers, we have faced great challenges in the past 5 years, but I'm happy to say that, in spite of it all, we are once again stable, growing and working on great games with amazing partners. Dan's passion, expertise and experience will help continue that trend, paving the way to even greater opportunity, stability, and success in the future.

n-Space is currently Activision’s go-to team for the DS and 3DS versions of titles in the Call of Duty and Skylanders series, including the upcoming Skylanders Swap Force. It also served as developer behind the Square Enix action-RPG Heroes of Ruin.


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einstein95 said:

Ooh ooh, don't forget Geist for the GameCube, and Geist DS which later became the first Call of Duty game on DS.



WinterWarm said:

Oh god no...

Not sure why people think this is a good thing. EA is a horrible company. Utterly ignorant and foolish. n-Space however, is one of my favorite developers, after, Goldeneye, Black Ops, etc. all came from them but... This destroyed my good mood. To all the inevitable commenters saying I'm being too dramatic: I'm not.



okamiki said:

@WinterWarm actually I agree with you. The guys in ea looks like they have some type of grudge with nintendo and we don't know this guy, if he is all about the games or all about the money. That said maybe we can't expect wii u titles at all!!



DarkCoolEdge said:

Let's hope Activision orders them a 3DS Call of Duty. The handheld needs FPS (at least one or two), even if it has to be this one. And yes, I know Renegade Kid is making Cult County but that is certainly not enough.



TimLatshaw said:

@WinterWarm Sorry, but you're being too dramatic.

EA does not own n-Space now. A guy who once worked at EA (and seemed to be acquired from BioWare when EA took control of them) is now president of n-Space. I'm guessing if this guy wanted to run things the same way things at EA are run, he probably would've stayed at EA. Either way, we can't judge one man based on a company he once worked for.



Gustoff said:

In the article it says "n-Space is currently Activision’s go-to team for the DS and 3DS versions of titles in the Call of Duty and Skylanders series". So does that mean that there is a Call of Duty in development for the 3DS?



TimLatshaw said:

@Gustoff No Call of Duty game has been announced for the 3DS at this time. I apologize if that sentence came across as misleading.

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