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Feature: The Big Nintendo Direct Round-Up - 7th August

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Release dates, a few surprises and some awesome footage

Yesterday was one of those slightly-crazy Nintendo Direct days. When announced it was stated that the focus of the broadcasts would be on existing and confirmed Wii U and 3DS releases; that was true for the most part, but there were some surprises thrown in for good measure.

For example there were some sudden releases and long-awaited release dates, new retro titles confirmed for the 3DS Virtual Console and a sizzle reel that included some new, previously unannounced Wii U eShop titles. In addition, one particular confirmation of a localised 3DS game is sure to have set some hearts racing.

As is often the case, so much happens that some of the stories have already gone off our front page or are left to cling on low down the order. So, for your convenience, below are links to all of our news articles from the Nintendo Direct presentations, our live text coverage as we all watched, as well as all three Nintendo Direct broadcasts from Europe, North America and Japan. For announcements that merely reiterated details already known we didn't post new stories, but the list below should tell you all of the hottest news.

And don't forget, we'll be doing it all again for The Wonderful 101's special Nintendo Direct broadcast on 9th August, 7am Pacific / 10am Eastern / 3pm UK / 4pm European time.

Live Coverage

If you want to skip to the videos and our live text commentary without all of the details in those lovingly crafted news articles, these links are for you.

Wii U + 3DS

Wii U


So there you have it. If you want to watch any of the broadcasts again, or perhaps the Japanese version for the first time, they're all below for your convenience; you can let us know what you thought of the Nintendo Direct presentations this time around in the comments below, too.

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User Comments (39)



rjejr said:

I just didnt see the point of yesterdays ND. I thought it was to build excitement for 2013, but they didnt show DK:TF or SM3DW, or Wii Fit U or Wii Party U. They did talk about SSB though which wont be out until sometime next year. And wasnt there a summer system update that got pushed back until Sept? No mention of that either. Nintendo makes too big of a deal about these when theres nothing to say. Ild rather they just release Youtube game trailers and save these for new announcements, whether its a Zelda or Metroid game. Hasnt Iwata ever read the story of the boy who cried wolf?



Sanqet said:

what a great year for the 3ds and the first quarter of next year is looking good as well



zeldagaymer93 said:

@rjejr I completely agree with you. I wasn't expecting anything huge but I feel like they didn't really say much within those 30 minutes. I was expecting more footage and details on Donkey Kong, Mario, Wii Fit U, and Wii Party U as well. And I don't get how they still don't have a NA release date for Wind Waker. It's 2 months away. It doesn't make sense to me.



DePapier said:

That Shibata picture made history. That dude is not only the head of Nintendo of Europe; he is most and foremost a fan and I think it's for that reason we are now seeing Japanese blockbusters such as Bravely Default and Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney knocking at our Western doors.



Shambo said:

@rjejr It's just a compilation of small -yet exciting- news bits, ending in the bang that was the announcement that PLvsAA FINALLY comes to Europe. How can you be so negative? It was almost thirty minutes of pure awesome!



XFsWorld said:

Zelda: Wind Waker HD and Super Mario Bros. 3 got me excited.

Mad that they didn't show Mario Party and Mario Golf: World Tour.



StephenYap3 said:

I was hoping Yarn Yoshi would be mentioned. That game was mentioned back in January and hasn't been mentioned since. I'm excited for other Wii U titles too (especially DK and Wind Waker HD), but couldn't Yarn Yoshi be mentioned just for at least 30 seconds like how Luigi in Smash Bros was?

By the way, 100% no surprise that Luigi is returning in Smash 4, no offense to Luigi fans.



sinalefa said:


Mario and Donkey Kong can wait for a later ND, as they are both expected in November/December. Maybe Wii Party U should have been there, though.

I loved to see new footage of A Link Between Worlds. And any hype and advertising is good for Nintendo now. This is like an ad of sorts and as this round up shows, there were many announcements, although none of them may be huge.



ricklongo said:

Lack of DKC:TF was a big question mark for me. I was kinda disappointed, because I really wanted to get a confirmation on more animal buddies. Overall, it went as expected. My favorite part was the new A Link Between Worlds details.



Emblem said:

Loved the Nintendo direct, so many 3DS & Wii U games on my pre-order and wish list right now its a joke. I've actually pushed back a couple of my PC purchases which is crazy considering my PC is my main gaming device lol.



ClockworkMario said:

I think it's safe to say that they'll have a bigger, Wii U focused ND next month or even late August. It would be insane of them to not highlight the "saviors" of Wii U. I believe they just wanted to have the smaller Wii U & 3DS announcements out of the way before that.
They didn't speak of the Wii U's second big update either this time around. If I had to throw a wild guess, I'd say they'll pull a "you can download this right after this Nintendo Direct" on that.



NintyMan said:

This Direct was fine. I got a confirmation of a new character for the next Super Smash Bros., Luigi, and I was happy to see Wario Land 3 finally coming to the states.

I imagine the Nintendo Direct next month will be bigger. September is usually a big month for Nintendo news.



taffy said:

People chill! They're having a separate direct just for "The Wonderful 101". Don't you think they're going to have dedicated Direct's for those games too?



eza said:

The original Daigasso Band Brothers was the game that started me importing.
Bought the GBA cart song expansion pack and then the sequel, because it was the best game ever.
Of course back then I could play the Japanese game on my European DS.
What to do this time?!



marck13 said:

I have the feeling that there are gonna be Nintendo Directs every month now. Plus specially dedicated ones like the one for Wonderful 101.

Shibata´s Ace Attorney pic is epic!



Doma said:

Well that's a whole load of nothing, and still no mention of SMT4...

Glad i don't bother watching these things.



Expa0 said:

You missed the Soul Hackers EU release date comfirmation. It was around middle of september. Hype hype...



Emblem said:


If i remember correctly the April Direct had all the details for the EU release such as the 1st print limited editions etc.The only thing missing was the confirmed date. Looking at Atlus's trends and future releases its a safe bet its coming in November since the next couple of months already have Atlus games release dates confirmed.

I just hope EO4's sales don't suffer too much by being released so close to Pokemon.



jarreboum said:

The japanese presentation seemed to be more packed with stuff. The western presentation of Luigi in Smash bros felt useless, but with the mini-sketch with that dude dressed in Luigi and to show the other Luigi games, it feld more consistent.

Also I find funny that the west is having Super Mario Bros 2 while Japan has Super Mario Bros 2. Except one is with turnips, the other is lost levels.

Is that Baseball game using paid DLC?

I would have imported the hell out of Daigasso Band brothers 3DS, Even if I don't understand japanese. Thank you Nintendo for letting me... wait, never mind.



zeldazero said:

How about some news on something they have been promising from the beginning but have heard nothing about since the Wii U released...The ability to use 2 Wii U gamepads and gamecube on the virtual console, hell, even Nintendo 64 would be nice, why only NES and SNES...???



rjejr said:

@ClockworkMario @sinalefa - Why wait on DK and Mario? People are excited Pikmin 3 finally released, keep it going, announce dates for the heavy hitters, the piddly eShop stuff can wait. Plenty of games have pre-order cards on display at Target; Mario, Zelda and DK should be among them.

@Shambo - I do think the EU version was better - those Treehouse American guys are emotionless animatrons - but it took me 5 minutes to figure out what AAvsPL was. If I were a fan of those series Im sure Ild be excited, but Im focused on the poorly selling Wii U this week.



sinalefa said:


Smaller games also need a time to shine. Putting Mario and DK would steal all their thunder. The indie games trailer should have been in the NA Direct, though.

For me the nice thing with ND is that since they don't have a fixed schedule, they technically can do as many as they want. Look at how close these two are, one yesterday and the next one will be tomorrow. So no doubt we will see Mario and DK soon.



Marshi said:

Wow there are some really negative people out there! Nintendo dont have to do these directs yet they do to give little bits of extra info on upcoming games. They are not guna put every single game coming out on every direct as this would make all the directs repetitive and pointless. Give nintendo credit for doing these in the first place. I dont see sony or m$ doing these once a month. Just watch them, enjoy them or shut up if you got nothing worthwhile to say!



MAB said:

Yeah, there are alot of people that harbour great anger and frustration over inanimate boxes of computer chips and binary code... Time for them to ultimately grow up and be a man/woman



Weedy said:

I for one enjoyed it, in fact I usually do enjoy the directs. I think so long as you don't set your expectations too high then you'll find them to be great little videos to enjoy over your tea break.
Anyone who can't enjoy 'Shibata's Objection' needs more joy in their heart.



RawkHawk013 said:

it's great that Nintendo does these things, they don't have to but still do. They might not always be mind-blowing with surprises per say, but are very fun to watch!

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